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Leah Hextall comes to fame as a Canadian sports journalist and ice hockey play-by-play broadcaster! Likewise, Hextall is the hockey commentator for ESPN. She comes from a prominent hockey family, as her grandfather, Bryan Hextall Sr., and uncle, Dennis Hextall, played in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Despite the media job, Leah enjoys a low-ley life. Moreover, details about the journalist remain hidden from the world. But with some investigating, here's what we found out about Hextall and her personal life

What Is New For Leah Hextall? Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Recently, Leah Hextall has been quite busy with her media job. She has been in the stadiums and is quite active in interviewing players. But what of her personal and dating life? It appears Leah is still single.

Leah Hextall and Dominic Moore took a picture at their workstations, and they share a platonic relationship. Source: Instagram @leahhextall

Although the talented journalist shares much of her life in front of the cameras, her love life remains hidden. Moreover, Hextall never opened up about her relationships in the past. Even today, the names of Leah's ex-boyfriends remain unknown. 

The Manitoba girl, Hextall, is very private about her personal life. She has wonderful relationships with people. But little is known about her romantic life. As mentioned above, Leah is a single lady who enjoys spending time with her family and pets.

Personal Interests of Hextall

Leah is a very active individual and has a wide array of interests. She is an outdoor person and loves playing ladder golf and fishing. Like most of her family, she has a strong passion for hockey.

Leah can also skate on ice and often goes sailing. She also is an active host and loves doing speaking engagements, especially on the radio. She has also done some video editing.

Leah the Dog Lover

It is no secret that Leah is a huge dog lover. She also has an adorable dog named Syd. Hextell shares about her canine companion on social media!

A picture of Leah Hextall's dog.
A picture of Leah Hextall's dog. Source: Instagram @leahhextall

Leah grew up around dogs, and even her sister has a puppy, Echo. Her family loves dogs, similar to the talented Hollywood celeb Annie Wood.

What is Leah Hextall's Salary and Net Worth in 2023?  

Leah reportedly makes about $64 thousand yearly from her job as a sports commentator. Considering her youth and how famous she is, those numbers will soar. 

A picture of Leah Hextall on a plane.
A picture of Leah Hextall on a plane. Source: Instagram @leahhextall

Sources estimate Leah Hextall's net to be about $5 million, similar to Australian Actress Katherine Langford. Her family is also very well off due to their hockey fame and other business interests.

Leah has been hustling hard to get opportunities and promote women in the male-dominated field of broadcasting. She is also an advocate for equal rights.

Career Profile

Leah Hextall began her career as a producer and reporter for CBC News in Winnipeg, Canada. She has since then worked as a reporter and anchor for CTV Winnipeg. She is a sports commentator similar to Tiffany Greene.

In 2011, she joined TSN (The Sports Network), where she covered a variety of sports, including hockey, football, and basketball. She hosted TSN's IIHF World Junior Championships and the CFL playoffs coverage.

Leah Hextall doing commentary for ESPN.
Leah Hextall doing commentary for ESPN. Source: Instagram @leahhextall

Later in 2012, Leah was a reporter for NESN and worked there as a host for two years and later worked on a contract basis with ESPN.

Taking a break from broadcasting, Leah worked as Director, Events & Multimedia in 2017 and worked there for three years. Later she rejoined journalism and worked for ESPN on a contract basis. She also joined Sportsnet as a freelancer and worked there for seven years.

Recent Career Path

In 2015, Leah made history as the first woman to call play-by-play for a men's professional hockey game in North America when she called a game for the AHL's Lehigh Valley Phantoms. 

Leah has also worked with her sister, Lindsey Hextall in the company, HyLife. Her sister is an HR director there and Leah worked there short term as a PR consultant in 2020.

Leah Hextall with her sister, Lindsey Hextall.
Leah Hextall with her sister, Lindsey Hextall. Source: Instagram @leahhextall

After getting scouted, Hextall worked as a play-by-play broadcaster for NHL games on ESPN. Moreover, she got a full-time contract in 2021. 

Leah faces Haters!

Hextall is gaining a lot of haters who dislike her work. Many suggest that while she is excellent at radio commentary, her TV play-by-play is lackluster. She has been criticized by hockey fans for copying John Forslund.

Many say that while she is a talented individual, she is not the best person for her current job. However, many of her critics are met with allegations of sexism. It should be noted that Leah also has fans who are happy with her performance.

Leah: Educational Qualifications

ESPN's hockey commentator, Leah, got her Diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting from Columbia Academy in Broadcasting of Performing Arts. 

After getting her certification, she has been active as a radio broadcaster for years before going to TV. She has been working since then and has advocated for equality and women in sports.

Leah Hextall Parents and Family 

Leah Hextall was born around the year 1980. Her exact year of birth is unknown, but she seems to have her birthday on 11 June. She was born to Randy Keith Hextall and his wife, Elizabeth Hextall. But Randy and Elizabeth later split up.

A picture of Leah Hextall's mother Elizabeth Hextall and her late father, Randy Hextall.
A picture of Leah Hextall's mother Elizabeth Hextall and her late father, Randy Hextall. Source: Instagram @leahhextall 

Sadly, her father, Randy, passed away in 2019. He worked in construction bet had a keen interest in hockey and golfing. Her mother, Elizabeth, is a retired nurse. Leah also has an older sister named Lindsey Hextall. Not much is public about her only sibling.

Leah is also from Canadian Hockey Royalty. Her grandfather was the legendary NHL player Brian Hextall. Further, her uncles and cousins as well as her younger generation cousin have been active in NHL.

About Leah's Famous Relatives

It is no secret that Leah has a well-connected Hockey ancestry. Her grandfather, who she called Pops, was the famed Bryan Hextall Sr. He was a star winger in the early years of the NHL and played for the New York Rangers.

Leah's uncles, Bryan Hextall Jr. and Dennis Hextall, are retired pros in NHL. Bryan Jr.'s son Ron Hextall also had a long career as an NHL goaltender. He was also the General Manager for the Pittsburgh Penguins for some time. Ron's son, Brett Hextall, played for the NHL drafts but did not make it to the pros.

Social Media

Leah is very active on social media and has accounts on all major platforms. On Instagram, she is available under the handle @leahhextall, with about 7000 followers. She is a regular poster in the outlet.

The tall lady is also active on Twitter under @leahhextall, and she promoted her ESPN colleagues there. Leah is also a LinkedIn user and has a very detailed profile there. 

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