Lilly Aspell

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Tue Feb 22 2022
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Lilly Aspell was born on 23 October 2007 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. She is a Scottish actress mainly known for the role of Young Diana in Wonder Woman.

Aspell is an accomplished equestrian who does stunts and acts all by herself. She believes in "Dreaming bigger than imagination can handle." 

Lilly Aspell in a random park wearing black pant, white vest and White coat holding silver bag
Picture of Lilly Aspell in a random park (Source; Instagram @LillyAspell)

After an industry rep noticed her on Oxford Street, she was encouraged to audition for Wonder Woman. In the audition, she shocked the stunt coordinator doing all stunts herself.

Aspell Relationships

Lilly Aspell is a young girl who has only stated her teenage for 2021. So, she doesn't have any relationship status for now.

Young showjumper is the single daughter of a Scottish mother, Donna, and an Irish father, Paddy Aspell. Her parents are both professional Jockeys, and her uncle won the Grand National twice.

Etta Candy is the best friend of Wonder Woman. Wonder Lady encounters her at a nearby hospital, a frail starved woman.

Young Showjumper Net Worth

The actress is a talented young girl who has made her career since 13. She has done all her stunts for her film by herself. 

Lilly Aspell has made a Net worth of $1.5 Million through her talent. Her source of income is through her acting and stunts.

The Actress Discourse

The Flim Director was impressed with the young showjumper and said, "This is the real deal." She said she had never done acting before, even though she was always confident.

Lilly Aspell in the barn wearing a helmet, black shirt and brown pant training horse riding
Picture of Lilly Aspell on the barn (Source; Instagram @LillyAspell)

The showjumper shows us what real talent is in her movies. She has enjoyed every moment of the movie, including the stunts.

Aspell Career

Lilly Aspell has played in Holmes and Watson, Wonder woman, and Wonder woman 1984 at an early age.

The actress has also appeared in the 2018 science fiction film Extinction.

The Director Body Structure

Donna's daughter is a growing actress. She has a height of 4 feet 10 inches(147 Centimeters).

The young showjumper is already a celebrity even though she is young. She weighs of 40Kg(88lbs).

Paddy's Daughter Social Profile

Aspell is an active young girl even on social media. She has more than 50K Followers on Instagram @LillyAspell.

The actress has more than 19K followers on Facebook @LillyAspell and more than 12K followers on Twitter @LillyAspell.

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