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Tue Jan 31 2023
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Mark Reyes is a popular Filipino YouTuber known for his humorous and entertaining content. He creates videos on a variety of topics including lifestyle, comedy, and vlogs. He is a content creator who appeals to a wide audience with his relatable and down-to-earth personality. 

Mark is known for his quick wit, sarcasm, and comedic timing, which has made him one of the most demanding personalities on social media. His popularity has increased over time, with millions of subscribers and views on his YouTube channel. 

Net Worth & Earnings Of Mark Reyes

According to Biography Mask, Mark Reyes is a millionaire with a total net worth of $1 million in his bank accounts. He has amassed this sum with the help of his career as a social media influencer. 

Mark Reyes owns his personal car which can be seen on YouTube.
Mark Reyes owns his personal car which can be seen on YouTube. (Image Source: Twitter @reyes_mark25)

Without a doubt, Mark's primary source of income is his career as a YouTuber. Having 1.03 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel @MarkReyes, he makes nearly $300 annually. In addition, he is also generating money by being part of different brands' advertising via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Talking about Mark's assets, he owns his personal house and car which he often shows in his YouTube videos. However, more details on his revenue have yet not been revealed by any media.

Mark Reyes Had A Girlfriend: Learn About Her

As of now, Mark Reyes had a girlfriend who is also a social media personality just like him. She is non-other than Mika Salamanca, a famous internet influencer from the Philippines.

This ex-couple Mark and Mika started dating each other in 2019. Soon after that, they started to appear together on their respective Youtube channels.

Mark Reyes and Mika Salamanca dated back in 2020.
Mark Reyes and Mika Salamanca enjoy themselves on the beach. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Unfortunately, the admired duo Reyes and Salamance ended their relationship on a bad note. In April 2020 the pair announced their break-up through Twitter which shocked many of their fans. 

One of the interesting facts about Reyes and Salamance was that they gather huge numbers of subscribers on their respective YouTube channels during their relationship. According to reports, the reason for their breakup was due to Mark cheating on Mika. 

Mika Salamanca Tweets After Being Heart Broken

Yes,  it is true that Mika has tweeted many things after breaking up with Mark. In her tweets, it was clearly mentioned that she was cheated. She did not mention the name but it indirectly points toward her ex-boyfriend Mark. 

Mika in one of her tweets after breaking up with Mark: 

''You aren't sorry for cheating, you are just sorry you got caught.''

After several tweets, Mika clearly expressed her views in one of her tweets which clearly gave confirmation about her breakup with Mark. She publicly wrote:

''We broke up and we want to keep the reason private (pinag-isipan namin ito for a long time, we even tried to fix it and make it work but unfortunately, we really need this break up) and I hope ma respect nyo yung both decisions namen. I'm telling you, we are still friends.''

Are Mark Reyes And Mika Salamanca Still Together?

Well, the answer is now because Mark Reyes & Mika Salamanca have already moved on with their relationship. However, there are some pictures of them on their respective Insta account, @itsmarkreyes25, and @mikslmnc. 

Besides that, the ex-internet duo Mark and Mika has already deleted their YouTube content. However, their fans have saved some of their romantic photos which is the only remaining proof of their past love life.

Social Media Presence

Mark Reyes is active on Instagram as @itsmarkreyes25, with over 330K followers. He often keeps posting about his daily life activities to update his fans. On the other hand, he is also on Twitter as @reyes_mark25 with over 907K followers.

Mark also has opened a Facebook page where over 112K people have followed his page. He is active since 2018 and is active now with the name Mark Reyes. His last post on Facebook was on October 6, 2022.

Mark Reyes fans are very obsessed with his dashing looks.
Mark Reyes fans are very obsessed with his dashing looks. (Image Source: Instagram @itsmarkreyes25)

Being a social media influencer, Mark has also opened a YouTuber channel @MarkReyes. There he has amassed over 1.03 Million subscribers. However, he has not been active on YouTube since 2022. 

Personal Details

Mark Reyes was born on March 25, 2003, in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he has not revealed his family details in any media. It seems that the social media influencer does not want to disturb his family member's privacy. 

Although Mark has not revealed his parent's info, he once appeared with his mom with a challenge on his YouTube channel. The title of that video was 'MAKEUP CHALLENGE WITH MY MOM.' You can find that video on his YouTube channel. 

Career As a YouTuber

Mark Reyes is a Filipino YouTuber who rose to prominence through his creative and entertaining videos on the platform. He first started making videos in 2016 and since then, he has built a strong following of subscribers. 

Mark Reyes is a Filipino YouTuber who started making videos in 2016.
Mark Reyes started making videos in 2016. (Image Source: Instagram @itsmarkreyes25)

Reyes has also collaborated with other popular YouTubers in the Philippines, creating entertaining and memorable videos for his followers. He is also active on social media, where he interacts with fans and shares additional content just like Mia Stammer.

In addition to his online activities, Reyes has also been involved in various endeavors outside of YouTube, including product endorsements and speaking engagements.


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