Lyssa Rae Brittain, Duane Chapman's ex-wife Family Status

Wed Feb 26 2020
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Lyssa Rae Brittain felt it's ordinary when her former husband, Duane Chapman, cheated her with another woman. Nevertheless, Lyssa doesn't expect to do the worst thing to Duane, who hurt her family and children so much while starting a new relationship even though they were in a happy bond of marital union.

Born as Lyssa Rae Brittain Greene, she has now become a woman of maturity with so much knowledge and experience. If you love to know what Lyssa experienced in her personal life, then read the article to the end.

Lyssa is Currently a Single Woman

The 65-year-old, Rae Brittain's fans are curious to know about her current marital status. They are questioning what happened to her after divorcing with Duane? Well, it appears that she doesn't feel good when it comes to her past relationships. Her romance with the bounty hunter seems to put her in a tragic situation.

Lyssa Rae Brittain is living a single after divorcing with former husband Duane Chapman. Do you know the former married couple's relationship?
Snap: Lyssa Rae Brittain is looking for a new adventure after divorcing with former husband, Duane Chapman 
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Duane's wife, Lyssa, is still working quietly without telling anything to her fans and keeps her foot inside the house while focusing on her daily curriculum. Another reason why she didn't think about getting married twice is probably because of her reputed career, which is a mystery to her fans.

Her Marriage with Chapman wasn't Strong Enough...

Lyssa met her former husband, Chapman, in a bar during the period of the 1980s. At that time, she was married to a minister of the Assemblies of God, but allegedly started dating Duane separating with her first spouse due to infidelity.

Lyssa Rae Brittain's ex-husband, Duane Chapman is the reality star of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Know more about their marital relationship.
Photo: Lyssa Rae Brittain's estranged husband, Duane Chapman is wearing black goggles 
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Following this, Chapman offered $1,000 to Lyssa for taking care of his child. The duo then united as husband and wife in the Colorado mountains, performed by a Native American chief on 22nd June 1982. But, the pair finalized their divorce on 20th November 1991 after their children started enduring sexual abuse and substance abuse.

Mother of Three Children from Duane

Rae Brittain gave birth to three children, Barbara Katie Chapman (born on 8th June 1982), Tucker Dee Chapman (born on 8th September 1983), and Lyssa Rae Chapman (born on 10th June 1987), while she was with Duane. Sadly, their first daughter, Barbara, died untimely on 19th May 2006, when she was 23 years old.

Lyssa Rae Brittain and Duane Chapman's daughter, Lyssa Chapman. How many children does Lyssa and Duane shared from their relationship?
Picture: Lyssa Rae Brittain and Duane Chapman's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, looks beautiful in a hoodie 
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On the other hand, Rae Brittain's younger child, Lyssa, was in a marital relationship with Brahman Galanti from 20th February 2009 to 2011. While the duo was in a marriage, they became parents of two children, Abie Mae Galanti and Madalynn Grace Galanti (Rae Brittain's grandchildren). Aside from this, Lyssa's second child, Tucker, is still unmarried.

Her Estranged Husband, Chapman's Other Marital Affairs

Lyssa's ex-marital partner, Duane, was initially married to his first wife, LaFonda Sue Honeycutt, on 1st April 1972. The couple, however, finalized their divorce on 27th October 1977, citing irreconcilable differences.

After the divorce, Duane and LaFonda signed an agreement to take the child custody of their two children, Duane Lee Chapman, II (born on 21st January 1973), and Leland Blane Chapman (14th December 1976). As of now, both of their children are running their 50s.

Lyssa's spouse, Duane, then exchanged his wedding vows with Anne M. Tegnell on 22nd August 1979 in Colorado. The marriage was held after Chapman released out of jail after spending two years on a five-year-sentence for first-degree murder.

Duane Chapman with his estranged spouse and their children. Find more interesting things about Chapman's past marital affairs.
Picture: Duane Chapman with his children and spouse 
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The pair stayed married for four years, but they then filed for divorce due to some misunderstandings in 1982. Later, they took custody of their children, Zebadiah ChapmanWesley Chapman, and James Robert Chapman.

Following Duane's divorce with Anne, he met Tawny Marie Gillespie in 1998 after he arrested her on an illegal drug sailing, and eventually, she became his secretary. The duo then married on 16th December 1991 and concluded their marriage on 5th February 2003 with a divorce settlement.

Chapman became involved in a romantic relationship with Alice Elizabeth "Beth" Barmore in an on-and-off relationship. Nonetheless, they settled their relationship after they walked down the aisle at a Hilton hotel in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, on 20th May 2006.

Duane Chapman with his fifth wife, Beth Chapman. Know more about Lyssa Chapman's husband, Duane's other marital affairs.
Picture: Duane Chapman and his late wife, Beth Chapman 
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The couple then welcomed two lovely children, Bonnie Joanne Chapman (16th December 1998) and Garry Chapman (born on 7th February 2001). Duane also adopted Beth's daughter, Cecily Barmore-Chapman, who was born on 19th June 1993 from her ex-spouse. He also helped him to find her son, Dominic Davis, who was born to Beth when she was in her teenage period in 1985.

Duane Chapman with his fifth wife, Beth Chapman, who was diagnosed with throat cancer. Know more about Lyssa Rae Brittain's ex-husband, Duane's past marital relationships
Image: Duane Chapman with his late fifth spouse, Beth Chapman 
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The marital pair lived together in 13 years of a happy marriage, but their relationship didn't last long after Beth passed away due to throat cancer on 26th June 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was found that she was diagnosed with the disease in 2017 and had 13-hour surgery for removing the tumor.

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