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Wed Mar 29 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Steven Seagal

Ex-wife : Miyako Fujitani
Miyako Fujitani took vows to Steven Seagal on 1974 and separated on 1987.

Who is Steven Seagal?

Not many Hollywood celebrity get prominence by their work, some even rose to fame by being a controversial subject and for other various reasons. But Steven Seagal is not only famous by his works in film but also for his several relationship and marital records.

Steven Seagal is an American screenwriter, actor, film producer, martial artist, musician, and director. All through his career, he has portrayed in several hit Above the Law, Under Siege, Hard to Kill, Out for Justice and many more.

Seagal is also recognized as a guitarist with two albums named Mojo Priest, and Songs from Crystal Cave. Also, he worked with the legendary musician and singer Stevie Wonder.  

Young Steven Seagal. Know about his early life, education, family
Image: Young Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal was born as Steven Frederic Seagal on 10th April 1952, in Lansing, Michigan, the United States of America. Born to Russian father Samuel Seagal and mother Patricia, Steve is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds three citizenship (American, Serbian, and Russian). 

His mother Patricia was of Dutch, German, and English descent, and worked as a medical technician, whereas his father Samuel was of Russian & Jewish and former mathematics teacher in High School. Moreover, Steve is also said to have Mongol Heritage.  

Seagal and his father
Image: Seagal and his father

At the age of five, Seagal, along with his family, shifted to Fullerton, California. Steve's mother later mention at People Magazine that, the reason to move because he was frail and suffered from asthma,  

''He was a puny kid back then. But he really thrived after the move [from Michigan].'' 

she added.  

Regarding his education, Steve joined Buena Park High School based in California, later attended Fullerton, College. At the teenage, Seagal spent most of his times listening to loud rock music. It was while Seagal is working with a friendly fold Japanese man at Dojo. 


Martial Arts 

Steve shifted to Japan between 1971 and 1973. By 1974, he had already come back to California. During the time, he met Miyako Fujitani, daughter of an Osaka aikido master who was in Los Angeles to teach aikido. Fujitani is also a second-degree black belt. 

When Miyako returned to Japan, Steve also went with her. After some time, Seagal returned to New Mexico with his student named Craig Dunn. Together, they opened a dojo, but Seagal spent most his times on other ventures.  

Hollywood Career 

In the year 1987, Steve started working in the film industry, with his first work on Above the Law. Andrew Davis directed the movie. After the movie gained immense success, Steve then worked on various movies including, Out for Justice, Hard to Kill and Marked for Death. All of the films were hit and made him more famous.  

Moreover, Seagal also starred and directed the movie On Deadly Ground which featured other stars such as R. Lee Ermey, Billy Bob Thornton, and Michael Caine. The film gained very fewer critics reviews, along with his denouncing environmental speech in the movie. 

Steven Seagal during an event. Know about his career, profession, achievements
Image: Steven Seagal during an event

In 1996, Seagal filmed a police drama titled The Glimmer man. The following year, he released the film Fire Down Below, an environmentally conscious which became commercially unsuccessful. 

After the release, Steve took a break for some years and returned in 2001 with his another movie named Exit Wounds which became successfully hit. Moreover, Seagal is also known for his role as a villain in the movie Machete.  

Seagal on the cover of the movie Kill Switch.
Image: Seagal on the cover of the movie Kill Switch

Steve is mostly known as a producer and writer of the several DTV movies including, Out of Reach, Black Dawn, Kill Switch, The Keeper, Born to Raise Hell, A Dangerous Man and Driven to Kill

Besides his credits in the film industry, Seagal is famous for his television works. In 2009, Steve made his appearance on the A&E Network's television series titled Steven Seagal: Lawman, which focused on Seagal's work as a deputy in Louisiana. 


Besides martial art and acting career, Steve also gained massive fame as a musician. Some of his songs have been featured in movies like Ticker and Fire Down Below.  

Seagals hit 'Songs from the Crystal Cave'
Image: Seagals hit 'Songs from the Crystal Cave.'

In 2005, Seagal released his first song, 'Songs from the Crystal Cave,' which also featured a duet with a professional singer Tony Rebel, Lady Saw, Stevie Wonder, and Lt. Stichie

One of his song Girl It's Alright, was released in various countries. In the Summer of 2006, Seagal with his band Thunderbox toured the U.S and Europe to support the album.  

Business Ventures 

In the year 2005, Steve Seagal's company named Seagal Enterprises started to manufacture an energy drink named Steve Seagal's Lightning Bolt, the production stopped after some time due to some undisclosed reasons. 

Later in 2013, Steve also joined Russian Firearms manufacturer named ORSIS

Know about Steve Seagal's personal life 

Talking about Steve Seagal's marital life, he has had lots of ups and downs in his life.  

Steve First Spouse

During his days Japan, Steve married Miyako Fujitani. His wife Fujitani is a daughter of the aikido instructor. The pair began dating in 1974, and they exchanged their vows in the following year. 

Seagal and his first wife Miyako Fujitani. Kow about his personal life, marriage, children, divorce
Image: Seagal and his first wife, Miyako Fujitani

Since the marriage, Seagal, and Fujitani share two children, a daughter named Ayako Fujitani (born 7th December 1979), and a son named Kentaro Seagal (born on 3rd October 1975). Both of them are now renowned actors. However, after many years of their marriage, Steve left his spouse in the year 1987 and returned to America.

