Maciah Bilodeau

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Celebriter Husband (1980)
Fri Nov 25 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Maciah Bilodeau

Wife : Misty Raney
Maciah Bilodeau is married to Misty Raney, with whom he shares a home in Hawaii.

Maciah Bilodeau is the husband of the popular American TV personality, farmer, and carpenter, Misty Raney, who appears on the television reality show Homestead Rescue.

After his wife Misty 'Raney' Bilodeau starred in the show Homestead Rescue, Maciah Bilodeau became well-known in the media. Maciah, unlike his famous wife, prefers to keep a quiet profile. Besides that, Maciah is proud to have two children from his marriage.

How Maciah Bilodeau's Married Life Is Going With Misty Raney?

Maciah Bilodeau and Misty Raney have been married since 2000. The couple met several years before they tied the knot. 

Maciah is not active on social media, whereas his wife is pretty much active on Instagram and Facebook; however, she has never publicly spoken of her marriage to Maciah.

Maciah Bilodeau With His Wife Misty Raney 
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Nonetheless, she revealed some details about her personal life when she greeted her spouse on their 15th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day in 2015. Based on the post, it's plausible that the couple exchanged vows on Valentine's Day.

Currently, Maciah and his spouse are parents to two children. Misty gave birth to her first child, Gauge Bilodeau, on April 14, 2011. Misty's Instagram account is frequently updated with photos of her darling child. Furthermore, his son adores surfing just like his father, Maciah. 

Net Worth Of Maciah Bilodeau

Maciah Bilodeau's income and net worth are difficult to determine because there is no information on him, but he shares a huge fortune with Misty Raney. However, Misty Rane has an estimated net worth of $200,000 because of her work as a television personality.

Photo Of Misty Raney 
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Similarly, he gained media attention and made headlines after marrying Misty Raney, a well-known American television personality, farmer, and carpenter. She is a member of the reality show Homestead Rescue.

Also, Maciah and his wife Misty Raney constructed their 800 square-foot cottages in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, entirely by hand. Aside from his skills, Maciah and his wife share a passion for farming. Carin Van Der Donk is a former model and photographer from the Netherlands.


Maciah Bilodeau was born and raised in the United States of America on March 30, 1980. He is currently 41 years old. His parents, early life, and siblings remain unknown to the public.

Photo Of Maciah Bilodeau
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Maciah is a down-to-earth individual who hails from a typical American family. In terms of his work title, he is a carpenter with many experiences. Furthermore, he is a passionate surfer who thoroughly appreciates the sport. However, he maintains his low profile out from the spotlight.

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