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Restaurateur (1963)
Thu Jun 23 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Liz Symon

Husband : Michael Symon
Liz Symon Married To Michael Symon on 1998.

Liz Symon, who came to prominence as the wife of the American chef, Michael Symon, is one of the hardest workers in the world. Just like the Ife Sanchez Mora, former wife of award-winning celebrity chef Aarón Sanchez. Some have stated wonderfully that behind every successful man is a woman. The same story repeats in favor of Symon's family. Besides her husband's shadow, she is also a great chef and eligible restaurateur who share the stage with her husband.

The fifty-six-years-old, restaurateur, was born in 1963. She has been one of the major parts of Michael's extraordinary achievement. Currently, her husband, Michael, who is six years younger than her, is a renowned TV personality, author, and Restaurateur. Let's take a glimpse of her personal life.

The friendship ended up as a lover

A very little is known regarding Mrs. Symon because she rarely confronts herself in the media. However, Mr. and Mrs. Symon's story begun back in the mid-90s. In 1994 the pair first encountered one another for the first time. At that period, Liz was a divorced mother of a six-year-old son.

Michael SYmon, Liz Symon
Image: Michael Symon and his wife, Liz Symon.
Source: liverampup

While Michael, on the other hand, was in search of a new manager for his cafe. So, they started working together and started hanging out with one another and later became close friends. Within a year, the duo broke the boundary of their friend zone and started dating. 

Later they moved in together, and after two years, Michael proposed her in the hallway with balloons, which had different notes attached to them, and the last one had the ring. 

Together for over two decades

In the beautiful evening of 1st November 1998, the two souls finally accepted one another as husband and wife. The ceremony was held at the Pilgrim Church in Cleveland, where the newlywed couple's family and friends were seen wishing the pair. 

Started as a little by little, the pair are not only a lover but also business partners and loves to split work for one another. Further, they have been tied in nuptial vows for over two decades, 21 years inexact. Though being in a relationship for so much longer period of time, their love for one another seems very much young. 

Michael Symon and Liz Symon
Image: Michael Symon with his wife, Liz Symon.
Source: foodandwine

The duo even states that understanding boundaries are one of the secrets to their two-decades-long marriage. It seems like the duo are supporting each other both professionally and personally. As of now, they are quite busy making their customer satisfied with their foods. And they loves to cook a great meal for one another in their leisure. 

How rich is Chef's wife, Liz Symon?

Liz's net worth hasn't been yet calculated, but it is believed that it is over $1 Million. She owns several restaurants in the US alongside her husband. According to celebrity net worth, Michael Symon has a fortune of $4 Million. Nicole Centeno, a renowned chef, has a fortune of $2 Million

Chef Michael Symon
Image: Liz Symon's husband, Michael Symon.
Source: Foodandwine

his restaurants rake $60 Million each year he believes in simple living. He is one of the renowned TV personality and has bagged multiple TV shows into his name. Further, he is also an author and has written numerous books about the foods which price ranges from $14 to $30 in the market. As of now, the food expert luxuriously living a lavish lifestyle.

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