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Wed Jul 12 2023
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Lucy Iglesias is one of famous celebrity kids who came to prominence as the daughter of famous singer Enrique Iglesias. At a very young age, she grabbed a huge amount of media attention to her side due to her father's legacy. 

Lucy was born on 16th December 2017 to her father Enrique and mother, Anna Kournikova. Not only that, she has a twin brother named Nicholas. Let's dig into some of the personal detail regarding family.

The love life of Lucy Iglesias's parents

The Bailando singer and Russian Tennis player first encounter each other on a set of The Escape, a music video back in 2001. Both were very much attracted to each other just after they first met. 

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias
Image: Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova on their date night
Source: MSN

The chemistry between the two in the music video was undeniable. So, the pair started dating each other behind the camera. At the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, the world was stunned, and many of Enrique's fans were shocked because the two were seen walking the red carpet together. 

In 2004, Anna was spotted wearing a massive pink diamond ring, and people started the pair were engaged. However, both never confirmed their engagement. 

With so much fun and love throughout their career in May 2007, Enrique stated to a Swedish newspaper that,

He and Kournikova had secretly married and gotten a divorce. We're divorced. I am single now, but that's okay. I don't mind being alone. 

Similarly, in 2008, Anna stated

I'm never getting married. Everything is good with me and Iglesias.

With so much going onto their life, the pair reportedly split in October 2013

Lucy Iglesias's parents Enrique and Anna were never married

Despite so much drama and all the pairs finally reconciled after sharing the post on their respective social sites account. The duo is now together for almost two decades and shares three children. 

Lucy Iglesias and her father, Enrique Iglesias, took a picture in early 2019.
Lucy Iglesias and her father, Enrique Iglesias, took a picture in early 2019. Source: Instagram

Recently, on Thursday, 30th January 2020, they welcomed their third child. Having so much together, including their children and career, the pair are never married in their life. 

Enrique Iglesias and his wife, Anna Kournikova
Photo: Enrique Iglesias kissing her partner, Anna Kournikova
Source: CNN

Previously they have rumored getting married to one another, but it hasn't been officially confirmed. Further, with a new member of the family, we can hear news about their wedding in the near future without a doubt. 

As of now, the family of five is enjoying their togetherness very much. And the duo seems to help each other both professionally and personally.

Lucy Iglesias' Parent's Net Worth (Enrique and Anna)

Enrique Iglesias, who is considered the King of Latin Pop, has a net worth of $100 Million, and it is no doubt he has accumulated all of the earnings through his outstanding career. And his wife Anna is a retired Tennis player and has a net worth of $50 Million.

Enrique Iglesias, his partner, Anna Kournikova, and his children took a picture together
Enrique Iglesias, his partner, Anna Kournikova, and his children took a picture together. Source: Instagram

During her professional tennis career, she has collected prize money of over $3.5 Million. As a top tennis player, she used to earn over $200,000 annually. She has never won a singles title in her career but is ranked number 8, and further was the world No. 1 player in Double.

Enrique Iglesias Mansion and Earnings (Assets)

Enrique Iglesias signed a multi-album deal with Universal Music Group for $68 Million. Till now, he has sold over 100 Million records, which include albums and singles combined. From his songs, he has won numerous Grammy Awards and fans. 

House of Enrique Iglesias
Picture: Enrique Iglesias $26 Million Miami Manson
Source: Daily Mail

Further, he has quite good taste in acting as well. His 1995 movie Desperado gathered a total of $25 Million in the $7 Million budget. Once upon a time, Mexico collected $98.2 Million worldwide under the $98.2 Million budget. 

Similarly, his song, Bailamos, is played in the movie Wild Wild West which ended up earning $222.1 Million worldwide. In 2014 Enrique and his partner moved to their $26 Million waterfront Miami mansion. 

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