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Thu Apr 06 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Leslie Charleson

Husband : Leslie Charleson
Leslie Charleson married Bill Demms in 1988 and divorced in 1991.

If you have ever watched the longest-running American soap opera in production, General Hospital, then you are pretty much familiar with the American actress Leslie Charleson. She is also known for her role as Iris Donnelly in the soap opera Love Is a Many Splendored Thing that used to air on C.B.S. 

Moreover, Charleson also played twenty-seven episodes in the A.B.C. soap opera Port Charles. Also, she has worked with the oscar-winning director Mike Nicholas in the thriller science fiction The Day of The Dolphin.

Relationship: Married & Divorced With Bill Demms

Leslie Charleson was married to William G. Demms, also known as Bill Demms. He is a wealthy and successful business owner in America. The ex-couple Charleson and Bill Demms walked down the aisle on April 1, 1988, after dating for a few years. 

Charleson and Bill both believe in selective privacy, so they did the marriage ceremony secretively in the United Church of Rowayton near Norwalk, Connecticut. Only their family members and close friends were invited. 

Black and white portrait of Leslie Charleson and her ex-huband William G. Demms aka Bill Demms
Black and white portrait of Leslie Charleson and her ex-husband William G. Demms aka Bill Demms (Image Source: realitystarsfacts.com)

Later, due to some dissonance, Charleson and Bill filed for a divorce in 1991, nearly after three years of their relationship. However, the exact reason has not been disclosed to the public yet. 

The ex-couple didn't share any children, and both agreed to the separation, so the court didn't take much time for their divorce. At this moment, American soap opera actress Charleson is enjoying her single life. 

Childhood/Early Life & Academics

Leslie Ann Charleson was born on February 22, 1945, in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A. She belonged to a simple working-class family in Missouri state. She attended a middle school nearby her hometown in Kansas. 

After completing high school, Charleson decided to join The University of Missouri–Kansas City (U.M.K.C.), a public university located at 5000 Holmes St, Kansas City. She also learned other languages like Spanish and French during her childhood. 

Leslie Charleson: Earnings & Net Worth

The General Hospital cast Charleson has been in the T.V. industry since 1964, for more than fifty-five years. Therefore, without a doubt, she has been earning a massive fortune. As per authoritative sources, the estimated net worth of Leslie Charleson is $5 million

Photo of Leslie Charleson wearing diamond earrings and red scarfs
Photo of Leslie Charleson wearing diamond earrings and red scarfs (Image Source: looper.com)

The veteran actress Charleson has played over a thousand episodes in the soap operas General Hospital and Love Is a Many Splendored Thing. Ami Dolenz starred in General Hospital while she was in her high school. She charged around $2,000 - $5,000 per episode of General Hospital and about $100-$500 per episode for Love Is a Many Splendored Thing. 

With this huge amount of back balance, Charleson is living her single life luxuriously in a lavish apartment in Los Angeles, California.

About Kate Charleson Late Sister 

Leslie Charleson had one younger sister/sibling, Kate Charleson. Kate Charleson was also an actress, famously known for her role as Madeleine James in the 1985 thriller Streets of Justice and Barbara in the movie My First Love (1988). 

In addition, she has also starred in other popular T.V. series like Finder of Lost LovesMatt HoustonFamily TiesRiptide, and many more. 

Back and white portrait of Leslie Charelson's late sister Kate Charleson
Back and white portrait of Leslie Charelson's late sister Kate Charleson (Image Source: famousfix.com)

Moreover, Leslie's sister Kate Charleson was born on January 7, 1953. Unfortunately, she died at the early age of 43 on October 12, 1996

Charleson's Physical Outlooks

The Day of Dolphin actress Charleson has a fair skin tone, natural blonde hair, and an attractive body. Her brown eyes and her cute smile give her a charming look. Despite being over seventy-five, she still looks like a young lady in her 40s. 

Picture of Leslie Charleson wearing white shirt, black pants and brown hat
Picture of Leslie Charleson wearing a white shirt, black pants, and brown hat (Image Source: daytimeconfidential.com)

Regarding her body measurement, Charleson stands at the height of 5ft 6inch (167 cm) and weighs around 57 kg (125 lbs). Her entire body measurement or B-H-W size is approximately 31-27-32 inches.

More Than 45 years in General Hospital

In the longest-running American soap opera in production, GH, Charleson is one of the longest-serving actors and casts. She has been playing the role of Dr. Monica Quartermaine, a cardiologist at the eponymous hospital, since August 17, 1977

At first, Charleson signed a two-and-a-half-year contract as Monica Quartermaine, and as time passed, she began to enjoy her character. Recently, Charleson celebrated her forty-fifth anniversary with the soap opera General Hospital

The rumors of her retirement began to spread all over the internet cause she hasn't appeared on the daily daytime show since last March 2022. Later, it was found that she was injured by tripping over her dog and was resting for a while.

Has Done Commercials For 'Pearl Drops'

After gaining a bit of fame by casting on Love is Many Splendored Thing, Charleson got the offer to play commercials of 'Pearl Drops' tooth polish in the early 1970s

Charleson signed the contract with 'Pearl Drops' several times. She has done television advertisements from the early 1970s to the late 1980s. 

Mentor: Anna lee & Tom Donovon

Charleson's acting mentor was Anna Lee, an English actress. Both the actresses shared the screen on General Hospital. Sadly, Anna Lee died on May 14, 2004, in Beverly Hills, California, in her 90s.

Port Charles actress Charleson also considers Tom Donovon, an American T.V. director, as her mentor. In an interview about her journey on G.H., she said:

I only agreed to do it because the producer at the time was Tom Donovan, who had produced LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING.Tom was my mentor, he guided me through an odd time.

Leslie Charleson: Career & Professional Life

Charleson started her acting career in 1964, playing the role of Pam in the T.V. series A Flame in the Wind. She continued to play small and a couple of uncredited roles for a few episodes of series like As The World Turns and N.Y.P.D

After three years of her debut, she grabbed the opportunity to play the lead role of Iris Donnelly in Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

Leslie Charleson playing her role as Dr. Monica Quartermaine wearing formal attire in the soap opera General Hospital
Leslie Charleson playing her role as Dr. Monica Quartermaine in the soap opera General Hospital (Image Source: Pinterest.com)

Four years after the end of Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, in 1977, she signed the contract with Selmur Production to play the role of Dr. Monica Quartermaine in General Hospital and is still cast in the series. 

In this series, she co-operated with other popular celebrities like Adrianne Leon and Ignacio Serricchio. During this span of forty-five years, besides G.H., she has also played in several series like Women on the LedgeDiagnosis MurderPort Charles, etc. In 2004, she appeared in the legendary sitcom of all time, Friends.

Owner of a Tibetan Terrier

Leslie Charleson owns a Tibetan Terrier pet dog and named him Riley Rose. Riley Rose is a furry and creamy white colored intelligent pet. 

Leslie Charleson cuddling her Tibetan Terrier pet dog Riley Rose
Leslie Charleson cuddling her Tibetan Terrier pet dog Riley Rose (Image Source: Facebook @Leslie_Charleson)

The actress, Charleson, has kept the photo of her and pet Riley as her Twitter profile. 

Presence in Social Media

It seems that Charleson is not much interested in social media. She has her official accounts on Facebook and Twitter but is pretty inactive. She tweets or posts something, very rarely average of two tweets in four months. 

Twitter: Despite being inactive, her Twitter handle @lesliecharleson has over thirty thousand followers and is officially verified.

Facebook: Her Facebook page @Leslie Charleson has more than twenty thousand followers. 



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