Marlon Wayans And Angelica Zachary Were Never Married

Fri Sep 27 2019
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The White Chicks star Marlon Wayans is hailed by millions of fans for his comedy and acting skills. Aside from gaining so much appreciation for his comic relief, his relationship status is always in question. Because of his long relationship with Angelica Zachary, many fans confused about whether he is married or not. 

In 2013, Marlon was photographed by paparazzi where he was seen cozying up with another woman who caused a stir in his relationship. What happened to his relationship? Who is the mysterious woman? Let's find out more about his relationship status.

The Big Reason against Marrying...

Many online tabloids confirm the marital relationship between Marlon and Angelica, which is completely false. Even though the actor stayed in a long relationship with Angelica, he never married her.

Marlon Wayans and long-time girlfriend Angelica Zachary with their two children, however, they call themselves as husband and wife
Image: Marlon Wayans (left) and his former partner Angelica Zachary (right) with children
Source: Daily Mail

Wayans keeps his personal life under wraps, but in an interview, he explained the reasons for not wanting to commit longterm. As per him,

"If I was married, I would be divorced. I'm anti authority. I don't like being told what to do. I like my own space. I don't like living with people".

In addition to that, he also talked about his brother's divorce and how that impacts the lives of children. That's why the actor tries to avoid matrimony and even thinks because of that, he and his partner managed to raise two offsprings.

Wayans met Angelica somewhere in the 90s but only made their public appearance in 2001. The pair never walked down the aisle in their 12-year romantic affair. 

The Mysterious Woman Ending Marlon's Relationship...

In 2013, when Wayans was still together with Angelica, Paparazzi spotted Marlon sharing a steamy hot kiss with a brunette. Till date, her name is not disclosed as she goes on to be known as the mysterious woman.

Marlon Wayans with a mysterious woman
Picture: Marlon Wayans (right) with a mysterious woman (left)
Source: Daily Mail

Many reports also suggest that this event turmoiled Marlons' peaceful relationship with Zachary. In an interview on the Wendy Williams show months before he shared the kiss with a brunette, Wayans confirmed that he and his lover are still together after twelve years.

Marlon, however, booked a luxury boat in St. Barths with a younger brunette. The pair was spotted smooching each other openly and could not get their hands off each other. As per the Daily Mail, after the boat ride, the actor took his mystery lady to the Eden Rock Resort, which cost around $930 a night.

Marlon is Grateful to his Former Partner

Even though he and his former partner are not together anymore, Marlon is very grateful for Angelica. In an Instagram post, he posts a heartfelt birthday message on February 2018, which is being deleted since then.

Furthermore, he captioned a long message in 2019, saying how grateful he is for her being in his life. The actor co-parented his two children, Amai Zackary Wayans and Shawn Howell Wayans with Angelica. Marlon also made sure that his children know how much he loves them and wants to be around them as they are now getting into their teenage years.

Marlon Wayans with his children
Frame: Marlon Wayans (in the middle) with his two children

Even though Wayans did not find any success in his long term relationship, he received a great honor from his brother back in 2007. His brother Shawn Wayans named his youngest son after Marlon. In an interview with People, Shawn gave the reason for naming his youngest Marlon because of the impact he and his brother had on each other lives.

Similarly, Marlon also named his son Shawn in honor of his brother Shawn Wayans.

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