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Thu Nov 18 2021
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Margot Rooker is a popular name in the world of film industry. She rose to prominence as the wife of Michael Rooker. Michael is an American actor who has several roles in blockbuster movies and series. 

Some of his well-known appearances are Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Eight Men Out, JFK, The Bone Collector, The Walking Dead, Slither, and many more. Apart from her husband's name and fame, Margot also had given acting credits in theater plays. However, nowadays she is busy being a housewife by taking care of her family.

Blissful Marital Life With Husband, Michael Rooker

The beautiful woman Margot is a happily married woman. She and her husband Michael are married for more than four decades and share an incredible bounding. On 22nd June 1979, they accepted one another as lifelong partners and has been together since then. 

Margot Rooker husband
Image: Margot Rooker with her husband, Michael Rooker. 
Source: Getty Images

They kept their wedding private with a limited number of guests in the aisle. The pair shares great passion in their relationship. Michael even considered his wife as an inspiration which has helped him to achieve everything in life. They are often seen attending several ceremonies by holding their hands.

Margot Rooker and Her Husband, Michael Rooker is Parents of Two Daughters

Mr. and Mrs. Rooker are bounded in nuptial vows for more than four decades. During this long duration of love, they are blessed with two daughters. Their eldest daughter is currently living in Los Angeles and has her own family. While their youngest daughter is a professional chef. 

Margot Rooker husband
Image: Margot Rooker with her husband hanging out in a public place. 
Source: Daily Mail

She graduated from the University of California with a degree in Earth Science. She also enrolled at Natural Gourmet Institute. As seen, both of the kids are successful in their respective careers. Michael and Margot also live in California and are enjoying one another's companionship. 

Husband's Wonderful Career in Entertainment Industry

Born and raised in Jasper, Alabama, Michael started his film career in 1986 by playing in the American psychological horror crime film, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. He even earned critical success and received more roles in blockbuster movies. 

Michael Rooker
Image: Michael Rooker in his Guardians of Galaxy character.
 Source: Pinterest

Some of his acting credits are Eight Men Out, Hypothermia, Rosewood, The 6th Day, Slither, Tombstone, Sea of Love, and so on. Recently, he made his appearance in two series one in Creepshow playing the role of Beau, and in the animated series, What If...? where he gave his voice of Yondu Udonta. 

Net Worth of Margot Rooker in 2021

Margot's exact profession hasn't been yet revealed so, her net worth is still missing. On the other hand, her husband, Michael is a huge American star. As of 2021, he holds a net worth of $4 Million which he earned through his wonderful acting career. 

Currently, Rooker grabs over $100,000 of annual income through his overall involvement. His starred movie, Guardians of the Galaxy earned a total of $863.8 Million worldwide under the budget of $200 Million

Furthermore, Mr. and Mrs. Rooker owns several houses in the United States which prices are ranged from $1 Million in today's market. Actors like Chris Pratt and Mikaela Hoover have co-starred with Michael in Guardians of Galaxy.

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