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Relationship Timeline Of Marshall Trenkmann

Wife : Karla Souza
Marshall Trenkmann married Karla Souza in 2014.

Marshall Trenkmann is an American banker popularly known as Karla Souza husband. Marshall's wife Karla is recognized in Hollywood for her role as Lauren Castillo in ABC's How to Get Away with Murder.

Trenkmann was born in the south-central region of the USA in Texas. Marshall lives a very private life and chooses not to reveal much about himself.

Marshall Trenkmann Net Worth

Ever since Marshall Trenkmann arrived on the banking scene, he has survived and thrived to become a known name in the corporate world. This established banker's estimated net worth is around $5 million.

Marshall Trenkmann putting on a suit
Marshall Trenkmann putting on a suit (Source: Glamour Path)

The JP Morgan director Marshall in the past has worked with big companies like CIB Group, so making a fortune is to be expected, which he has.  

Trenkmann's successful actress wife has only enhanced the net worth of this couple. The Home Economics actress Karla has amassed a net worth of $2 million with all her film works.

Karla Souza Husband: Marshall Trenkmann Road To His Marriage

Marshall Trenkmann's story is the same as Jacob Jules Villere's, as both bankers gained fame after marrying someone from Hollywood. Marshall entered the entertainment tabloids through his wife, Karla Souza. 

The popularity doesn't seem to have much influence on Marshall. Moreover, Trenkmann still prefers to live his life privately as he always has. Marshall met the love of his life in Mexico when he used to work there.

Marshall is wearing a black suit and Karla a white wedding dress while holding a bouquet of  pink roses.
Marshall Trenkmann at a wedding photo session with his newlywed wife, Karla Souza (Source: Pinterest)

The couple hit off sooner than they expected and started seeing each other. It wasn't a casual fling. They both were pretty serious about their relationship.

Marshall soon enough proposed the Mexican beauty. She couldn't refuse. They got engaged in December of 2013. The engagement was followed by marriage several months later, in May 2014

Marshall and his wife, Souza, tied the knot in Karla's home country, Mexico. The duo exchanged wedding vows in Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa in Tequesquitengo privately. The couple has been going strong since.

Marshall Trenkmann's Wife Respects His Privacy

It's one thing that Marshall Trenkmann is not on any social media. But also, you will hardly find posts about him on his wife Karla's Insta handle @karlasouza. People curious about Karla's husband won't get much about him through his wife either.

Even before he met Karla, Marshall had been a private person and preferred to keep things the same. His wife respects his decision and so hardly posts about him.

But Karla has posted about her husband at times, and she isn't ashamed to express her desire for him. She once posted a picture in which she is seen kissing her love, Marshall. The photo is captioned:

Mi tesoro 

"Mi Tesoro" is Spanish for "My Treasure."

Marshall Trenkmann Is A Father Of Two

Marshall is a father to two babies. The first baby daughter Gianna was born in April of 2018. Gianna got a younger brother she could play with two years later, with the couple welcoming their son Luka in June 2020.

This candid shot has Karla looking at her babies while they are in their own world.
Karla Souza with her babies Gianna and Luka (Source: Instagram @karlasouza)

Marshall and Karla want to have a normal childhood for their children, so they try to keep them out of the spotlight as much as possible. The reason behind Karla not posting frequently about her children on her Instagram.

However, she does upload about them at times, and she loves spending time with her babies. She has been seen traveling to beaches, painting, and having fun with her kids.

Marshall Trenkmann's Education

From the beginning, Marshall took his decision to become a banker seriously. He decided to prepare himself with all the education needed before stepping foot into the corporate world. 

His ambition to become a corporate man took him to pursue his degree at Texas A&M University. He graduated with a BA degree and soon enough did his Master's from the same University with a degree in MA.

His love for studying, however, is not only limited to Finances. At University, his passion for learning and understanding different cultures compelled him to learn Spanish and Latin American cultures.

Marshall's Body Physique Might Surprise Some

When you hear someone is a banker, you are most likely to assume the guy appears well-dressed and has good mannerisms. These are common stereotypes about bankers, and Marshall also falls into this category.

But you hardly expect them to pass off as a celebrity. The way Marshall carries himself, the banker, is the last thing you would expect his profession to be. He always looks good in his suits and brings that charm with him that would appeal to anyone. 

Marshall is wearing a black suit whereas Karla is wearing a flower-themed dress.
Marshall Trenkmann with his wife Karla Souza at an event (Source: Just Jared)

Talking about Marshall's body measurements, he stands at 5 ft 8 inches (172.72 cm) and weighs around 60 kg (132.2 lbs).

Marshall Trenkmann Has A Successful Banking Career

Marshall's banking sector journey has taken him to all sorts of places. His first taste of success came from CIB LATAM, an established financial institute in Mexico that hired him to lead their credit team. He left his comfort zone and relocated to Mexico for the job. 

Marshall's successful stint in Mexico lasted over two years. The period in which he also met the love of his life, Karla Souza.

He then returned to his home state, Texas, and landed a job at the Houston CIB Oil and Gas Credit team. He brought his Mexican work experience to the job and played an essential role in bringing success to the company.

Who Is Marshall's Wife Karla Souza?

Karla Susana Olivares Souza is an award-winning actress with numerous Hollywood works credited to her name. Her famous works include How To Get Away With Murder, the show created by Peter Nowalk. Her other works include The Noble Family, Don't Blame The Kid, Day Shift, and others. 

She has been honored with several awards for her craft. She was even nominated once for the prestigious ''Imagen Foundation Awards.'' She was nominated for the category ''Best Supporting Actress - Television'' for her role as Lauren Castillo in How to Get Away with Murder in 2018.

Marshall Trenkmann Works at JP Morgan:

Marshall Trenkmann and his wife, Karla, decided to settle in Los Angeles, California, the home of Hollywood, which happens to be Karla's workplace. It is not revealed whether that was why they chose to settle in California.

Marshall followed this by joining the JP Morgan company. He was hired as the credit risk Director and given the responsibility of managing the CCB West Diversified Portfolio.

Marshall Trenkmann Has A Thing For Theatres

Marshall Trenkmann's actress wife was bound to make him fall in love with the art of acting sooner or later. We can include theaters in his field of interest alongside finance since he is an official board member of the Centre Theater Group. 

Centre Theater Group is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for all aspiring theatre artists. It's based in Los Angeles, California, and is one of the largest theatre companies in the USA.

Apart from theatres, he also aims to enter the movie space as a producer. His wife is definitely in favor of this decision. 

Marshall's Stays Away From Social Media

Hollywood celebrities tend to be active on social media and use it to connect to their fans. Marshall's wife Karla falls in this category as this Hollywood darling constantly posts on her Instagram handle @karlasouza.

On the other hand, Marshall is the polar of his wife as he stays away from all kinds of social media. He prefers keeping things between himself and his family instead of sharing it with the world.

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