Melissa Harrington

American pornographic actress, Businesswoman, Web developer (1982)

Melissa Harrington also known as Melissa Lincoln and Melissa Midwest is one of those who was ranked on the list of 470 popular actors. She also has a position among the list of richest actors. 

Melissa was born on July 9, 1982, in Lincoln, United States. She is an American pornographic actress, successful businesswoman, and web developer. She has popped up in many famous magazines like FHM, Playboy, Gallery, Maxim, and Hustler

Body and Relation Status of Melissa Harrington

One of the ninth most searched names on the Internet, Melissa Midwest, was stamped pornographic because of wide interest in several legal troubles. Discussing her early education, she grew up in Nebraska, United States, and later mount to Lincoln High School from where she graduated. 

About her parents, there are no details available. Furthermore, she has not disclosed anything about her siblings and other family members too.

Melissa's Net Worth and Career Highlights

Melissa Harrington has an estimated net worth of almost $100K. However, the annual rate can fluctuate depending upon the popularity and her work.

At the age of 21, she designed the pornographic website "Melissa Midwest" and "just for fun" by herself. In three years her website carried off supreme position. After this commanding position, she organized a contest to find a similar lady like her to succeed more from the websites. She found out a girl named Adrienne and later worked together to create a new website "SweetAdri".

Midwest working on her own site.

Midwest working on her own site.
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Additionally, she set up an online store, Personal Appearance Service, where she sold her self-made DVDs.

Legal Issues and Forced Sex Act Controversy

Midwest has been arrested three times because of her own website's activities for improper exposure. In 2007, she claimed $75,000 from Lincoln Police for following and stalking her to her public appearance. 

In 2006, a porn model, Brooke Skye made a complaint against Melissa and Bubb, the Love Sponge Clem for piercing the bigger strap-on dildo that was against her wish while performing a radio program together. However, she let go of the case by herself later. 

Is Melissa Harrington Dating Someone and What is Melissa Lincoln doing recently?

As Melissa Harrington loves to be in her own personal space, she has not revealed any affairs to any of the sources yet. 

Melissa Harrington

Melissa Harrington
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Talking about her recent activities, probably, 2021 has been a hectic year for Lincoln. She is busy with her own websites and business. However, other detailed information has not been revealed. 

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