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Actor (1984)
Fri Mar 24 2023
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Matthew James Moy is an American artist and actor, widely known for his appearance as Han Lee on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. He also credits his voice on Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future as Lars Barriga. 

Moy was born on 3rd February 1984 in San Francisco, United States of America. Born to his Chinese parents, he is a fourth-generation Chinese-American. 

Is Matthew Moy ina Relationship or Single?

Multi-talented artist and actor seem to be living a single life. Furthermore, there is no information regarding his past affairs. Looking at his Instagram profile, Moy spends most of the time with his family and co-workers.

Due to his mysterious love life, some of the fans assume Matthew to be gay, which is a rumor. Following the story, friends and closed ones of Moy also mentioned that he is straight. 

Moy disrtributing masks at hospitals in Los Angeles
Matthew distributing masks at hospitals at LA
Source: Instagram(@themoywonder)

Recently, the famous actor collaborated with a popular singer and songwriter Toni Boller and delivered 2500 masks at hospitals in LA, after the lockdown due to COVID-19. 

Moy once suffered a stroke During the shooting of 2 Broke Girls

In 2012, during the shoot of the secod season for the series, Matthew suddenly suffered a minor stroke in his sleep and woke up weak and lost motor skills on his right side. 

Matthew immediately went to the doctor and found out the bleeding in his brain. Due to the loss of motor skills, Moy underwent physical therapy and learning to write from his right hand for a year. 

Fortunately, Moy was fully recovered, and the incident was a secret until he disclosed it in 2017

Matthew made his debut appearance in Mind of Media

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Japanese snd minor linguistics, Moy made his debut appearance as a short man in the television series Mind of Mencia

Matthew as Han Lee in 2 Broke Girls
Source: Pinterest

Since then, Matthew portrayed in various movies and television series including, Zeke and Luther, How I Met Your Mother, and Criminal Minds, where another actress Isabella Hofmanhas also appeared.

From 2011 to 2017, Moy made his appearance as a Han Lee in one of the famous television series 2 Broke Girls alongside Liz Carey. Not to mention Moy is also known for his voice credits. In 2009, Matthew credited is voice as Firefly in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

How much Net Worth Does Matthew Moy Accumulate?

Han Lee from the 2 Broke Girls has a staggering net worth more than $1 million, which is less than another famous actress Kennya Baldwin. To date, Moy has appeared in numerous movies and television series, which adds up to his current net worth. 

AS per some sources, the average salary of an American actor ranges from $32,000 to $60,000. One of his famous movie titled No Strings attached made $149.2 million worldwide with a budget of $25 million.    


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