Steve Second Spouse

Seagal was also married to Adrienne La Russa in the year 1984. However, the marriage did not last longer than three years and divorced in 1987, the same year of his first divorce. The reason for the divorce is unknown to date. 

Steve Third Spouse

Later, he met model and actress Kelly LeBrock. Soon after, the pair began dating and eventually tied the knot in the year 1987.

The following year, Kelly gave birth to Steven's daughter named Annaliza Seagal. Soon after, the couple welcomed another baby member in 1990, a son named Dominic Seagal. After three years, Dominic and Annaliza had their small baby sister named Arissa LeBrock( born in 1993).  

Kelly LeBrock and Arissa LeBrock
Image: Kelly LeBrock and Arissa LeBrock

However, in 1994, Kelly filed for divorce, as she said the reason was ''irreconcilable differences''. And the divorce was finalzed in the year 1996.

Steve Current Spouse

After his divorce with third partner Kelly, Seagal then married his fourth spouse named Erdenetuya Batsukh a.k.a Elle. The pair exchanged thei wedding vows in 2009. Elle is a professional dancer and winner of many dance competition.  

Steven along with his wife Elle and son Kunzang
Image: Steven along with his wife, Elle and son Kunzang

Elle and Seagal first met in 2001, when she served as Steven's interpreter during his days in Mongolia. Since marriage, the duo shares a son named Kunzang Seagal (born in 2009). As of now, Seagal is living a happy life with his wife and children.  

Not to mention his marriage with Arissa Wolf in 1995. He also shares a daughter named Savannah Seagal. However, there is no further information about the relationship, as they divorced after a year of their marriage. 

Seagal with his wife Arissa Wolf and daughter Savannah
Image: Seagal with his wife Arissa Wolf and daughter Savannah

Currently, Steven has seven children from his five relationships. He also has two grandchildren from his son Kentaro. Moreover, Seagal is the guardian of Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo, the only child of 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet. 


Since 1990, Seagal has been charged numerous times for sexual harassment, breach of contract, employment discrimination, female trafficking,  

How Much Is Steven Seagal Net Worth?  

Steven Seagal makes huge money from his varied career as an actor, producer, musician, martial artist and screenwriter. He has worked in numerous films and television as a writer, producer, and actor, which adds up to his vast wealth.  

According to PayScale, the average salary of a movie producer ranges from $44.7 thousand to $154 thousand. Hence we can assume the Seagal's yearly income as a producer is quite massive.

Steven and his Ford F-15
Image: Steven and his Ford F-15

One of his hit movie Exit Wound became a huge success commercially earning over $80 million worldwide. 

He also owns a farm in Colorado, a mansion worth $3.5 million located in Louisiana, and a luxury home in Los Angeles with a price tag of $11 million. In addition to his ranch and mansion, Steven also owns $6.9 million houses located in Arizona.  

Seagal's house in Arizona
Image: Seagal's house in Arizona

Considering all his earnings, Steven has a staggering $16 million net worth, as of 2019. 

additionally, Seagal also owns various luxury cars such as Cadillac Escalade (which costs $100,000), Ford F-15 (worth $58,000), Lamborghini Murcielago with a market value of $99 thousand as of 2010, as this model is rare, which makes the price even higher than new models. 

Moreover, he also owns a Mercedes SLR 722 which costs staggering $1.45 million, Mercedes G-Class worth $150,000, and more to mention. 

Fine and Allegations 

1990s Law Suit

In 1991, employees from Warner Bros. Nicole Selinger, Christine Keeve, and Raenne Malone accused Steven of sexual harassment. In order to get rid of the accusations made, Nicole, along with two other women received $50,000 each.  

During the time, more than four actresses accused Seagal of making sexual advances at the time of late-night casting sessions. 

1995 lawsuit 

Steven was charged for employment discrimination, breach of contract, and sexual harassment. A girl named Cheryl Shuman filed a case against him for beating her and threatening during the shoot for the movie On Deadly Ground.  

However, the case was dismissed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki, stating it as ''repetitive and unintelligible''. 

2010 lawsuit 

On 12th April 2010, Kayden Nguyen filed a case against Steven, requesting more than a million dollars for damages. Nguyen said that Seagal was involved in the illegal trafficking of female for sex, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment.  

Kayden and Steven
Image: Kayden and Steven

However, Seagal denied the accusations made by Kayden. Moreover, his show Steven Seagal: Lawman also suspended when his attorneys resolved the case.  

However, Kayden withdrew the accusations after three months and left no explanations behind. 

2011 lawsuit

On 30th August, Steven was filed a lawsuit by Jesus Sanchez Llovera, as Seagal did a raid with Maricopa county police along with the heavy weapon. The incident was captured for Steven's show Steven Seagal: Lawman.  

Moreover, Sanchez also asked $100,000 and an apology letter for the damages made and the death of their 11-month-old puppy. However, Jesus could not file court-ordered paper, and the case was closed in 2013 January. 

2018 allegations and investigations 

On 15th January 2018, an American actress Rachel Grant publicly accused Seagal of sexual assault in 2002, saying that she lost her contract for the movie after the incident.  

Similarly, in March 2018, Regina Simons stated that she was raped at Seagal's home when Regina went there thinking it was a wrap party for the film On Deadly Ground

Steven Seagal Age & Body Measurements (Height, Weight) 

Fifty-two-year-old actor, producer, and martial artist stands 6 feet 3 inches / 1.93 and weighs around 130kg / 286.6lbs. 

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