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Sun Aug 13 2023
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Max Bratman has gained the attention of people for being the son of American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera. She is one of the prominent musical figures who has given hits like Say Something

Bratman parent's relationship from the lovely fairytale marriage to divorce is presented in this article. The details of his siblings, net worth, and other intriguing topics are placed for you to explore. 

The Scoop on Max's Relationship Status: Is He Single or Off The Market? 

People may be wondering about Max Bratman's relationship but he is still a teenager to fall in love and have a romantic partner. His parents had an absolutely dramatic relationship and we will be exploring the details of it. 

Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera are the parents of Max who welcomed him on January 12, 2008. Their love journey started when Jordan served as a music marketing executive for Aguilera’s record label in 2002 and had their first introduction.

The marriage ceremony picture of Max Bratman's parents Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera.
The marriage ceremony picture of Max Bratman's parents Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera. (Source: Pinterest)

The romantic relationship between Aguilera and Bratman quickly blossomed after several meets in 2002 with Bratman purposing her after two years of dating. He pulled off his marriage proposal during a romantic getaway in Carmel, California.

Without further delay, Aguilera and Bratman completed their marriage ceremony by walking down the aisle in 2005. It was a flashy wedding with guest attendants like Sharon Stone in a $2 million ceremony in Napa Valley.

Downfall Of Max's Parents Relationship: From Marriage to Divorce 

Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera were often considered a loving couple but it was all shattered when divorce news broke. Unfortunately, they decided to part ways with each other filing for divorce in October 2010. 

Aguilera cited for divorce from Bratman for the betterment of their son Max. In an interview with People Magazine, she stated 

things were so unhealthy and unhappy for both Jordan and me, I knew I had to end it

Christina Aguilera with her fiance Matthew Rutler.
Christina Aguilera with her fiance Matthew Rutler. (Source: Instagram @ xtina) 

Ultimately, the marital life between Bratman and Aguilera came to an end when the divorce was finalized on April 15, 2011. Max is under the custody of his mother but Jordan is free to visit his son and they have left no question in co-parenting him. 

As of now, Jordan has kept a low-key profile away and isn't seen engaged in a romantic relationship with anyone. Nonetheless, Christina has been engaged to Matthew Rutler since February 14, 2014, on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

Max Bratman's Net Worth: A Deep Dive into His Riches

Max Bratman is a teenager who still needs more time to pursue a professional career and have a net worth. He is presently enjoying a lavish life benefiting from his parents' net worth as of now. 

Max's mother Christina Aguilera has made a staggering net worth of at least $160 million. She has made this massive wealth by being a successful American singer-songwriter. 

Aguilera easily generates money through the royalties of her songs on YouTube and music platforms like Spotify. She has over 24 million monthly listeners with over a billion streams of her songs. 

From 2011 to 2013, the lady received $225 thousand per episode for being the judge of The Voice.  In addition, she also earns money through concerts and tours at different locations. 

Has Max Shared Any Siblings?

The celebrity kid Max is the only kid of his parents Christina and Jordan and doesn't have any biological siblings. However, he has shared a half-sister from his mother's romantic relationship. 

The name of Max's half-sister Summer Rain Rutler who is the daughter of Christina and Mattew Rutler. She was born on August 16, 2014, and has an age gap of seven years with Max.

Both the kids Max and Summer are enjoying childhood and focused on their studies. Fans are curious if they will pursue a professional music career or choose other career paths. 

Learn About The Music Career of Max's Mother In Brief 

Christina Aguilera is a multi-talented personality who is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. She was welcomed by her parents on December 18, 1980, in the United States. 

In 1999, Aguilera rose to fame by releasing her self-titled debut album, which sold over 17 million copies worldwide. Over time, she has released nine studio albums, six compilation albums, and three EPs.

Christina Aguilera with American singer-songwriter Selena Gomez.
Christina Aguilera with American singer-songwriter Selena Gomez. (Source: Instagram @ xtina)

Aguilera has bagged numerous accolades and awards for her music, including five Grammy Awards. Furthermore, she has also served as the judge of the reality music show The Voice.

In addition to her music career, Aguilera has ventured into acting appearing in several movies. Some of her acting attributes include Burlesque, Nashville, and Zoe among several others on the list. 

Is Max Active On The Social Media Platforms?

Max Bratman is not active on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Similarly, he may be too young to explore all these social media technologies as of now.

Nonetheless, Max's mother Christina Aguilera is active on all the social media platforms like Instagram. She makes sure to increase her influence through the use of all these social media sites. 

Christina is mostly active on the Instagram platform under the username @ xtina having over 9 million followers. She gives glimpses into her personal life and every other update to fans. 

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