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Manager/Housewife (1965)
Sun Apr 30 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jean Muggli

Ex-husband : Michael Strahan
Jean Muggli married Michael Strahan in 1999 and divorced in 2006.

Jean Muggli, also known as Jean Muggli Strahan, is a celebrity ex-wife who became prominent because of her former husband's popularity. She is the former wife of a TV journalist and ex-NFL star, Michael Strahan

American-born Muggli became sensation news after she exchanged her vows with Strahan in the late 90s. The former spouse lived a blissful life until the mid-2000s when they got apart with the only option of divorce. 

Who Are The Parents Of Muggli?

Born on November 3, 1965, in Carson, North Dakota, Muggli is the daughter of Anthony Alphonse Muggli and Mary Muggli. Her father, Anthony, was a retired army officer, whereas her mother, Mary, used to be a housewife. 

Picture of Jean Muggli (third from the left), her father and mother(left side) and her five siblings
Picture of Jean Muggli (third from the left), her father and mother (left side), and her five siblings (Image Source: Celebsuburb)

Unfortunately, on October 25, 2000, her father died at his home, whereas her mother is still living a disease-free life in the family's farmhouse. 

Talking about Muggli's siblings, she is the youngest one among seven children. She was born and raised along with her elder siblings, Timmy, Denise, Carolee, Scott, Cindy, and David. 

Has A Strong Academic Background

Regarding Muggli's academic qualifications, she graduated from Moorehead State University and later attended the University of Oxford. 

Not only this, but she was also a student of Mary College, ND Bismarck, NDSU Bison, and Carson High School. It appears she is a philomath who loves learning and studying. 

Muggli Is The Ex-Wife Of Michael Strahan

Aforesaid, Jean Muggli is famous for being the former wife of Michael Strahan. She and her ex-husband tied the knot on July 18, 1999, in the presence of their family members and close friends.

Before exchanging vows, the former couple had been dating for a long time. They first introduced each other at a spa in Manhattan in 1994. At that time, Muggli used to work in a skincare shop, whereas her then-boyfriend Strahan was an NFL star. 

Picture of Jean Muggli and her former husband Michael Strahan
Picture of Jean Muggli and her former husband Michael Strahan (Image Source: People)

Since the first meeting, they were attracted to each other and started dating. After five years, their dating turned into a grand wedding. The ex-couple were enjoying married life until 2005 when they became a victim of misunderstanding. 

As a result, Muggli and NFL star Strahan officially divorced on July 20, 2006, and made their separate way. Since then, they have not been seen together. 

Had A Long Divorce Battles 

Though the former couple Muggli and Michael were already separated, they had to wait a long time to complete their court battles. They fought for the custody of their twin daughters, throwing allegations at each other. 

Muggli charged the NFL star to be physical and emotional abuse. She also accused him of cheating and showing less interest in her. On top of that, she also stated that her ex-husband Michael used to film her sister Denise while bathing and undressing. 

Mugli did not stop here but also claimed that he beat her so severely that she vomited blood for two days and her kidney got damaged. Michael denied all the news in a counterattack and stated that he never got violent. 

These allegations continued for a month, and finally, the court favored Muggli, allowing her custody of their children. She also got a hefty sum of $13.5 million as alimony and $18,000 monthly as child support. 

Shares Twins With Her Former Love 

It is no surprise that Muggli and Michael were blessed with lovely twins before their separation. The family of four used to live a quality life until the twins' parents separated.

Early Picture of Jean Muggli and her daughters Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan
Early Picture of Jean Muggli and her daughters Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan (Image Source:

Muggli gave birth to twins Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan on October 28, 2004. Currently, they are enjoying their teenage to the fullest and are planning to enter the modeling field. Isabella started her modeling career walking on the runway during the Sherri Hill fashion show. 

The twins were only two years old when their parents made their separate way. After that, they have been living with her lovely mother, Muggli. 

Muggli Again Filed Case Against NFL Star

In 2019, Jean Muggli again rose to prominence after filing the case against ex-NFL player Michael claiming that he owed her annual cost of living adjustment as a child support allowance, which he has not been giving her. 

The case mentioned above was still running, and the following year, i.e., 2020, another issue got added after Michael accused Muggli of not taking care of their daughters. He also said that she abused their daughters physically and mentally and asked for their custody. 

As a counterblow, Muggli also accused him of stalking her, disturbing her life and private space. She also argued that the amount of child support has been the same since the divorce and requested the court to increase the amount. 

Fortunately, in the same year, November 2020, the case got solved after the former couple settled their disputes. However, both parties' conditions could not be fulfilled. 

Earned A Massive Amount As Alimony

As mentioned earlier, Muggli was given custody of her daughters and $13.5 million and $18 thousand monthly as a child support allowance. From that day onwards, she became a millionaire and lived a prosperous life. 

Picture of Jean Muggli's property Sycamore Bend Plantation
Picture of Jean Muggli's property Sycamore Bend Plantation (Image Source: The Carolinas Equestrian)

In addition to that massive fortune, she also got a share of $1.8 million from their Strahan mansion, which was sold for $3.6 million then. She is also the owner of a vast property named Sycamore Bend Plantation, including a basketball court, volleyball court, and horse riding ring. 

Although their current net worth of Muggli is behind the curtains, it seems she is still a millionaire as she gained tremendous money from her former husband's wealth. 

What Is Muggli Currently Doing?

As we all know, before exchanging rings and vows with her then-boyfriend Michael, she used to serve as a manager in a skincare shop. However, she left the job after the marriage and decided to become a housewife. 

Where Is She? What Happened After The Divorce? Some online tabloids say that she again started her manager job and is living everyday life, whereas some state that she is enjoying a massive amount that she gained as alimony. The evident fact is she has been single since her divorce. 

On the other hand, Muggli's ex-hubby and NFL star Michael moved on from his past relationship and is currently dating an American model Kayla Quick. They have been dating for several years. 

Is Muggli Bisexual? Why Was She Halted?

Until June 2021, no one knew that Muggli was bisexual. People came to know after US police arrested her for violating an order of protection. She was imprisoned for harassing Marianne Ayer

During the police investigation, it was found that Muggli and Ayer had been dating for a few years and later had broken up on a terrible note. After the separation, New York resident Ayer reported her to be short-tempered. 

She also claimed that Muggli used to abuse, harass and forcefully touch her without her permission. Ayer even stated that:

Jean threatened me with a plastic gun and kicked my German Shepherd.

Physical Outlooks: Height & Weight 

Despite being fifty-crossed, Jean Muggli still looks young probably could be the result of makeup and a good diet. She has brown color eyes and blonde hair color. People admire her pretty face and slim body. 

She is 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall, weighing around 58 kg (127 lbs) which is suitable for her size. She has not done tattoos and is often seen with a beautiful smile. 

Did You Know These Facts About Jean Muggli?

  1. Muggli's former husband Michael was married to Wanda Hutchins before tying the knot with her. He shares two lovely children, Tanita Strahan and Michael Strahan Jr., with his first wife, Wanda.
  2. NFL star Michael also dated Nicole Murphy, ex-wife of Eddie Murphy. They dated from 2000-2010. Some people say that he divorced Muggli due to his affair with Murphy.
  3. Muggli is not available on social media platforms.
  4. Her divorce from Michael is considered one of the most expensive divorces in US history.
  5. After NFL star, Michael retired, the court reduced the child allowance amount from $18 thousand to $13 thousand, which he had to pay Muggli monthly.


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