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Fri Nov 24 2023
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Malcolm Vadim comes from a celebrity family. He is the son of film director Vanessa Vadim. Malcolm's mother is not the most famous one in the family, though. His grandmother Jane Fonda is a renowned actress who is nowadays more involved in environmental activism.

Malcolm hailed from Crabapple, Georgia, and was born on May 28, 1999. His zodiac sign is Gemini. So what do we know about him? Let's find out through this article.

Who Are Malcolm Vadim's Parents?

Malcolm Vadim is the son of Vanessa Vadim, but his father's identity remains hidden. However, few have speculated that Vanessa's ex-husband Matt Arnett is the father of Malcolm. 

Vanessa Vadim is wearing a purple top in the picture as she is speaking to the host.
Vanessa Vadim in an interview with Thinta Talk (Source: YouTube @Thinta Talk)

His mother, Vanessa, was born in France and worked as a film director. Some of her famous works are The Quilts of Gee's Bend (produced by her ex-husband Matt Arnett) and The Last Party

Malcolm Vadim: Relationship Status

Malcolm Vadim is a single man who doesn't look like he plans to get into a relationship anytime soon. There is also no record of his past relationships if he has been in one.

At the age of twenty-three, Malcolm lives a quiet life and has not provided many details about his life. Be it love life, work life, education, or anything else. He is also absent from social media, which makes it hard to learn about him. 

The Time Malcolm Vadim Was Arrested 

Malcolm Vadim has been arrested in the past. He didn't do some unforgivable crime, however. He was charged with civil disobedience in November 2019. But what exactly did he do?

Jane Fonda is opening her arms to hug Malcolm Vadim as he is smiling at her.
Malcolm Vadim being welcomed by Jane Fonda (Source: Instagram @janefonda)

But first, you need to learn about his grandma Jane. Besides her acting, she is also famous for her environmental activism.  Her grandson has been involved in her work too. He was arrested while being part of one of the protests.

His grandma seems to be proud of him as he is concerned about the environment as much as her. When Malcolm was released, she shared the picture of him on her Insta and wrote:

Greeting my grandson just leased after @firedrillfriday arrest for civil disobedience. Proud grandma

Malcolm Vadim's Family Is Filled With Wealthy People

Malcolm Vadim is fortunate to be born into such a wealthy family. Malcolm is not famous and popular like his mother and grandma. Vadim's estimated net worth is believed to be around $50 Thousand

Malcolm Vadim and his sibling Viva Vadim during their childhood. 
(Source: Instagram @vivavadim)

It remains relatively undisclosed what he does for a living, but many speculate he is still a student. His Mother, Vanessa Vadim, who might not be a big-time Hollywood director, still makes a living for herself doing what she does. Her net worth is roughly estimated to be around $6 Million.

Malcolm's grandmother, Jane Fonda, is the richest in the family, and her wealth is way higher than anyone else. The legendary actress has the same net worth as the retired American footballer Peyton Manning at $200 Million. Now that's a lot of money. Most of her income came from the success of her movie works. 

Malcolm Has A Sister

Vanessa is not the mother of one but two kids. She has a daughter named Viva Vadim, Malcolm's younger sister. She was born on the same day as Rain Brown, November 23, 2002. Like her brother, she also lives a tranquil life and hasn't provided any information about her life.

But one thing we know about her is that she, much like the rest of the family, is also an environmental activist. And, like her brother, she has also been arrested. She was arrested for the same reason as Malcolm, i.e., participating in the protest. Her grandma, Jane, posted a picture of her when she was released, and in the post, she wrote:

With my granddaughter Viva Vadim who got arrested with 38 others today. Follow @firedrillfriday to take action against climate change

Both Viva Vadim and Jane Fonda are wearing red jacket as Jane is hugging her granddaughter.
Viva Vadim with her grandma Jane Fonda (Source: Instagram @janefonda)

Paul Waggoner Is His Stepfather

Malcolm's mother, Vanessa, has been in a happily married relationship with Paul Waggoner. The two tied the knot on June 12, 2010

Paul's wedding was no secret. The wedding was the talk of the media when it happened. Primarily because of Jane Fonda, who made it to the news because she couldn't hold back her tears seeing her daughter's marriage. 

Jane wrote about one of the best days of her life on her blog, which has been mentioned in India Today's article. She wrote:

I cried a lot seeing my daughter so happy. And all of us are crazy about Paul Van Waggoner, the handsome and kind groom. I return to Paris tired and relieved that it all went so well.

The Environmental Activism Started In The Family With His Grandma

We know that Malcolm's family is heavily involved in environmental activism. But where did it start from? Well, you can thank Jane Fonda for it.

Jane is probably why Vanessa, Malcolm, and Viva are environmentally conscious. And she tries to bring people's attention to it through her NGO Fire Drill Fridays. 

Jane Fonda is addressing the crowd, speaking through the podium as she is wearing a red jacket and a red hat.
Jane Fonda speaking in one of her Fire Drill Fridays Rally (Source: Instagram @janefonda)

Fire Drill Fridays is a movement started by Jane where they organize rallies addressing the environmental situation. So far, she has conducted numerous demonstrations to which many have been invited as speakers to speak on the stage. Jane, herself has spoken on the scene as well.

Who Is His Grandmother Jane Fonda?

Jane Seymour Fonda is considered one of the most iconic actresses. The two-time Oscar-winning actress was born on December 21, 1937, in New York. Besides acting, she is also an activist and blogger, writing blogs for her website.

The actress received the Academy Awards for Klute and Coming Home. Besides that, she is also known for her works in Barbarella, Cat Ballou, and They Shoot Horses, Don't They? among others. 

Malcolm Is The Great Grandson of Henry Fonda

Malcolm Vadim comes from a long line of families involved in movies. He is the great-grandson of actor Henry Fonda who has been part of many movies, including 12 Angry Men, which is regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. His other famous works include Once Upon A Time In The West, The Grapes of Wrath, and On Golden Pond.

Henry Fonda can be seen wearing a grey suit with black tie in the picture.
Henry Fonda speaking at The Dick Cavett Show (Source: YouTube @The Dick Cavett Show)

He also won the Academy Award for On Golden Pond in 1982 for Best Actor in a Leading Role. But he didn't attend the ceremony because of his illness, and Malcolm's grandma Jane accepted it on his behalf.

He died not too long after winning the Oscar. Henry passed away on August 12, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. The Return of Frank James actor died due to heart-related disease. 

His Great Grandmother Took Her Life

Frances Ford Seymour committed suicide when Jane was only 12 years old. Frances lost her life on April 14, 1950. She killed herself at The Craig House Institute, where she had been admitted for a while.

Jane has also revealed that her mother was sexually abused, which was why she took her life. DailyMail, in their article, has written that Jane brought it up while speaking at the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Rape Treatment Centre. 

The fact that her mother had taken her life was kept a secret from Jane for many years. She had previously revealed that she discovered the truth through a movie magazine when everyone around her tried to hide the fact.


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