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Tue Feb 25 2020
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Mike Beets is one of the hard-working members of the Beets' family, who beat the talent that was inside of him with all his hard work and determination. Today, there is no title for Mike Beets, who also perceives himself in a fully trained skipper as well as in the medieval combat tournaments.

When it comes to Mike, he started helping his family members while operating big machines to dig a mine or shifting anything that comes in his way or path. Despite this, his fans are waving him to ask whether he is hiding his untold truth of marriage, or he is really single as of 2020?

Is Mike Beets Married in 2020?

Gold Rush: Alaska star, Mike believes that he is still young and energetic, but his age doesn't support him for much longer to work longer. Apart from this, he is still single and doesn't worried about committing to a marital union as of now.

Mike Beets is sitting in Motherlode Mountain while searching for a real gold. What's Mike Beet's current marital status?
Picture: Mike Beets sitting in the Motherlode Mountain 
Source: IMDb

Mike is currently keeping his eye on his gold mining, which is more important than finding a soulmate for a lifetime. Maybe he might consider himself in the future to be someone's husband and enter into parenthood, but this is far from his imagination.

His Parents Completed their 35 years of Marriage...

Mike's parents, Tony Beets and Minnie Beets are sharing their company for more than three and a half decades. The couple had their first encounter in Holland when Tony and his family moved to Burgewerd, Friesland, the Netherlands near Minnie's home in 1958.

The duo became good friends and began dating when Tony was 17, and Minnie was just six years old at the time. Later, they traveled far away from the Netherlands for a search of a new residence in Canada. After settling down for several years, they moved to Maricopa, Arizona.

Mike Beet's parents, Minnie Beets and Tony Beets at the time of marriage. Do you know Mike's parents completed 35 years together in their marital relationship?
Picture: Mike Beets' parents posing in their wedding dress 
Source: Facebook @Tony-Beets-34149606589683

The couple then made a plan to marry and got united as husband and wife in a small and private ceremony on 18th December 1984. At their nuptial, Tony wore a black tuxedo and a white undershirt tied up with a black tie and a pink flower in his left pocket.

On the other hand, Minnie was donned in a white long sleeve dress with an ivory Evelyn lace beaded hat. Since then, the married pair are creating new adventures and memories while carrying their family business on the road of success.

His Siblings are into Relationships except for his Older Sister, Bianca

During the childhood days, Mike spent his memories with his three sisters, Monica BeetsJasmine Beets, and Bianca Beets as well as his older brother, Kevin Beets. Unfortunately, his sister, Jasmine died unexpectedly two months after birth in 1992.

Mike Beets with his parents and siblings. Know more about Mike's current marital status.
Photo: Mike Beets with his beloved family and siblings 
Source: Facebook @Tony-Beets-34149606589683

Up to now, Mike's sister, Monica is now married to her soulmate, Taylor Mayes since 11th August 2018. Similarly, his older brother, Kevin is also engaged with his fiance, Faith TengBut, Mike's older sister, Bianca is still unmarried just like him.


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