Lil Tecca Death Rumours

Wed Sep 18 2019
By   Bibek

Teenage sensation Lil Tecca shot dead at the JFK airport. This was the news a couple of days ago circulating on the internet. Is it true? 

Rapper Lil Tecca death news was a death hoax. Tecca found success at an early age but being a celebrity this is the downside of it. You might have to deal with such rumors and hoax all the time. Let's find out the truth behind this fake news.

Hoax- Lil Tecca was fatally shot!

In the past week, some online sites promoted fake news reporting that the rapper was fatally shot at JFK airport. This fake story ran for almost a week and many of his fans were shocked to hear that.

The death news about Lil Tecca circulating on the internet. Source: Earn the Necklace 

One of his fans reacted on Twitter upon finding out the news was fake. He wrote,

"@liltecca why are people saying you're dead???".

The fans were asking a similar question regarding the rapper's death news. Lil 

Tecca grabbed early success in his career after scoring on the Billboard 200 on his debut track. 

"I'm alright!!!"

After many questions and desperation from his fans to know the truth, the rapper decided to come out with truth. Through his twitter account, he assured everyone that he is alright and nothing has happened to him.

On his Twitter profile, he tweeted,

"We are gon win no matter how much they want us to lose hahaaaa".

He further added,

"N*** as believe anything onna internet".

Lil Tecca responding to his death rumors. Source: Twitter

You shouldn't always believe everything you hear and everything you see. Well, this statement came true in the case of the teenage rapper.

Two fake news about his death!

There are a couple of stories floating on the internet about his death. This news came in September 2019, and it said, the rapper was due to catch a flight to Toronto when he was shot dead.

According to sources, no shots were fired at JFK airport since August 2016. Not just that, another news outlet revealed that the teenage sensation was shot dead at his home in Queens. Again another fake news and in fact, according to, one of these stories was shared over 82,000 times.

Lil Tecca in front of his house. Source: Hip-Hop Lately

In the past as well, there were many reports of such fake news about celebrities death. Celebrities such as Jack Black, Michael Jordan, Nicolas Cage, and many more became a target for such internet hoax.

His retirement news might've something to do with it!!

On September 5, he teased his fans with the statement saying he might not continue this for very long. Nearly after a month of this statement, the death news started circulating. 

He released his debut track in August and fans are loving its' infectious tune.

Lil Tecca in his music video of the song Ransom. Source: YouTube

In his multiple messages on twitter, he gave a hint to retire at an early age. He tweeted,

"could care less bout sum $$ if im not happy. hate this s***".

He continued by writing,

"I love y'all but this s*** won't b continuing as long as y'all thought. there's like 30 other rappers that sound just like me y'all will be good".

He is starting his first tour in October

After all of this fake news drama, there are reports suggesting that the rapper will schedule his first music tour in October. He will kickstart his tour from October 27, 2019, to be exact.

Lil Tecca rapping in a concert. Source: Hypebeast

The first city he'll perform is Crocodile Cafe, in Seattle. Similarly, San Francisco, LA, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, Philadelphia, Brooklyn will continue after that. On November 18, 2019, at Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, New York will be his last stop in this tour.  

On his music tour, he will perform his hit songs like Ransom, Molly Girl, Did it Again, Love Me, and Count Me Out among many. 

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