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Thu May 11 2023
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Massy Arias rose to prominence for being an inspiring fitness trainer. She is also a fitness and well-being influencer who has inspired many people through her fitness and exercise content. 

Arias is not an unprofessional trainer instead she is an exuberant Certified Personal Trainer. She strives to provide knowledge about a healthy diet and active lifestyle to people. Let's know a bit of her personal life.

Relationship Status: Is Massy Married Or Single? 

Massy Arias doesn't share any romantic relationship with anyone and is single as of now. She has kept her love life away from the public eye. 

Massy Arias during her fitness session with Tasha.
Massy Arias during her fitness session with Tasha. (Source; Instagram @ massy.arias)

Fans may have an idea that Arias is single seeing posts on her Instagram handle. She hasn't shared a single post that would give a hint about her romantic partner. Apparently, the fitness trainer is enjoying her single life.

The fitness trainer Arias may be focused on her fitness training career for now. She looks forward to engaging and inspiring more people through her fitness work. 

Massy Arias Got Divorced In 2020

Massy Arias formerly shared married life with businessman-turned-fitness trainer Steffan Williams. It is reported that the ex-couple got married in 2016 and shared marital life for several years only. 

Arias and Williams's dating and first meeting information are away from media reach. However, they had an intimate private marriage ceremony in 2016.

Massy Arias with her former husband Stefan Williams.
Massy Arias with her former husband Stefan Williams. (Source: Bossip)

The fans were shocked when the split of Arias and Williams was formally announced in 2020. They were termed as a power fitness duo and she even used to feature him in some of her videos. 

According to MEDIATAKEOUT, Massy was in an abusive and unhealthy relationship with Stefan. The messy relationship may be the reason for the separation of Massy and Stefan. 

Does Massy Have Children With Stefan?

Yes, Massy Arias shares a daughter Indira Sarai with her former husband Stefan Williams. Arias and Williams welcomed their daughter on February 28, 2017, born under the zodiac sign Pisces. 

Indira is familiar to the fan of Arias as she often posts about her on her Instagram handle. She is six years old as of this writing and is enjoying time with her mother. 

Indira Sarai is the daughter of Massy Arias and Stefan Williams.
Indira Sarai is the daughter of Massy Arias and Stefan Williams. (Source; Instagram @ indrasworld)

Although Stefan and Massy are divorced, they share the custody of their daughter. Both of the parents love Indira as witnessed through their Instagram handles. 

There is an Instagram handle available with the username@indirasworld. You can see plenty of Indira's pictures with her dad Stefan Williams on her Instagram. 

Massy Arias's Secret To Give Her Daughter A Balanced Diet Food

To all desperate parents who were wondering how the nutritionist Massy feeds her daughter a balanced diet food, there is good news. She has shared this secret via her Instagram post.

The key to feeding children a balanced diet food is to involve them in the process. This is what Arias does. As per her, she has been training her daughter Indi to rely on whole food and fruits rather than processed foods.

Arias's Former Husband Stefan

Stefan Williams is a Canadian businessman turned personal trainer and Internet personality. He is famously known among the public by the name Willy Beaman. 

Williams A.k.A Willy Beaman worked as an associate consultant in Aon Risk Services. He worked there from 2004 to 2011 later joining Hc Integrated System and leaving after working for 1 year and 2 months.

Stefan Williams enjoying his time at Aldea Zama ,Tulum.
Stefan Williams enjoying his time at Aldea Zama, Tulum. (Source: Instagram @ stefan.e.williams) 

Presently, William is a fitness trainer having a following of more than 150k on his Instagram. He posts fitness content on his Instagram which is well received by his fans. 

Additionally, Stefan is the founder of Eleveight Group which connects influencers with brands. Also, he is the founder of Six Figure Body, a zero-calorie plant-based supplement. 

