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Fri Feb 10 2023
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Margot Bancilhon is a french actress who was born on February 17, 1991. She is one of the rising stars in french cinema who has established her name in the Film industry within a short amount of time. 

Some of her famous works include (Girl)Friend, All Three of Us, and Mixte. She first made herself known in Tiger Lily, quatre femmes Dans la vie in 2013. She played the character Rita and was featured in the show for six episodes.

She Has Found The Love of Her Life

Margot Bancilhon has found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Although no information about her partner is available, she posts many pictures with him on her Instagram.

The couple loves spending time together, and they haven't revealed much about their relationship. It is unclear if they are married, but they have a baby.

Both are holding each other while smiling at the camera.
Margot Bancilhon with her partner (Source: Instagram @margotbancilhon)

They were previously spotted attending the 2017 French Tennis Open at Roland Garros in Paris. They also participated French Open the following year in 2018 as well. They were seen getting cozy with each other on both occasions.

Her partner lives a low-key life, and there is no information on his name or what he does for a living. But she seems to have a thing for a bald man with many tattoos on their body, as that's how her man looks.

Her Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

Banchilhon was born on February 17. The date suggests that she is an Aquarius. It is considered an eleventh sign in the zodiac. The people born under the zodiac sign Aquarius are considered highly intelligent. 

Their other traits are that they are idealistic as well as they have a creative minds. They are also usually stubborn and have a hard time changing their mind.

She Loves Meditation

Margot Bancilhon is huge into meditation and believes it can help people divert their minds from stress and other work to focus on themselves entirely.

It is a drawing which shows girl screaming.
The profile picture of the Soundcloud account Un Temps Pour Soi (Source: Twitter @BancilhonMargot)

Not only does she do meditation, but she also wants to help the people who want to do it. That's why she has uploaded an audio file on SoundCloud that is a guide to help those looking to get into it. You can access the guidance from her SoundCloud account @un temps pour soi. In her own words:

Some periods are more stressful than others. And with them, the lot of physical ailments and stress often accompanies it. I therefore propose this meditation to find greater serenity, better breathing and a greater connection to ourselves and to others.

One of them commented on the guide:

Your voice is so well placed, it's a gift you have

What Is Her Net Worth?

Margot Bancilhon is one of the fastest-rising names in french cinema. It hasn't been long since she stepped foot in movies, and she is already landing many roles. Her success has helped her accumulate an estimated net worth, similar to Taina Smits, of $500 thousand.

It's not just her movies and tv works that have helped her to earn that sort of wealth. She also makes money from photoshoots and brand endorsement. She has previously promoted a french clothing brand called Aigle.

A Mother of One

The Falling for Love actress is busy because of all her work. But, she has been kept more engaged by the arrival of a baby in the house as she has to invest a lot of time in her baby.

She is a mother of a baby daughter. Little information is available on the baby as the caring mother is protective of her. She does share posts of her daughter now and then, but almost all the posts about her daughter have her face hidden. 

Both are wearing heavy clothes while mother is pointing to something.
Margot Bancilhon with her daughter at the beach (Source: Instagram @margotbancilhon)

The baby is always looking elsewhere than the camera, which gives us the idea that she probably doesn't want the media to exploit her baby's face, as we have seen in the past what some predatory media does with the children of celebrities.

Social Media Presence

A lot of people loved Margot Bancilhon on Criminal: France. They wanted to learn about the actress and her life. Don't worry; you can learn more about her through her Instagram.

Her Instagram handle is @margotbancilhon. She posts about everything on her Insta, from her partner and baby to her work. She also loves to share quotes from famous personalities, which helps to give us an idea of the kind of heart the actress has.

She is also on Twitter, although she hasn't tweeted on the platform for a long time. She has been very inactive on the podium, with her last tweet dating back to 2020. Her Twitter handle is @BancilhonMargot

Has A Pet Cat

Like Mercedes Kilmer, Bancilhon is a cat person. She not only has the responsibility of taking care of her baby but also taking care of her pet cat.

We don't know much about her life, but common stereotypes about cat people are that they tend to be more independent and focused on achieving their dreams than anything. So, there is a chance that her take on life is something similar.

She has posted a picture with her cat on her Instagram with the post captioned:

Du love  

She is holding her cat while kissing her.
Margot Bancilhon with her pet cat (Source: Instagram @margotbancilhon)

Fighting For Climate Change

The Mixte actress wants the world to be a better place. She believes in climate change and urges everyone to come together and bring a positive impact and save the planet for the upcoming generation.

On a colossal climate change event held on March 12, she urged everyone to participate and take their share of the responsibility to fight against it. You can tell she cares about the movement considering the long paragraph she wrote asking everyone to join her hands and fight for the cause. She wrote:

Let's all walk for climate on March 12. It's now that everything is being played so let's take responsibility, take action together and unite, for our future! The future of our children and the living. And it is within the reach of any of us. Let's be brave and actively participate by going to walk on the 12th! Thank you to all.

Loves To Travel

Bancilhon is an extrovert and loves going outside. She loves traveling. By traveling, I am not referring to expensive destinations like Dubai but going outside her home and exploring nature and beaches.

She is in a squat positing as fishing net lies to the ground next to her.
Margot Bancilhon shrimp fishing (Source: Instagram @margotbancilhon)

If you scroll through her Instagram, you will see many pictures of her on the beach, going to gardens with her daughter, and even enjoying shrimp fishing. Her love for traveling is evident through her social media.


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