Michael Oher Dating and Relationship Status

Sun Jul 18 2021
By   Selena

Michael Oher is famous as the subject of the critically acclaimed sports movie ‘The Blind Side’. The football star was made famous by the film and the preceding book but is also a star footballer with multiple individual and team titles to his name. 

Oher has been a star in the NFL since 2009 and has been at various big teams. The life and legend of Michael have been immortalized on film; he was released from his last team after failing a physical but still remains in the sports media industry.

Is Michael Oher Married? Who is His Wife?

35, Oher is notoriously secretive about his personal life, in fact, he does not share even the slightest details of his romantic life in the media. In fact, he is married but has not given out much information about his wife in the media. 

Michael Oher Is a Married To His Mysterious Man
Photo: Michael Oher Is a Married To His Mysterious Man
Source: Boudd

She remains anonymous to this day, but according to this source, she manages a private Instagram account named ‘7tiff4tiff’. His wife was seen with him in a photo he took with the Director of football operations for UCF Football. 

Are Tabitha Soren And Michael Oher Dating?

Tabitha Soren is not in a relationship with Michael Oher, but they are indirect related. In fact, she is the wife of Michael Lewis, the author of ‘The Blind Side’. Her husband is the author who wrote the book which had Oher as the subject. 

His book was later adapted into an Oscar-winning film starring Sandra Bullock. Soren got married to Lewis back in 1997 and together they have 3 kids named Dixies, Quinn, and Walker. 

Her daughter Dixie passed away after the car she was in had a head-on collision with a semi-truck. 

Who Is Michael Oher?

Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986, and he is 35 years old as of July 2021. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA and is an American by nationality. He is 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) tall and weighs in at 315 lb (143 kilos). 

The star was an offensive tackle who played in the NFL from 2009. Before this, he was in the Briarcrest Christian School team. He struggled in school but eventually brought up his grade so that he could play football professionally. 

Michael Oher With His Family
Image: Michael Oher With His Family
Source: Balitmoresun

Later, he had a stellar career in football and won the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. After his initial success, his career waned off before he was eventually released by the Carolina Panthers for failing a physical. 

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