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Popular Star on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube (2004)
Mon Apr 03 2023
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Marc Gomez is a young American social media personality. He is very popular on Instagram, TikTok, and youtube. The Texas-based social media influencer is energetic, talented, and charming. His curly hairs are his identity and mostly loved by his followers from all around the world.

Find out more details about his social media influence, birth & childhood, body measurements, net worth & salary, and relationship status in the following.

What's Marc Gomez Relationship Status? Single or Taken?

Gomez is supposed to be 'single' these days. The social media influencer keeps his personal life secret and doesn't reveal his love life. Although he has got a lot of friends to hang out with, none of them is his girlfriend. There are rumors about his love stories all around social media but none of them is real and believable.

Perhaps, he is waiting for the love of his life or maybe, he is focusing on his career as a social media influencer. However, there is no doubt that this cute boy of Texas is a dream boy for thousand of hearts out there. 

Social Media Influencer

Young Gomez is very successful at Instagram, TikTok, and youtube. At the age of just 17, Gomez is a popular Instagram model with more than 537K followers and 340+ posts to date.

Marc Gomez has been awared by Youtube with Silver Play Button for reaching 100K Subscribers
Marc Gomez posing with the Silver Play Button awarded by Youtube
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, he also owns 1.8 Million followers and 80.4 likes on his TikTok account now. Not only limited to this, but Gomez's youtube channel also holds more than 162K subscribers with 19 videos till now and has been awarded Silver Play Button by Youtube. 

Marc has got a really high engaged audience at his Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube accounts through which he makes his earnings. Like Marc, the other internet personalities like Lisa Peachy, Aspyn Ovard, Dez Machado, are also gathering wider media attention.

Wiki - Birth & Childhood

Marc Gomez was born on August 25, 2004, in San Antonio, Texas, USA. His birth sign is Virgo and his nickname is Marc. There is no valid information about his family but he is supposed to have siblings. It is found that he has two brothers and one sister. 

Marc Gomez taking the mirror selfie in 2016 vs. 2018
Marc Gomez in 2016 vs. 2018
Image Source: Instagram 

Since his childhood, he was very passionate about making people laugh by performing different funny activities. It is assumed that Gomez got interested in modeling at the end of his childhood.

Net Worth & Salary

The social media star of Texas is already 16 years old and running in his 17 years ago. He is currently living the life of his dream in Texas, USA. He makes his earnings by promotions, sponsorships, and brand advertisements. He is also very known on Snapchat

Marc Gomez sitting in a car and posing for a picture
Marc Gomez using sitting in a car
Image Source: Instagram

However, their reliable total net worth him has not been estimated till now. It is assumed that Marc Gomez's total net worth is between $100K - $500K from all the earnings sources.

Body Measurements

This charming young boy with curly black-brown hair can steal the hearts of many girls in a matter of seconds. Dear girls, be ready to have a crush on him! He has got a height of about 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73m) with a weight of around 55 Kg. (143 lbs)

Marc Gomez used to wear tooth braces but now he has removed the braces
Marc Gomez removed his tooth braces.
Image Source: Instagram

The young Youtube star is absolutely fit and healthy with an attractive body. There are no tattoos on his body. He used to wear tooth braces but at the beginning of December 2020, he has removed tooth braces and he looks amazing without the braces.

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