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Tue Dec 06 2022
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Lorelei Hutch is an American actress and celebrity spouse famous as the wife of Jesse Hutch, a Canadian-born American actor. The love birds married in 2009 and shared three children, two sons, and one daughter. 

Despite being an actress, the mother of three mainly came into the spotlight after exchanging vows with her then-boyfriend. She is often spotted with American actor Jesse during events and on red carpets.

When & Where Was Hutch Born?

Hutch came into this materialistic world on June 9, 1981, in New York, USA. As of 2022, she is 42 years old and holds American nationality. Likewise, her star sign is Gemini. 

Loreili Hutch and her beloved husband Jesse Hutch
Lorelei Hutch and her beloved husband Jesse Hutch posing for a photo shoot during a sunny day(Image Source: Instagram @loreilihutch)

Besides being a media personality, her parent's details are still behind the curtains. It appears she likes to keep up her things in her own space.

On the other hand, Hutch's beloved husband Jesse was born on February 12, 1981, in Alberta, Canada. He spent most of his time traveling between USA and Canada. Also, he was only eleven years old when his parents got separated. 

Lorelei's Husband Jesse Has A Successful Acting Career 

Aforesaid, Lorelei's husband Jesse is a successful American actor known for his remarkable acting in several films and TV series. He started his acting career by playing the role of Gill Guy in the 2001 TV series Dark Angel

After that, he appeared in many notable movies and TV series like Just CauseThe Butterfly EffectPeacemakersSmallville, and True Justice. He was recently featured in Christmas in Toyland

Because of his outstanding acting skills and impressive portrayal, Jesse has achieved eighty-six acting credits on his IMDb profile. He has even been honored with many prestigious awards just like Sandrine Bonnaire.

A Quick Tour At Hutch's Love Journey 

As mentioned above, the actress Lorelei Hutch has been married for a long time and does not shy when expressing her love for her beloved husband, Jesse Hutch. The sweethearts got married on May 25, 2009, with a grand celebration.

Loreili Hutch, her husband Jesse Hutch and their lovely three children
Picture of Lorelei Hutch, her husband Jesse Hutch, and their lovely three children (Image Source: Instagram @loreilihutch)

Before tying the knot, the charming couple dated each other for six years without getting to know additional. As a result, their early love life remained silent until they officially announced their wedding. It is also rumored that they dated before Jesse made his acting debut.

Today, Hutch and her husband Jesse are happily married. They share a fantastic husband-wife bond and have lived peacefully with their three lovely children without internal conflicts. However, they have not revealed their children's names.

How Rich Is Lorelei Hutch?

Undoubtedly, Stake Out actress Hutch lives a wealthy life with a massive fortune of $500 thousand, probably earned through her acting career and other projects. Since she has not disclosed her making, it isn't easy to know her source of income. 

In addition, when it comes to her husband Jesse's earnings, he is a millionaire who has accumulated a net worth of $2 million successfully earned through his acting career and brand endorsements. 

We can often see the lovely couple in expensive cars wearing luxurious items. It appears they live a comfortable life without any worries. Some people also state that they are one of the wealthiest couples in the USA. 

How Tall Is Hutch? Also Know Her Height:

Hutch has a slim and slender body which she probably maintained through exercise and a good diet. As a result, she is highly admired by US audiences. Unfortunately, her height and weight are still under review; however, looking at her, she seems taller.

Loreili Hutch enjoying the moment
Lorelei Hutch enjoying her moment with a cup of drink (Image Source: Instagram @loreilihutch)

Talking more about her, she has impressive blue eyes and blonde hair. She has fair skin and has done piercings. She usually wears earrings which makes her more attractive just like Tamanna Roashan.

Has Appeared In Only One Movie 

Yes, you heard it right; Lorelei Hutch has appeared in only one movie in her lifetime. In 2016, she played a unique role in Stake Out. However, it could not impress US audiences, which made this film a disaster. 

Since then, Hutch has never appeared in movies. As per some online tabloids, she has already left her acting career and currently serving as a housewife. However, it is just a conspiracy. 

In addition, many of her fans are still hoping for her revival in the film industry and are looking forward to seeing her exceptional acting skills.

Hutch's Social Media Presence 

Unsurprisingly, Hutch keeps her personal life away from the spotlight. Henceforth, there are significantly fewer talks about her daily activities. However, she holds an Instagram handle whose username goes @loreilihutch. There, she has gained more than 1.6 K followers.

Loreili Hutch and her beautiful mother in the cafe
Picture of Lorelei Hutch and her beautiful mother in the cafe (Image Source: Instagram @loreilihutch)

However, the mentioned scenario does not apply to her husband, as Jesse Hutch is a social media sensation who has amassed an enormous fan following. 

On the first hand, his Instagram handle, @jesse_hutch, has more than 35K followers. On the second hand, his Twitter handle has achieved more than 6K followers, whose username goes by @Jesse_Hutch.

Amazing Facts About Hutch's Husband 

  • Jesse served four years as a raft guide before entering the acting field.
  • He is teetotaller. Yes, he has not drunk even a single drop of alcohol in his lifetime.
  • Jesse is an expert in kickboxing and Muay Thai.
  • In 2012, he was awarded the "Best International Film Award " for his fantastic acting in Ghost of Europe.
  • Jesse was only ten years when he first watched the movie. The first movie he watched was The Hobbit.


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