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Wed May 03 2023
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Melika Payne became popular thanks to her famous husband. She is the wife of actor, Carl Anthony Payne II. He is known for his role as Walter 'Cockroach' Bradley in The Cosby Show. His net worth has been estimated to be $1 Million

Melika's actual surname before marrying Carl II was Williams. She was previously in a relationship with singer, Bobby Brown. She is a mother to three sons Landon Brown, Malek Payne, and Carl Anthony Payne III. 

Relationship Status: Married To Carl Anthony Payne II

Melika Payne is living a happy married life with her husband, Carl Anthony Payne II. The lovely pair walked down the aisle in December 1992. They have kept a very low profile regarding their marriage as there aren't enough details of their married life.

Carl Anthony Payne II is standing on the stage performing with mic on his hand.
Melika Payne's husband, Carl Anthony Payne II (Source: Carl Anthony Payne II Instagram @thecarlpayne)

Melika's husband, Carl II however has revealed some secrets about how he has kept his marriage alive. As per him, some of the things a couple must do to keep their marriage alive are to not avoid the calls, take care of the lubricants, and spend much time with the family.

Net Worth Of Melika's Husband, Carl Anthony Payne II

Melika Payne's husband, Carl Anthony Payne II has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Acting has been his biggest source of income. His roles like Cole Brown in the TV series, Martin and Cockroach in The Cosby Show have been some of his biggest works that had a significant impact on his wealth.

However, the information on how much salary Carl II received for playing Cole and Cockroach has been kept under wraps. His film Ed earned a collection of $4 Million at the box office. Other than acting, he is also a comedian and makes money doing stand-up shows.

Previously In A Relationship With Bobby Brown

Melika Payne before finding love in Carl II was in a very famous relationship. She once dated the famous musician, Bobby Brown. The two were boyfriend and girlfriend from 1984 till 1987

Melika hasn't provided many details about her love life with Can You Stand the Rain singer, Bobby. But, they were in their teenage years at the time. 

Bobby Brown is wearing a white tee, red pant, a chain and a black cap in the picture.
Melika Payne's ex-boyfriend, Bobby Brown (Source: Bobby Brown Instagram @kingbobbybrown)

It remains to be known what caused Melika & Bobby's relationship to end. He is also known for being involved with a few other women with his most popular relationship being with the legendary late singer, Whitney Houston.

Bobby Brown himself is a really popular name in the world of music. He won the prestigious two Grammy Awards in 1990 and 1993. Some of his recognizable music are Can You Stand The Rain, Every Little Step, and My Prerogative.

Did You Know Melika Almost Divorced Her Husband, Carl?

Melika Payne and Carl Anthony Payne II have been together since 1992 but their marriage hasn't been all sunshine and roses. The two almost ended their relationship a few years back. 

Melika had filed for a divorce from him in March 2014 however, they were already separated in 2012. The reason why Melika and Carl II's marriage fell apart at the time was not disclosed by them. 

BET has mentioned in their article that the reason Melika & Carl gave for their decision to divorce was irreconcilable differences. The article also mentioned that she had demanded the custody of their son as well as monetary spousal support.

But, love prevailed in the end as Melika and Carl II set aside their differences and chose not to get divorced. Like divorce, the reason that led them to not end their marriage remains to be discovered. No major problem has arisen between them since and the couple is still together. 

About Melika's First Son Landon

Melika's first son, Landon Brown didn't come from her current marriage to Carl II but from her previous relationship with Bobby Brown. He was born on June 22, 1986

Hollywood Life has reported Landon had a good relationship with Bobby. Of all Melika's kids, Landon is the one that is most visible in the media. He is active on Instagram and you can follow him on his page @landon_b_brown

Landon Brown is wearing a black full sleeve shirt, and a small chain in the picture.
Melika Payne's oldest son, Landon Brown (Source: Landon Brown Instagram @landon_b_brown)

Landon is also a singer and a songwriter like his father. He was only five years old when his parents divorced and were accepted by Carl II as his stepson.

Melika's eldest son Landon has also made a few TV appearances. He has appeared in a few episodes of the show, Bobby Brown: Every Little Step and Rock the Cradle. 

Besides that, Landon has also worked in a short film, Post Script where he was a Passer-by as mentioned on his IMDb page. He has also been involved in the sound department of another short film, The Nightmare Pill.

Other Kids Of Melika 

Landon is the most popular son of Melika but he isn't her only child. She had her first child from her previous relationship with Bobby but, she also has three sons from her current husband, Carl II. 

Melika's other kids are Malek Payne and Carl Anthony Payne III while the identity of the other son remains to be discovered. Unlike Melika's first son, Malek and Carl III have maintained a low profile like her. 

Malek and Carl III are absent from social media and are currently living a life away from the show business Industry. Even their father, Carl II has barely posted anything about them.  

Who Is Melika's Famous Husband, Carl II?

Carl Anthony Payne II made a name for himself as an actor and comedian. He is known for his role as Cole Brown in the TV series, Martin and Walter 'Cockroach' Bradley in The Cosby Show

Besides acting, Carl II has also been involved in directing and producing works. His first work as per his IMDb page happened in 1985 with the film, The Last Dragon. It was a small role as he played a pizza shop kid. 

Carl II's next work was the music video for the hip-hop group, Whodini's song Growing Up. He landed his first major role in 1986 with The Cosby Show. The show starring now disliked Hollywood figure, Bill Cosby.

Melika's husband's career only went uphill from there. He then went to work in movies and TV shows like Martin, The Messanger, and Rock Me, Baby. His acting career has taken a bit of a backseat as he is more involved in standup comedy nowadays.

What Does Melika Do For A Living?

Melika Payne has chosen to live a private life and hence, has not disclosed what she is up to nowadays. But, the work she used to do in the past is no secret. 

Carl II's wife, Melika has previously worked as a Broker Sales Representative at BenefitMall. Before that, she had also worked as a Sales Associate at Health Net Inc.


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