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Sat Sep 16 2023
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Melissa Esplana is an American socialite who is known for being the supportive wife of Dusty Baker. Baker, a former baseball player, is the oldest manager to win the World Series now.

While Dusty is making waves in his professional life, let's know about his beloved wife who has backed him in every step of his life. Insight Melissa's relationship, net worth & nationality.

Melissa Esplana Became Dusty Baker's Wife In 1994

Yes, the American baseball player Dusty Baker married her second wife Melissa Esplana on November 27, 1994. It was the same year Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre also got married. Following their wedding, the Baker's wife changed her surname to Baker from Esplana. 

Melissa Esplana is Dusty Baker's wife for nearly three decades now.
Melissa Esplana is Dusty Baker's wife for nearly three decades now. Source: The Sportslite

There are no public details about how Melissa met her famous husband Dusty. They are quite private about their married life. Nevertheless, it is known by all that Esplana is a supportive wife who has been there for Dusty when he was battling prostate cancer.

It has been three decades since Esplana became Dusty's spouse and she has been there for the ups and downs of the baseball player. Besides Baker, Melissa has not been romantically linked with anyone.

Who Is Dusty Baker's First Wife?

While Melissa Esplana is the baseball player' second wife, who is Dusty Baker's first wife? Prior to meeting Melissa, Baker was in a marital relationship with Alice Lee Washington.

Actually Alice and Dusty initially crossed paths sometime in the 1960s. Upon several meetings and chatting, the two finally hit off and started dating. And, eventually, the American baseball player married Washington on May 30, 1970.

Dusty Baker's daughter with first wife.
Dusty Baker's daughter with first wife. Source: GhBase

Starting off as a blissful married couple, Alice and Dusty were pretty happy in their relationship. The two welcomed a daughter named Natosha Baker on 29 September 1979. 

However, their romantic life as husband and wife did not last for very long. Baker divorced his first wife at some point before marrying Melissa.

Melissa Esplana Is A Mother: Insight Dusty Baker Son

From nearly three decades of their peaceful as well as joyful nuptials, Melissa Esplana and Dusty Baker share a son together. Darren Baker, Melissa's only child, was born on February 11, 1999, in Redwood City, CA.

Melissa Esplana with her son Darren Baker.
Melissa Esplana with her son Darren Baker. Source: Pinterest

Like father Like son, Darren is already set to become a baseball player like his father. Not only Dusty but Melissa is pretty proud seeing their son walking in the footsteps of his parents.

At the moment, Dusty's son plays for Washington Nationals which he got drafted in 2021. Darren's baseball record and point is pretty impressive and the former baseball player Dusty also could not stop bragging about how good his son is.

"He’s a ballplayer, not because he’s my son. But he learned a lot from being around Barry Bonds at a young age, and Joey Votto and Jay Bruce and [Anthony] Rendon and Bryce Harper, watching different guys play. He knows how to play, and he knows what not to do"

Darren Baker currently plays for the Washington Nationals.
Darren Baker currently plays for the Washington Nationals. Source: Cal Athletics

Thanks to Melissa's negotiation, Washington signed him for $31,000. Dusty also commented that Darren's salary is more than himself for starting. Esplana's son receives $400 a week whereas Baker used to receive $125 per week.

Melissa Esplana's Step Daughter Is Married 

Natosha Baker, Dusty Baker's first child whom he shares with his first spouse Alice Lee Washington is married. Natosha now works as a graphic designer at Baker Family Wines located in West Sacramento, California.

Melissa's stepdaughter, Natosha, has a child from her marriage. This means, Esplana is a grandmother through her stepdaughter and her grandchild's name is Nova Love Smith.

Melissa Esplana Net Worth: Enigmatic Professional Life & Earnings Of Dusty Baker's Wife

Dusty Baker's wife is a graduate and degree holder but it does not seem to be of use now. Melissa Esplana is a homemaker now and helps in her family business sometimes.

While Dusty was active in baseball, Esplana worked as his manager. Melissa has not revealed a net worth of her own but it is no doubt that she is living a lavish lifestyle from her husband's financial worth.

Dusty Baker owns a Baker family wines located in West Sacramento.
Dusty Baker owns a Baker family wines located in West Sacramento. Source: The Sacramento Bee

Speaking of which, Dusty Baker's riches are estimated at $20 Million which is the same as KSI Most of the portion of his huge fortune is thanks to his successful long baseball career. The three-time All-Star winner of the NL Manager of the Year signed a year contract of $1.5 Million in January 2020 and now he makes nearly $4 Million per annum as a baseball coach and manager.

Additionally, Melissa's husband also owns a winery house located in West Sacramento, California. In June 2003, Baker bought a 5-acre land for $589,000 in Granite Bay, California. The former baseball player later turned this underdeveloped land into a 9000-square-foot estate with a basketball court, and a garden which is now worth $5 Million.

How Old Is Dusty Baker's Wife? Melissa Esplana Age & Nationality

Born in San Francisco, USA on February 21, 1961, Melissa Esplana is in her early 60s in terms of age. Her birth name is Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta which later changed after Dusty Baker.

Melissa Esplana is a native of San Francisco.
Melissa Esplana is a native of San Francisco. Source: Marriedwik

Melissa, being a private person, has kept her parent's identity and family out of media reach. Following studying in a local community school in San Francisco, Esplana hopped into college from where she graduated with a major in English and Literature.

Dusty Baker's Wife Melissa Esplana Gets Emotional After Skipper's Win

Melissa Esplana has seen all the hard work, blood, and tears that Dusty has put into Houston Astron as a manager. Thus, she lost control of her emotions when her beloved husband won his first World Series as a manager.

Baker's wife further highlighted some of the struggles that Dusty faced during his life. The former baseball player Dusty is now the oldest manager to win the World Series.


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