Massy Arias's Net Worth Breakdown 

Massy Arias has made an estimated net worth of $500k which is similar to Sierra Haschak. She has added this wealth through her professional fitness training career, business, as well as endorsements. 

Arias earns through her work as a personal trainer, fitness coach, and health consultant. Likewise, she was also the face of CoverGirl cosmetics earning money from it. 

Massy Arias with her vitamins and supplement brand Tru Supplement.
Massy Arias with her vitamins and supplement brand Tru Supplement. (Source: Instagram @ massy.arias)

In addition, the fitness freak Massy is a businesswoman who is the CEO of Tru Supplements. It is a brand that provides vitamins and supplements which is vegan friendly with soy and gluten-free.

Arias is also the creator of the MA Warrior Challenge. It is a package for fitness whose one-time payment costs $149 while four-month payments cost $39.

How Did Massy Arias Get Into Fitness?

Massy Arias's main reason for getting into fitness was a way to deal with her difficult life. She was dealing and struggling with depression due to the separation from her husband. In the meantime, her brother was also battling Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. 

To overcome all this emotional turmoil, Arias tried different processes like herbal therapy, cognitive therapy, and hypnosis for depression. Nevertheless, fitness training was the only solution for her depression. 

Massy Arias celebrating international women's Day with Jordan Sparks and Yvonne Orji. (
Massy Arias celebrating international women's Day with Jordan Sparks and Yvonne Orji. (Source: Instagram @ massy.arias)

The depressed woman of eight months who lost a considerable amount of weight has become an inspiring figure for men and women. Yes, Massy Arias is one of the role models for many people in overcoming anything with effort. 

As of now, Massy is into fitness to inspire more lives toward a healthy lifestyle. She also helps people transform their bodies and minds. She does this through a combination of strength training, cardio, and healthy eating.

Fitness Freak Arias's Physical Appearance & Measurements

Massy Arias is a beautiful woman who has curly black hair complemented by deep hazel eyes. She weighs 66 kg and stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches(175cm) similar to Amber Sienna

Massy Arias has a toned and well build body.
Massy Arias has a toned and well build body. (Source: Instagram @ massy.arias)

Arias has a toned and athletic figure which has attracted the attention of the fashion and fitness industry. She must have achieved this through routine exercise and a proper diet. 

Massy has created her own set of exercise programs called MA30 Challenge, which is a 30-days routine program which challenges an individual to get out of their comfort zone and live a better life. The workout includes full-body workouts, total-body workouts, and serious shred and sculpt workouts.

Has Tattoo On Her Right Arm

The fitness expert Massy Arias has several tattoos on her body. She is not shy about her tattoo as people can see it through her social media platform. 

Massy Arias has a tattoo imprinted on her left arm.
Massy Arias has a tattoo imprinted on her left arm. (Source: Instagram @ massy.arias)

Massy has a peacock-shaped tattoo on her left arm and there is a certain pattern imprinted on her waist too. She doesn't have any tattoos on her legs or lower body parts as of this writing. 

Arias's Early Life 

Arias was welcomed by her parents on November 23, 1988, and is in her mid-30s in terms of age. Her parents Dinda Arias and Indira Arias raised her in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The fitness personality Arias spent her childhood with three older brothers. They are Hugo, Brildo, and Semhen Arias who have kept a low-key profile and no details are found on their profession. 

Is Active On Social Media Platforms

The celebrity personality Massy is an avid user of social media platforms. She inspires people toward fitness through her Instagram, Youtube, and other social media sites. Not only that she also has a personal site.

People who seek Massy's Instagram can find it with the [email protected]. She has gathered a fanbase of over 2.7 million followers on her Instagram platform. 

Massy also stays active on the Youtube platform to reach out to more people. She uploads workouts, yoga, and healthy foods content that benefits health and has 267k subscribers presently. 

Massy is even active on Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. She is a verified Tiktok user with 295.6k followers and a total of 1.4 million likes on her Tiktok handle. 

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