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Country Musician (1964)
Sun Feb 12 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Lee Kernaghan

Wife : Robyn McKelvie
Lee Kernaghan and Robyn McKelvie married in 1999.

If you are a country music fan, you should know about Lee Kernaghan. He is a country musician from Australia. He has one of the most dedicated fanbases.

Kernaghan is also one of the most decorated musicians having numerous awards to his name, including the Australian of the Year award in 2008. He was born on April 15, 1964, in Corryong, Australia.

Married To Robyn McKelvie

Lee Kernaghan is in a happily married relationship to singer Robyn Mckelvie. He has been married to Robby (as he calls her) since 1999. The pair first met through their love for music.

Both are smiling as their heads are touched in this selfie.
Lee Kernaghan with his wife Robyn McKelvie (Source: Instagram @robbykernaghan)

The Way It Is singer Kernaghan recalls the day he met the love of his life. It was on August 19, 1997. He was in Queensland for his show. Robby was one of the opening performers. Her singing impressed her as he said that long after the show was over, these two were still singing.

They dated for around two years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. The two exchanged their wedding rings in 1999.

How Much Is Kernaghan's Net Worth?

Lee Kernaghan is a celebrated musician in Australia. The singer has established himself as a household name. His musical success has also translated to monetary success, with his estimated net worth being the same as Daniel Berger at $12 million.

His income isn't surprising if you look at his career. He has sold over 2 million albums. Besides that, he also makes money through concerts and advertisements.

Father of Two Sons

The Golden Guitar-winning musician Kernaghan has been blessed with two sons. His sons are Jet Kernaghan and Rock Kernaghan. Jet is the older one of the two, having been born in 2001. He was blessed with another son in Rock the following year. 

It is a newly born Jet and Lee is holding him.
Lee Kernaghan with his son Jet Kernaghan (Source: Lee Kernaghan)

Both his children seem well-behaved, which is a blessing as we have seen how fame at a young age can get into celebrity kids' heads. However, the singer credits his wife, Robby, for how their kids turned out. 

Kernaghan was all praises for his wife in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, where he said:

Seeing Robby bring those little boys into the world, nourishing them and loving them gave me an even bigger appreciation for the woman. These women taught me to dream big, but to remember to keep my feet on the ground and always have respect for other people. 

Who Was Kernaghan's First Love? 

Lee Kernaghan may have found his soul mate in Robyn McKelvie, but the blondie wasn't the first woman he laid his eyes on. The ARIA awards winner has revealed the first time he developed a crush on someone.

The girl that is being talked about here is Fionna. He was young at the time. Unfortunately, he only had his heart broken when she refused his proposal. It must have been painful for him that his first rejection from a girl came from his first crush. Speaking about it, he said:

When I was in year 7. After a few years of living through the crush on a daily basis, I finally worked up the courage to ask her out. She said no! That was my first big rejection. It only took me about five years to recover and I was 17 years old before I got my first kiss.

Grew Up In A Musical Family

Looking at Kernaghan's family, you can see why he became a musician. His family was his most considerable influence in helping him fall in love with music. 

His family is filled with musicians. His sister Tania, Fiona, and his brother Greg are musicians like him. The same goes for his mom Pam Kernaghan and his father, Ray Kernaghan.

Ray Kernaghan is one of the biggest names in Australia. Much like Lee, his father is a country music artist too. His father had a significant career, earning him a place in Country's Music Hands of Fame in 1995.

He has one hand on his waist and other one on his guitar.
Ray Kernaghan posing for the photo shoot (Source: Discogs)

However, for Lee, his mother was the most significant influence on him to take a career in music. She got him to classes at a young age, which was his most extensive help. Speaking about his mother, the Damn Good Mates singer said:

Watching her write inspired me to become a songwriter, too. As my career began to take off, she told me, "Life is mostly froth and bubbles, two things stand like stone; kindness in another's troubles, courage in your own."

Made A Song With His Wife Robby

Lee Kernaghan has given many unforgettable moments to his fans. One such moment was when he made a song with his wife, Robyn McKelvie.

The song is titled Where I Wanna Be and was part of Kernaghan's album Backroad Nation. The music video shows them at the beach as they sing their verses. A lot of people had submitted clips of them singing the song, and they have included them in the music video as well. 

It was not only the people who submitted the clips that had fun. The fans came flocking in with praises for the duo. They loved how the song sounded.

Has A Documentary

Apart from music, Kernaghan's CV also includes a documentary film. He has his documentary movie, "Lee Kernaghan: Boy From The Bush."

As per IMDb, it is a part concert film and a road movie. The documentary is a celebration of his career as it deeply delves into a musician's life, friends, family, and all the fantastic stories everyone has to tell. The documentary is inspired by his 2016 autobiography of the same name.

The movie has a special place in his heart. He also revealed that the time he went to watch Connor Cruise's father Tom Cruise's film Top Gun and his documentary trailer shown before the film on the big screen gave him chills.

You Can Connect To Him Through Social Media

The Spirit of the Anzacs singer, Kernaghan, is on the Internet. The singer's fans can learn more about his life through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

His account handles are Instagram @leekernaghan, Twitter @leekernaghan, and Facebook @leekernaghanfans. He posts all kinds of stuff on his accounts, from concerts, friends, and family to having fun.

The Controversy Surrounding Reclaim Australia Rally

Kernaghan found himself in the talks of the media when he didn't ask Reclaim Australia not to play his song. His actions led to polarizing views from the people.

Reclaim Australia is a rally/movement conducted by those Australians who believe in less diversity and doesn't want any outsiders in the country. Many have considered the campaign controversial, with many supporting and criticizing it.

People in mass are in the streets with boards, and cross signs.
Reclaim Australia protest in Sydney (Source: The Guardian)

The Country singer Kernaghan became the talk of the media when he didn't stop the rally from using his song Spirit of the Anzacs. In his defense, he said he was not supporting the movement, but the music was a tribute to the country's soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice. He said:

The song was inspired and recorded to salute the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and support every man and woman who has served our country wearing the uniform of the Royal Australian Navy, Army and Royal Australian Air Force. It honours and remembers the 102,700 Australians listed on the Roll Of Honour at the Australian War Memorial, all of whom laid down their lives for the freedoms we have today.

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