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Mon May 09 2022
By   Ruku

Many makeup artist dream about the success reaching the ridge using their skills, experimentation, and products forming extraordinary looks. In the same way, Marianna Hewitt is also struggling on the same field, taking Anastasia Soare as an inspirational factor.

You-Tuber, Marianna Hewitt has established herself as a lifestylist and a fashion blogger as well as blogger. Her Blog is named 'LaLamer' which mainly focuses on beauty, fashion, travel adventure, and lifestyle. Currently, she is living a blissful life focusing on her professional work. 

Besides, every people does their own struggle, and the most interesting part is during grapple for the peak position, some of them have a beautiful interference in their life. Let's know who the YouTuber's love intrusion was?

Rumors on dating Previous Football Defensive

Gorgeous, Marianna is in rumors of dating former football defensive, Michael Strahan. Some other media have claimed that Marianna and Michael are dating and are currently in a romantic relationship.

Marianna Hewitt and Michael Strahan
Snap: Marianna Hewitt and Michael Strahan.
 Source: whosdatedwho

But the duo has not officially proclaimed that they are in a relationship or not. Former NFL defense and Blogger are spotted together in public places as well, which make their fan feels like, they are romantically linked-up but have not announced it formally. 

Some sources have also declared that Michael and Marianna are also spotted together near the hotel. But we can not assert it as a piece of true news. 

Current Relationship Status 

Vlogger, Marianna is reportedly unmarried as of now. Most of the celebrities prefer to keep their love life details under the limelight, and this beautiful lady also falls in the same category.

Due to her secretiveness, there are no records of her affairs found except hearsay of dating Michael. But in the future, if she happens to get encountered with any guy or tie the marital bond, we assure our reader will be the one to be notified at first.

Kim Kardashian and Marianna Hewitt
Image: Kim Kardashian and Marianna Hewitt.
Source: Instagram @marianna_hewitt

As per the designated status, she is probably single. Scrolling her Instagram, we can find her sharing a perfect bond with an iconic fashion figure, Kim Kardashian. Playful Suggestions on article The Awakening of Kim Kardashian West.

Lucrative Career as a YouTuber

Hewitt is an active Blogger and co-founder of the Summer Fridays. Likewise, she has also worked with renowned magazines and brands as a model and has also portrayed her role in a few TV series like Good Morning 90210 & WMB 3D: World's Most Beautiful.

So, we can safely say that multi-talented, Marianna is garnering a profitable amount of wealth from her career and might have a totaled a net worth of around $500,000 which is comparable to another vlogger Melissa Wood.

Various Income Sources

As per the Glassdoor, an average salary of a Blogger in America ranges from $19,000-$79,000 per year, and we can presume vlogger, Marianna is also earning revenue in the same range. 

Face mask, a beauty product of Summerfridays
Image: Face mask, a beauty product of Summer Fridays.
Source: Instagram(summer Fridays)

She also earns a huge paycheck for promoting the brands as she has signed several endorsement deals. Moreover, she also bags a handful of cash through her Vlog from YouTube as she has already gained plenty of subscribers.

Age and Family background 

Marianna Elizabeth Hewitt is 33, years old. Hewitt's mother is an immigrant who arrived in the United States from Vietnam. Similarly, her dad is from Italy. So, Marianna holds mixed ethnicity. 

She has a respectful and loving relationship with her parents and is very close to her mother. She flaunts many adorable pictures, along with her father on her Instagram. As of 2019, her dad is 82 years old. 

Marianna Hewitt with her beloved papa
Image: Marianna Hewitt with her beloved papa.
Source: Instagram (marianna_hewitt) 

Further, she is also a well-educated woman. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Art in Broadcast and Journalism from Kent State University

Awards and Social Media Profile 

Marianna was named as the influencer of the year in 2017. She was honored by the WWD Inc Award

Hewitt is a lifestyle blogger who is motivating her fans. With 20 million+ views and 296 thousand subscribers, she inspires them by sharing beauty products, DIY tutorials, Food, and Wellness.

Marianna is pretty famous on Instagram as well, which lead her to gain 929 thousand followers and over 36.7 thousand followers on her Twitter. Likewise, her Facebook post is liked and followed by more than 32,804 and 33,387 people, respectively. 

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