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Wed Feb 05 2020
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Leah Williams didn't lose all her weight in one day. Like many people, she didn't give up in one day in the process. Her perseverance and patient made things easy for her to achieve a goal to live a healthy life. The host of Am Style, Williams focuses on her future because she believes in her ability to reinvent herself endlessly, and that's her beauty.

The California-based TV personality, Williams loves traveling and reading novels. She is also fond of watching theater performances as well as shopping sprees and having a spa day. Find more about Williams' secret of weight loss below.

The Story of Leah Williams' Weight Loss... 

Coming up to Leah's former lifestyle, she went for her annual checkup at the doctor's clinic, where the first things she did is to get on the scale and check her body weight. The numbers on the weight machine were much bigger than she ever imagined. 

As the numbers were unbelievable, Leah then asked herself about her body weight, which still increased. The number was just mind-blowing for her and that day the mission impossible began. Leah thought she doesn't want to be a heavy person from now. 

She later talked to her doctor about what was happening to her weight while she was getting older.

Leah Williams then and now after losing 40 lbs of body weight. Know more about her weight lose by strict diet.
Snap: Leah Williams then and now after weight loss 
Source: Concise Mag

After a short conversation, she decided to give her everything to become thin, and it just started by saying okay to herself. She then made a regular diet of healthy ingredients, including nutrients and fewer carbohydrates. A few months later, she figured out whether she was losing her weight or not. Williams wisely looked out her losing weight and things she did in the beginning. 

All of her Siblings are Athletes

During that time, Williams checked her weight by herself once a week but not every day because it fluctuates, seeing the weight loss. Gradually, it was a small beginning for her, and she consistently knew that she was losing.

Leah Williams on the right side of the last alongside her fit siblings. Know more about her weight lose.
Image: Leah Williams with her siblings 
Source: QVC Originals

In Leah's childhood days, she lived in Fresno, California, where all the people tend to be active. As a matter of fact, there was no overweight person in her family, including her siblings, who were athletes. Despite her siblings, who're all very fit, Williams never became an athlete but became active enough to be strong during her periods. 

Williams also finds out having a personal trainer when she was in her period is useless because it didn't give her enough protection. She doesn't like to go to the gym as her favorite place, where she can lose weight lifting and push her hard for hours. But, she motivated herself and tried to lose weight out of the gym.

Started Seeing the Difference...

The non-profit communities' volunteer, Williams realized that things started to change in the first month of losing weight and found a difference as she thought to give herself six months to lose 40 lbs of weight. She ate a rigorous diet and became a kind of rigid of her food that kept the foot on the right track. 

The promising TV star, Williams determined what sorts of things she would eat and how much of those things she should eat in a day. It was precise for daily routine that she needs to gain nutrients while reducing fat out of her body. 

After six months of strict diet, Williams knows it makes it easy to manage her weight and understand what was working and what wasn't. So, she felt a happy moment for her after reducing excessive body weight.

Leah Williams drinking juice while sitting on the couch. Know more about her weight lose?
Photo: Leah Williams lose 40 pounds of weight 
Source: Facebook @LeahWilliamsQVC

Williams knew it affects her overall health and well-being. The losing of weight, furthermore, kept the feeling lighter across the board, and everything about sleeping better. She is more active now and comfortable to live with current body weight. 

Up to now, she can wear small clothes, which is beautiful and very proud of herself. It's not an easy thing to do when Leah made a self-decision to lose weight and becoming a beautiful lady. After the hard times, she gets inspiration by herself when she looks at the old pictures. Nevertheless, she had a big change and courageous to huddle any problem that comes into her life.

What is the Secret Diet of Leah from Becoming Fat to Fit?

The 57-year-old, Williams is living a healthy life with a curvaceous-buxom figure. In an interview with a media tabloid, she stated that her strict diet for losing weight is just ignoring the deep-fried foods and sugary sweets, which is unhealthy for the body because it contains more carbohydrates and fat.

What's more to this? The QVC program host, Leah's diet, keeps her away from the lazy life and gives her an active lifestyle. She recently posted a picture via Instagram while hosting the QVC program at OVC Studio Park, and in the caption, she wrote, "Pull-On Straight Leg with Side Slits." on February 4, 2020.

Leah Williams looks stunning after losing weight. Know more about her weight loss details.
Picture: Leah Williams on the set of QVC Studio Park 
Source: Instagram @markpeters_nydj

When it comes to Leah's marital life, she is currently single and concentrates on her highlighted career, which gives inspiration and motivation to her fans. Just like her, Karen Finney and Kylie Bearse are also unmarried and serves as a career-oriented professional in the field of news.


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