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Teacher (1960)
Thu Sep 14 2023
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Martie Allen caught media attention for being the love partner of former American actress Kristy McNichol. Besides, Allen is a TV personality and a teacher. 

Allen's lesbian relationship with her partner Kristy McNichol has helped many people to come out of the closet. She has inspired people to accept who they are.

Is Kristy McNichol & Martie Allen Still Together?

Yes, Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen are still together with McNichol being alive and doing great in life. The lesbian couple is currently living a low-key life out of the spotlight. Allen and McNichol were spotted attending an event in Los Angeles together.

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol are still together.
Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol are still together. Source: Favebites 

Martie and her spouse Kristy initially had hidden their relationship from the public eye. They started dating in the year 1991. The Pirate Movie actress Kristy and Martie are however not married legally.

The world knew about Martie's relationship status and love life only after they went public in 2012. The lesbian couple has been together for over three decades now.

Do Martie Allen And Kristy McNichol Have Children?

No, the celebrity romantic partner, Martie does not have children. In this modern world, it is not too difficult for lesbian couples to have kids. However, it appears that Allen and McNichol do not have any interest in extending their family.

This does not mean, Martie and Kristy do not like children. They have been great aunts to Kristy's brother, Jimmy McNichol's, three children.

Kristy McNichol & Martie Allen Came Out As A Lesbian In 2012

Kristy McNichol's sexual orientation has always been the topic of discussion from her young days. There was always the rumor of the Two Moon Junction actress being a lesbian.

This rumor later turned out to be true after McNichol came out of the closet in 2012. Although she did not introduce Martie Allen as her partner, people eventually found the truth.

Kristy McNichol & Martie Allen Came Out As A Lesbian In 2012.
Kristy McNichol & Martie Allen Came Out As A Lesbian In 2012. Source: Favebites

McNichole had a rough time keeping her sexual orientation a secret. One of the reasons why she revealed herself as a lesbian is to inspire many youngsters who are afraid to come out. 

Many people are still getting bullied for their sexuality. While many are afraid to come out and accept themselves. She hoped her revelation would give courage to lots of people like them.

Martie Allen Helped Her Lesbian Partner From Mental Health Challenges

Martie and Kristy became close after she helped the Little Darlings actress with her mental challenges. Since her young days, Kristy had suffered from bipolar disorder.

It causes victims to have prolonged depression. Martie was with McNichol when she was at her worst. The lesbian couple found love in each other and soon started dating.

Martie Allen's Net Worth

Kristy McNichol's partner, Martie Allen has an estimated net worth of $500k which is similar to Gus Halper. She is currently working as a teacher in Los Angeles. After her partner retired from acting Allen worked with her to build an acting academy.

Further, Martie is also a television personality. She has worked on a Food Network show. Besides this, Allen's professional life is out of media reach. 

Martie Allen has a net worth of at least $500k.
Martie Allen has a net worth of at least $500k. Source: IMDb

Speaking of Martie's partner, Kristy McNichol is speculated to have a staggering net worth of $4 Million. She worked in the entertainment industry for more than two decades.

While McNichole was active in the movie industry, she appeared in many TV Series and movies. She has 38 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. 

Martie and Kristy are currently living together in Los Angeles in their lovely house. The lesbian couple is yet to reveal their assets, house, and property details.

Martie Allen Age, Early Life, & Family

Martie Allen was born on January 1, 1960, in the United States. Based on her birthdate, Martie is currently in her mid-60s in terms of age.

Martie Allen age is in mid-60s.
Martie Allen's love partner is in her early-60s. Source:

Allen's full name is Martha Miles Allen. As for her love life, Martie has been quite secretive about her family background. She keeps her mouth shut when topics about her personal life arise.

Martie Allen's Involvement In Charity & LGBTQ Movements

Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen went public about their relationship in 2012. Since then, the couple has been strong advocates for the LGBTQ+ community like Ceci Balogot. They inspire others through their activism and have worked to raise awareness and promote acceptance. 

Martie Alle and Kristy McNichol are into charity and LGBTQ movements.
Martie Alle and Kristy McNichol are into charity and LGBTQ movements. Source: Famous Fix

While they have retired from the public eye, Kristy and Martie continue to make a positive impact on society. They take active participation in charity works. In their free time, they enjoy traveling, playing tennis, and practicing yoga.

The celebrity couple, Allen and McNichole's enduring relationship and commitment to LGBTQ+ rights have left a lasting impression. It has served as an inspiration for many. 

Why Did Martie Allen's Partner Kristy McNichole Leave Acting?

Beloved actress Kristy McNichol left show business in 1998.  She explained in a People magazine interview that she wanted to explore life beyond acting. Allen wanted to have new experiences. 

McNichol also disclosed her struggle with bipolar disorder, which made her prioritize her mental health.  Her decision to step away from the spotlight was driven by self-discovery and well-being, and she now leads a happy life.



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