The Downfall of Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli's Marriage is Interesting

Sat Jan 22 2022
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Michael T. Strahan and Jean Muggli used to be famous couples on the internet after they got married. Strahan is an American television personality, space tourist, journalist, and former professional retired American football player.

 Whereas Muggli is a beautician by a profession and known as the ex-wife of a Professional retired football player.

Married of Strahan and Muggli

The lovely couple Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli got married in the year 1999 in Germany. Muggli doesn't belong from an entertainment background and came to fame after she got married to Strahan.

They met each other in a spa where Muggli used to work. Strahan started visiting the spa frequently and they both fall in love and got married but it didn't last for a long period.

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli
Michael Strahan with his ex-wife Jean Muggli. Source: BHW

Muggli is The Second Wife of Strahan

Jean Muggli is the second wife of Michael Strahan. He was first married to Wanda Hutchins and had two kids, Tanita Strahan and Michael Anthony Strahan. They couldn't make their relationship and ended in the year 1996.

Are Strahan and Muggli have any children?

Though the couple couldn't make the relationship for a long but also had two beautiful twins daughters, Sophia Strahan and Isabelle Strahan.

Michael Strahan and His twin daughters
Michael Strahan and his twin daughters Sophia Strahan and Molly Strahan. Source: Showbiz cheat sheet

Did Strahan and Muggli get divorced?

The lovely couple's relationship started as a romantic love story film but had a very miserable ending. They get divorced on July 20, 2006.

Jean filed a case for her ex-husband Strahan 

Jean Muggli filed a case for her husband Michael Strahan in the year 2006 for a divorce mentioning reasons as cheating, abuse, and lacking interest in her.

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli
Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli in battling for divorce. Source : TMZ

Expensive divorce settlement of Strahan

Muggli received  $15 Million as divorce settlement money. Again, the court has issued a notice of Paying $18 million for Michael to support children.

Why did Muggli get arrested?

The ex-wife of Michael Strahan got arrested after his ex-girlfriend Marianne Ayer filed a case for abuse, theft, and harassment.

Marianne Ayer was under protection but Muggli enter her house due to which she got arrested.

Is Strahan gay?

Strahan hasn't accepted a rumor regarding his sexuality. He hasn't accepted him as gay on any social media. 

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