Mariellen Bergman and Peter Bergman Marriage journey Since 1985

Sun Nov 17 2019
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How much do you know about Peter Bergman apart from his hard-working nature and successful career? The actor has continuously maintained his professional success for more than three decades now. But how much do you know about his personal life?

If you don't know much, then take our word guys, the actor has found success in his marital relationship as well. He has enjoyed a long and healthy married life with his wife, Mariellen Bergman. To know more about their romantic life, keep reading, as we explore more into their relationship. 

The Couples' Marriage was not a typical Hollywood Wedding

In the showbiz industry, you hear a lot about the lavish wedding of celebrities. Peter's wedding, however, does not fall into that category. His matrimonial ceremony with Mariellen was intimate. 

Mariellen Bergman and Peter Bergman attending an event
Image: Mariellen Bergman (left) and Peter Bergman (right). 
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The couple walked down the aisle in 1985, and since the pair is inseparable. After the wedding, just like Diane Alexander, Mariellen also became very known among ordinary people. 

Even though we don't know much about the pairs' weddings, we know that the duo has never faced any rumors or controversies regarding their relationship. In many photos where the couple is spotted, we can see them enjoying each other's company. 

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The Family Expanded into Four

Peter stood there in the delivery room by his wife before the birth of his daughter. The actor, however, passed out during the delivery and missed the blissful moment, the birth of his second child. 

After two years of his marriage, in 1987, Mariellen gave birth to the couples' first child, Connor Bergman. During the birth of Connor, dads were not allowed in the delivery room. It was a C-section delivery, and Peter remembers the day as the most blissful moment in his life.

Peter Bergman and Mariellen Bergman at an award ceremony
Picture: Peter Bergman (left) and Mariellen Bergman (right). 
Source: Whosdatedwho

In 1990, however, during the birth of his daughter, Clare Bergman, Peter was allowed in the delivery room. The Young and The Restless Star did not handle the situation very well. He couldn't handle the blood well and passed out. In an interview with People magazine in 2008, Peter said that he was not much of a help during Clare's birth.

The Story behind Peter's Children name

In the same interview with People Magazine, Bergman said he finished reading Leon Uris's book Trinity before the birth of Connor. Connor was the main character's name in the book, which he found the perfect fitting for his son.

Before that, Peter chose Sam instead of Connor's name. Later, the actor realized the name Sam Bergman sounds very furrier, so he went with Connor. When the time came to pick his daughters' names, it was very easy for the couple.

According to Peter, the name Clare is after Mariellen's grandmother's hometown, the County Clare in Ireland. 

Who is Peter's first Wife?

Before tying the knot with Mariellen, he was in a marital relationship with Christine Ebersole. Peter and Christine said, 'I Do' to each other in 1976, and as the report suggests that the wedding was more like a Hollywood type of marriage.

Christine Ebersole in her photoshoot
Frame: Christine Ebersole at her photoshoot. 
Source: Npr 

The union between the two did not last more than five years. Because of irreconcilable differences, as reported by the online tabloids, the couple parted ways with each other. In 1981, the duo signed the divorce papers and moved on with their life. After four years, he found love again in Mariellen.

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