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Sun Aug 20 2023
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Melinda Trenchard gained the attention of people for being the wife of popular Welsh singer Tom Jones. His singing falls among the genres of American soul music, blues, R&B, and rock and roll.

The relationship from childhood love to the marriage of Trenchard with Jones is entertained in this article. The details of her kids, parents, and various other materials are covered too.

Explore Married Life Details Of Trenchard: Who Was Her Husband?

Melinda Trenchard shared a blissful married life with her husband Tom Jones before her demise. They were a longstanding married couple who shared almost six decades of sharing marital life.

Melinda Trenchard and her husband Tom Jones.
Melinda Trenchard and her husband Tom Jones. (Source: The Sun)

Trenchard and Jones were childhood sweethearts who were in love from the age of 12 years. They were so in love that without delay completed their wedding exchanging vows at the age of 16. 

Likewise, Trenchard and Jones had their marriage at the Pontypridd register office on March 2, 1957. At the time of their wedding, Melinda was already pregnant with their first kid. 

Trenchard and Jones welcomed their first kid, Mark Woodward, one month later of their marriage. They shared their blissful marital journey with beautiful moments until Trenchard's demise. 

Was Trenchard The Only Wife Of Jones?

Melinda Trenchard was the only wife of Tom Jones and wasn't married to anyone. They were their first love and the journey continued till the last breath of Melinda in 2016. 

Tom has stated that he had countless romantic affairs with women but Melinda was his only true love. He said he slept with  250 women at the peak of his career, but he only ever loved his wife.

Furthermore, Trenchard and Jones never had any rumors of divorce or separation from each other. They were separated due to the passing away of Melinda from cancer in 2016.

Was Melinda's Husband Romantically Linked With Majorie Wallace? 

It is indeed true that Majorie Wallace and Tom Jones were dating each other. They started their romantic relationship in 1973 but the details of the first met are undiscovered right now.

Wallace was a beauty queen who won the title of Miss World in 1973. The Barbados beach kiss scandal led to Marjorie losing her Miss World title due to an affair.

The dating life of Tom and Majorie didn't last for long separating after one year in 1974. The reason for their breakup is kept under tight wrap and is unidentified searching on the Internet. 

The Children Of Trenchard With Jones

As mentioned earlier, Mark Woodward is Trenchard and Jones's first child born on April 11, 1957. As of now, he is married and has two kids Alexander and Emma with his wife Donna Woodward.

Mark Woodward with her father Tom Jones.
Mark Woodward with her father Tom Jones. (Source: Dicky Trends)

However, Tom is the only child welcomed by Trenchard with her spouse Jones. She tried to have more children but she had a miscarriage that left her infertile which was a big shock to her. 

Apart from Mark, Tom is the father of Jonathan Berkery born on June 27, 1988. He was welcomed through Tom's romantic relationship with his former lover Katherine Berkery.

The Enigma of Trenchard's Net Worth: Unveiling Her Financial Status

Melinda Trenchard may have an admirable net worth but the exact round figure is not known right now. She was a private person and nothing was revealed in her professional career on the Internet. 

On the other hand, Trenchard's husband Tom Jones has accumulated a net worth of $300 million. He has made this astounding fortune through his successful music career. 

Tom must have earned being the judge of the reality singing show The Voice UK from 2012 to 2022.  Similarly, he will be appearing in the upcoming project E.A.T. With Gavin Rossdale

Jones has earned hefty money through the royalties of his songs on YouTube and music platforms like Spotify. He has also earned through album sales and concerts at different locations. 

Real Estate Properties Of Melinda's Husband 

Tom and Melinda have bought and sold several real estate properties. They used to own $500k Dean Martin's mansion purchased in 1976 which was sold for $6.469 million in 1998.

Tom and Melinda had an 8,143-square-foot villa in the Mulholland Estates neighborhood of L.A. They purchased that property for the price of $2.65 million in 1998.

Jones sold the house including an adjacent lot for the price of $11.28 million after Melinda's demise in 2016. Similarly, he then moved to London after selling out the property.

Melinda Trenchard Cause of Death

The celebrity wife Melinda passed away on April 10, 2016, at the age of 75. The family members and Tom himself possibly had difficulty adjusting to their life in the absence of her. 

If you dive right into Melinda's demise reason, she battled lung cancer and died to due it. She tackled the disease for a short period but couldn't for a longer time causing her demise. 

Insight Into The Music Career Of Trenchard's Husband Tom

Tom Jones is a popular Welish singer whose music career has spanned over 50 years. He rose to widespread fame in the mid-1960s with his powerful renditions of pop, rock, and R&B hits.

Tom Jones during his music concert at The Beacon Theatre. (Source: Instagram @ realsirtomjones)

Jones' breakthrough came with a hit single It's Not Unusual in 1965 which boosted him to international stardom. He rose to fame from energetic performances and dynamic vocal range.

Furthermore, Tom has been able to sell over 100 million records worldwide in the UK and the United States. He has received numerous awards from his career including a Grammy Award.

Jones has provided numerous chart-topping songs in which What's New Pussycat? and Delilah included in the list. Overall, he is an inspiration for upcoming singers and music lovers.

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