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Marcia Harvey

Selena Published On Wed Apr 22 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 22 2020
Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey was previously married to one of the famous American comedians, businessman, and entertainer, Steve Harvey. This former couple had divorced in 1994, who wed in the early 1980s.

What then led to their marital life falling apart? After she gets division from her husband, does she remarry? In this article, let us find out.

Remained Together for 14 years

The author who published her first book "Marcia: Eyes to the Soul" and her husband Steve weds in 1980 at an intimate ceremony. The function was surrounded by their closest friends and family only. Before marriage, they dated for a couple of years.

The exes said they first met at the home party of a mutual friend and ultimately fell in love. Likewise, Marcia is the first love of Harvey, who came along when Steve was not known to the world as much as now. Furthermore, they had shared very little during their union.

Sadly, Harvey's lovebirds were unable to support themselves for as long as they had formally divorced in 1994 after 14 years of together on friendly terms. Steve's passion for being a comedian was the main reason for their divorce. And so, he decided to pursue the dream of being popular and making himself a name.

Shares Three Adults Children 

From their lengthy union, the couple has three children. In 1982, Marcia and Steve had twins daughters named Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey. Their son Broderick Harvey was welcomed in 1991.

Marcia Harvey have three Children
Snap: Marcia Harvey has three Children
Source: DFives

A time when three children's father Steve left Marcia and their twin daughters in Holywood hoping to make it. Years later, after leaving them, he received the pardon of his twin kids.

"I'm married, I have twins, I'm supposed to provide for them, but I had to take this chance. Years later they said to me, ‘Dad, we didn’t understand why you left us, but we know now you had to go. You didn’t just belong to us. You belonged to the world.’"

More joyfully, Marcia and Steve became grandparents when their daughter Karli gave birth to son Benjamin Troy Raymond II ( 2016) with her husband, Ben Raymond. Likewise, they got hitched on September 26 2015 at The St. Regis Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia.

Remarried Again or not?

No, the author, after getting split with his ex-husband, Steve, Marcia, never remarried. She had to raise her twin daughters as a single mother despite all that happened, and that's something her daughters continue to respect.

: Steve Harvey has 4 biological kids (R) and 3 step kids (L)
Caption: Steve Harvey has 4 biological kids (R) and 3 adopted kids (L)
Source: Pinterest

As a proud mother, she did not give up, and up until today, she is a successful businesswoman who built everything from the ground up. That is why on her special day, her daughters make sure to celebrate her for the strong, resilient, and hardworking woman that she.

Steve's Twice Married

On the other hand, the 63-year-old TV host went on to remarry twice. He and his second wife got married in 1996, but after 9 years they divorced in 2005. And Lee says that by the time their marriage turned two, Steve had cheated her.

Photo: Steve Harvey and his second wife, Mary Shackelford 
Source: Getty Images

The now-divorced couple Mary and Harvey shares on son named Wynton Harvey, born on July 18, 1997. Following the divorce, the host of the Celebrity Family Feud married his new wife, Marjorie Elaine, in June 2007. In reality, Marjorie has a big hand to make him a better man, and to change his life.

Steve Harvey and his current wife, Marjorie Harvey
Picture: Steve Harvey and his current wife, Marjorie Harvey
Source: Essence

The long term couple is parents of three children named Morgan Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Lori Harvey, all of whom Steve adopted. 

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