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Fri May 19 2023
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Michael Gacy is the eldest son of one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Michael was born to John Wayne Gacy, popularly known as 'Killer Clown'. Michael was only three years old when he had to part ways with his father.

While the life and crimes of the Killer Clown are well-documented, his son has been living a low-key life. He has been out of the media reach for a long time now. So, let's dive into the life of Michael.

Who Is Michael Gacy's Wife?

Michael Gacy has managed to stay outside the public eye, despite the dark shadow cast by his father. His current whereabouts are unknown to the public, let alone his married details.

Michael Gacy remains inconspicuous throughout history.
Michael Gacy remains inconspicuous throughout history.
Source: Wikimedia.

Killer Clown's son Michael might be married and have started his own family. Although his married life is not publicized, his father, John Wayne, is known to have married twice.

Father John Wayne's First Marriage

The Killer Clown, John's first marriage was with Marlynn Myers. Marlynn is the mother of Michael and his sister Christine.

Michael's parents, John and Marlynn, married in the year 1964. However, their relationship failed, and they got divorced in March 1967.

John was arrested in 1967 as he had molested a 15-year-old child. He was in prison for two years for this crime and was released on parole in 1970.

Michael Gacy's mother and John Wayne Gacy's wife, Marlynn Myers.
Michael Gacy's mother and John Wayne Gacy's wife, Marlynn Myers. Source: IMDb

Nobody wants to be associated with a person with involvement in crime. It was the reason for Myers and Macy's divorce.

Marlynn got sole custody of their children on September 18, 1969. Following that day, the former couple has not been in contact.

John Wayne Gacy's Second Marriage

Michael's father, Killer Clown, married for the second time in 1972. His second wife, Carole Hoff, gave birth to their son Matthew Gacy through their union. 

Michael Gacy's father John Wayne Gacy and his second wife with Carole Hoff.
Michael Gacy's father, John Wayne Gacy, and his second wife, Carole Hoff. Source: YouTube Biographics

John started displaying bizarre behavior after he became a serial killer, like Jamison Bachman. It was still unknown to the public about his crimes. However, his acts were telling that he was abnormal.

On one account, things heated between Gacy and his second wife, Hoff. There was a physical confrontation between the couple, which resulted in their divorce in 1976. 

After the divorce, Carole did not talk much about her ex-husband. But she did mention Gacy's low libido and the nasty smell of the house.

Michael Gacy Siblings: Sister & Half-brother

The advocate of crime victims, Michael is not the only son of the killer Clown John Wayne Gacy. He has a daughter and another son from his second marriage.

Michael, born on March 1, 1967, has one little sister named Christine Gacy. She was born a year later than Michael, i.e., in October 1968

Similarly, John's second marriage with Carole gave Michael a half-brother Mathew Gacy. He has never met his half-brother.

Michael Was Unknown About His Father's Misdeed

In an interview with ABC in 2003, Michael said he was unaware of his father's horrific actions. To him, John was ordinary, like any other father. According to Marilynn, he was a good father and never had been violent to their kids.

Gacy was only three years old when he saw his father for the last time. He discovered the misdeeds of his father later from the television news. It took some time to process this information for him.

Michael Gacy Net Worth - Is He Rich?

The Killer Clown's son Michael Gacy's net worth is difficult to determine. He is yet to mention his professional life, assets, and properties.

Gacy has kept his professional life a secret. But, it is known that he is determined to help his father's crime victims. He is their advocate and supports them in the healing process.

On the other hand, Michael's father, John, had an estimated net worth of $1.9 Million, similar to music composer Frank Wildhorn. He had found a construction company, PDM Contractors. Furthermore, he also worked as a clown and went to birthday parties.

Michael's Father, John Wayne Gacy, Charged With 33 Murders And Assaults

John Wayne Gacy was charged with 33 Murders and Assaults. The bisexual killer had lured young men and boys with promises of a job in his construction company. Once they get into his house, John would torture, strangle, and sexually assault them.

John Wayne Gacy's Mugshot.
John Wayne Gacy's Mugshot. Source: Wikipedia

Afterward, Gacy, the killer Clown, would eventually murder them and bury them below his house. Everyone who had been to his house noticed the strange smell of the dead bodies.

John, however, told them that the smell was because of the limes he was using to treat water standing under the house. Upon searching the house by the legal authority, they found 29 dead bodies. 

Furthermore, John later revealed that he dumped four bodies in the Des Plaines River as he was out of the space in the house. For his actions, the Killer Clown was sentenced to death. He was executed by giving a lethal injection on May 10, 1994.

John Wayne Was Bisexual

Yes, the killer clown was bisexual, and his lust for young men is the reason for all the 33 Murders that happened between 1972 to 1978.

John was always bisexual but had to hide this truth from the world. His father was a drunkard and abusive. John's father always used to call him Sissy.

Once, Karen, the Killer Clown's sister, revealed that John lay down with the corpse of the teen boy. It was when he was working at a mortuary house.

Where Is Michael Gacy Now?

The son of John Wayne Gacy, Michael is living a private life. He has been contactless with the public as well as his father's family.

According to Karen, the Killer Clown's sister, she tried to contact the kids and sent them gifts. But they were all returned, and there was no response.

Michael and Christine's whereabouts are unknown. Their mother, Marlynn, had re-married in 1971. 

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