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TV Personality (1980)
Tue Feb 07 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Malaysia Pargo

Ex-husband : Jannero Pargo
Malaysia Pargo married Jannero Pargo in 2006 and divorced in 2014.

Malaysia Pargo is a famous TV personality from California who once used to get recognised as the ex-wife of the former NBA star Jannero Pargo. Her fame in reality television comes from the show Basketball Wives: Los Angeles

Famous among the television audience by the name Malaysia, her actual name is Laquisha Shanek Gilbert. She is from Compton, California, and was born on August 12, 1980.

Malaysia Takes Good Care Of Her Body

Malaysia is huge in fitness and takes good care of her body. Working on television and being a popular figure on the Internet, she wants to give a good impression of herself. So, it's no surprise she works out a lot.

She is wearing awhite top and holding a handbag on her right shoulder.
Malaysia Pargo on the streets ( Source: Instagram @malaysiainthecity)

Malaysia is taller than your average Hollywood celebrity. She is incredibly tall, standing at 6 Feet 1 Inch (185 cm). Her curvy body compliments her size. She weighs in at 66 kg (145 lbs). 

She occasionally does hiking as a form of exercise to keep her body fit. In one of her video Instagram posts, she is seen with her friend, rapper Lazell where she and her friend are taking in all the pain their body is going through after a hike.

She Is A Religious Woman

Malaysia is a devout Catholic who believes in Jesus. In an age where many people try to refrain from religion, she isn't ashamed to show her love for god. 

She shared a post on Instagram that said:

"People watch you surviving and wonder why you haven't lost your mind.. make sure you tell them...Jesus."

In the caption of the post, she wrote:

Thank you almighty

Previously Married To Jannero Pargo

Malaysia Pargo was previously married to former NBA star Jannero Pargo. The ex-couple first met at a party in Los Angeles. They followed it with a marriage in 2006.

Jannero is wearing a suit and Malaysia is wearing a designer dress.
Jannero Pargo and Malaysia Pargo at an event (Source: By Her Own Rules)

Malaysia probably expected to live a happily ever after story when she married him, but marriages can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, their relationship didn't end as she would have wanted.

Divorce Settlement with Jannero Pargo

Malaysia and Jannero's divorce settlement was one of the biggest wins for Malaysia. The court decision ended up working in her favor. The eight years of marriage cost Jannero a lot.

The court concluded that she would be receiving half of Jannero's pension. Jannero was also supposed to give $15,380 towards monthly child support and a separate $7,500 towards the help of his ex-wife Malaysia.

She also got to be the owner of the Mercedes Benz G550. She received a lot on the divorce settlement, just like Sara Kapfer.

Shares Three Kids with Ex-husband Jannero Pargo

Malaysia gave birth to three babies with her ex-husband Jannero Pargo. The name of her three babies is Jannero Jr., Jayla, and Jayden. Jannero is their first child, born the same year they got married (in 2006), whereas Jayla and Jayden are twins born in 2011.

They are all dressed up in white.
Malaysia Pargo with her kids Jannero Jr., Jayla, and Jayden (Source: Instagram @malaysiainthecity)

Malaysia, who saw her kid's father initially refusing to pay for child support, wants to ensure her kids get all the love in the world. Just a glance at her Instagram, and you will see plenty of pictures of her kids, which shows how much she loves them.

How Rich Is Malaysia Pargo?

The reality television star has made a fortune with her television work. Her relevancy in television came through Basketball Wives: Los Angeles. The show started the career of Suzie Ketcham as well. Her career have only gone upwards since.

Malaysia Pargo has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. Some portion of her net worth is made from the money and assets she received after her divorce from her ex-husband Jannero Pargo.

Outside television, she is also involved in the business. She has her jewelry line. Her jewelry line is called "Three Beats," named after her three children.

Malaysia Pargo's Brother Was Killed

Malaysia's whole world was turned upside down in 2013 when her brother Dontae Hayes was shot dead by a police officer in what she believes to be a racially motivated attack. The incident scares her for her children, who might get killed for the same reason.

Dontae is wearing a black waistcoat.
Malaysia Pargo's Brother Dontae Hayes (Source: Pinterest)

Her brother was just 17 years old and unarmed when he was killed. She doesn't want to see any black person go through this, especially her three children. 

Popular Figure On Instagram & Twitter

With a career made through television, she is aware of the type of fan base she has. It is not surprising to see reality television stars active on social media. A television career is a risky business because it doesn't take long for one to reduce to irrelevancy if they stop moving with time.

So, what better way than connecting on social media to keep up with moving times? Malaysia has done exactly that. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, constantly updating her fans about her life there.

Malaysia is tweeting on her Twitter account @MalaysiaPargo now and then. You will mostly find her providing updates on new episodes of her show Basketball wives to her Twitter followers. 

Instagram is where she uploads the most. She posts something on her Instagram almost every day. She posts about herself, the show she is working on, and her kids through her Instagram. You can learn about her life through her Instagram handle @malaysiainthecity.

The Reason She Divorced Jannero Pargo

The fans, who at the time were utterly shocked when they heard the divorce news wanted to know badly about the reason for their divorce. They finally learned about it when Malaysia revealed it on her show Basketball Wives.

Usually, celebrities get defensive when asked about the reason for the failure of their previous marriage. Malaysia was not defensive regarding this at all. She wasn't going around giving a broad explanation that did not mean anything. Instead, she was vocal about why their love ended.

The people who regularly watch Basketball Wives finally learned the truth. Malaysia revealed that Jerome had distanced himself from their kids. Things only worsened between the two as he didn't plan to pay for child support either. 

A devout catholic believed that god was with her in this fight. She thought god would be on her side. And, she did end up winning this court battle with Jannero.

One Regret She Has About Her Divorce

Malaysia is a happy woman now. As per her, she is no longer in a relationship where she was the only one making an effort and investing time. She may have moved on from her marriage of eight years, but she says she does have regret.

Despite Malaysia's relationship with Jannero falling apart in front of her eyes, she still hoped that things could be turned around if both of them made more effort. 

She still believes their relationship would have worked out if they had sat down and talked. She believes counseling would have saved their marriage. 

She told about her regret when she was invited to the famous American courtroom reality TV show Couples Court With The Cutlers. The show focuses on finding a solution between an unhappy married couple. She said

One of the things that I wish I would’ve done is step back and go to counseling between the both of us because right now to the day we still very much love each other.


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