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Celebrity Daughter (1999)
Wed Nov 08 2023
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Layla LaCosta Laseter is the daughter of a well-decorated singer and songwriter, Tanya Tucker. Tanya is a widely celebrated American country singer of all time. 

Laseter was born on 25th June 1999. She is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. Layla was born healthy at 17:48 PM. Her height is not made public at the moment. However, she has a medium stature with shiny brown hair and alluring blue eyes.

Where Did Layla LaCosta Laseter Graduate From? 

Layla LaCosta Laseter is currently acquiring her university education. However, the name of her university and college majors are not provided. Laseter completed her high school education at one of the elite high schools in the city.

Layla LaCosta Laseter took a picture with her pet dog in the field.
Layla LaCosta Laseter took a picture with her pet dog in the field. Source: Facebook

LaCosta is a young and beautiful lady who is in her early twenties. Currently, she is busy developing her career path. Like her mother, Laseter is interested in music and songwriting.

LaCosta & Music

Layla LaCosta Laseter is an immense fan of music. In her Instagram profile, her bio says, "Songwriting is the cheapest psychiatrist I know”, which is a quote by Billy Joe Shaver. This proves that Laseter is a true devotee of music just like her parents. 

Net Worth of Layla LaCosta Laseter

Even though her professional life is not revealed yet, Layla LaCosta Laseter has a total net worth of $1.5 million. Layla also earns from her social media platform.

According to sources, LaCosta's mother has a wealth of $60 million ensued from her musical career. Unlike her mother, Sky Copperfield's father David Copperfield has a total fortune of around $1 Billion working as a Magician.

Who Are LaCosta's Parents?

Layla LaCosta Laseter was born to her father Jerry Laseter and her mother Tanya Tucker. Her father Jerry is also a songwriter based in the United States. His birthdate is not made public to date. However, based on his appearance, he seems to be in his mid-sixties. 

Jerry Laseter in a black formal dress with Tanya Tucker in a black dress.
Photo of Jerry Laseter with Tanya Tucker (Source:

As introduced above, LaCosta's mother is a singer who was born on 10th Oct 1958. Her first song was Selta Dawn which was launched in 1972. She was only thirteen years old at the time. It has been more than five decades since Tucker's musical journey.

Married Life of Laseter's Parents

Laseter's parents were never officially married. It is said that Tucker postponed her engagement with Jerry because she was pregnant with Layla at that time.

Later, Tucker denied marrying Laseter as he used to beat her and abuse her in many ways.

Layla LaCosta Laseter's Siblings

Layla LaCosta Laseter has two half-siblings from her mother's marriage with Ben Reed. Their names are Beau Grayson Tucker and Presley Tanita Tucker. Beau is Laseter's brother and Presley is her sister.

Layla LaCosta Laseter in a shiny blue crop top with her mother in a black top and white pants, her brother in a grey formal dress, and her sister in a white bodycon.
Photo of Layla LaCosta Laseter's Family (Source:

Grayson was born on 2nd October 1991 while Presley was born on 5th July 1989. Both of them are engaged in their respective fields and are enjoying their life greatly.

Layla's Grandparents

From her mother's side, Juanita Tucker and Jesse Tucker are the grandparents of LaCosta. Her grandmother passed away on October 2, 2012. 

Their professional lives are not revealed to any media. Nevertheless, Layla's paternal grandparents have not come forward till now.

Layla LaCosta Laseter's Boyfriend

Layla LaCosta Laseter's love life stays somewhat elusive. Layla, however, shared a glimpse of her personal life in 2021. Moreover, Laseter started dating her boyfriend, Adrian Berryhill, in September 2021.

Layla LaCosta Laseter and her boyfriend, Adrian Berryhill, took a picture.
Layla LaCosta Laseter and her boyfriend, Adrian Berryhill, took a picture. Source: Facebook

A few years in, Layla and Adrian still remain as an item. Likewise, the famed celebrity daughter and her boyfriend remain committed in their relationships. 

Layla does not have any dating history that she shared with the public. LaCosta's always kept her personal life away from the media's eye. 

Does Layla have Children? 

As Layla LaCosta Laseter is not married yet, and she does not have a child. There is no news if Layla has gone for surrogacy as well. Moreover, LaCosta hasn't adopted a kid yet.

Layla LaCosta Laseter on Instagram 

The celebrity daughter has got an Instagram account. But, she has kept it private at the moment. LaCosta has around 2k followers and nearly 1900 posts.

Besides, her mother Tucker has approximately 182k adherents with nearly 1k posts on her Instagram profile.


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