Lerato Mbele

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Journalist (1977)
Fri Apr 22 2022
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Who is Lerato Mbele? 

One of the world's most famous news presenters, Lerato Mbele is a gem of a person. A common choice and the spearhead of the BBC World News African Business Report, Learto is renowned for her outstanding interviewing, hosting, and even presenting abilities that are like no other.

Lerato Mbele was born on June 2, 1977, in South Africa. Mbele holds South-African nationality and belongs to African-American ethnicity. Most of her childhood she spent in South Africa. She was born to the Zulu parents and the Tswana tribes. Although her parents worked really hard for her, she had a rather difficult childhood due to financial problems. 

Lerato Mbele did her schooling from a local school in her region. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa with a bachelor's degree in majoring politics as well as global relations. 

Lerato Mbele reporting outdoor news. career, professional life

Image: Lerato Mbele reporting outdoor news

She later completed her Masters with a Degree in Developmental Studies from the University of London. She had a lot of interest in the globe and the dynamics of her childhood. 

Her schooling set the foundations for her career. After the completion of her education, she began her career in journalism as a member of the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1999. Lerato was both the host and the news anchor for news that would come at 10. 

Lerato are the presenter and anchor in the weekly program called the Business Report in the current context. Usually, Mbele is also seen interviewing officials on BBC World News and the World Business Report on comparable, appropriate problems as well.

Personal Life: Husband 

Her private life is a bag of a mystery; however, we have brought you the details about her personal life. Most of the time, she loves keeping her personal life just to herself. 

Wedding Details

However, on April 15, 2018, she let the world know that she is no more a single lady. A year back, she tied a knot with a whose name is still a mystery to many of her fans. Unlike her professional life in which she is open and speaking all the way around, she is reverse about her private life.  

Lerato Mbele with her husband on her wedding day. husband, spouse, partner

Image: Lerato Mbele with her husband on her wedding day

She loves staying alone, and she has not revealed any further about her personal life after marriage. There have been no rumors about her extramarital affairs or any interactions so far other than her husband. 


The pair might have already shared a child or might be panning to share; they haven't really revealed any details yet. Due to her very secretive personality, many of Lerato's fans questioned about her sexual orientation until the revelation of her wedding picture. 

Net Worth & Salary 

In the field of journalism, Lerato has a very successful career, unlike her secretive personal life. However, to date, there are no details about her salary and net worth yet. There is also no information about Mbele's other properties, house, and car. 

Lerato Mbele showed off her engagement ring. earning, amount, ring

Image: Lerato Mbele showed off her expensive engagement diamond ring

On the other hand, other BBC news hosts like Sally Nugent, Katty Kay, and Wendy Hurrell has a net worth around $300,000, $500,000 and $400,000 respectively. So, we assume her net worth also might be in between $300,000 to $500,000

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