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Jazz singer, actress (1953)
Mon Jan 30 2023
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Miche Braden is famous for her stage performances relating to Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday. She has been performing there since 2000 in The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith. She also founded a women's jazz band called Straight Ahead.

She was born on November 14, 1953, in Detroit, Michigan, the United States, and is widely known as a Jazz singer. She belongs to the Christian community.

Uncovering Braden's Early Life!

Gardenia's For Lady Day actress Braden has been fond of singing since early childhood. She has shared many memories of playing orchestra and learning Jazz music on her Instagram handle.

 Childhood picture of Miche Braden while learning how to play orchestra
 Picture of Miche Braden while learning to play orchestra in the music hall. (Source: Instagram @Miche Braden)

To add up, she has been passionate about singing from an early age since she grew up by listening to music and following many singers.

Academic Qualification

Braden started her school life at a private school in Mackenzie High School and Cooley High School in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, United States. 

After finishing high school, she later joined Michigan State University to pursue her higher education.

Family: Parents & Siblings

The Other Two actress Braden is the daughter of Harry Barris (father) and Willie Barrow (mother). Rather than this, she has not disclosed any personal information regarding them.

Miche Braden posing with her grandmother  Mary Maxine Cordelia Corrina Abercrombie Hill Hankins
Miche Braden is posing with her grandmother, Mary Maxine Cordelia Corrina Abercrombie Hill Hankins (Source: Instagram @Miche Braden)

Braden looks very close to her grandmother as she has posted a picture of her grandmother Mary Maxine Cordelia Corrina Abercrombie Hill Hankins, wishing her happy birthday on her Instagram. 

Isn't it lovely? She calls her grandmother by her nickname MommaDee.

How Rich Is Miche Braden?

Miche Braden has an estimated net worth of $5 million, like Kim-Hyung-JoongShe lives a lavish lifestyle with a personal luxury car and a bungalow. 

In addition, she travels through the world as we can see a lot of highlights and stories on her social media.

Miche Braden traveling to the airport with her pet dog  Xena Ma
Miche Braden traveling to the airport with her pet dog  Xena May (Source: Instagram @Miche Braden)

Braden has already made a prestigious living from her career, and because of that, she lives a happy life.

Is Miche Braden Married?

BioShock Infinite actress Braden is currently single and not yet married. Also, she has not been in any relationship in the past. 

Moreover, Braden, an American actress, always finds a way to get rid of the question about her relationship. Also, there are no rumors or controversies about her past relationships and partners.

Just like Braden, Adelaide Clemens, an Australian actress, is also single at the moment. 

Physical Appearance

Braden is 6 feet (182 cm) tall and weighs around 68 kgs (154 lbs). However,  details regarding her body measurements are still behind the curtains. 

Braden's feet fit the shoe size of 8 UK. She has shiny black eyes, adding more beauty to her blue hair.

About Her Singing Profession 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress Braden is famous for her songs more than her acting.

She is a member of the rich musical heritage of her hometown, Detroit, Michigan. She once worked as an Artist in Residence with the Detroit Council of the Arts, the founder and former lead singer of Straight Ahead.

Miche Braden presenting herself in The Devil's Music show
Miche Braden presenting herself in The Devil's Music show. Source: Metroweekly

In her career as a singer, she has shared the stage with Regina Carter, Alexis P. Suter, Milt Hinton, Lionel Hampton, Frenchie Davis, and Byron Stripling. 

All of her songs and albums are coherently dedicated to her mother, Willie Barrow, her first musical influencer.

Career As An Actress

Braden made her debut in the TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2003, where she portrayed the receptionist role.

She worked in this series for five years, from 2003 to 2008. However, between this series, she also worked in Stella, portraying the role of Maggie. Her acting career took a new path, and she started being noticed by the public. 

Miche Braden's first movie, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit poster (Source: eBay) 

Evil, Inventing Anna, The Other Two, The Blacklist, and Da Sweet Blood of Jesus are some of her famous works.

She has also been featured on the James Carter CDs Gardenia's For Lady Day and At The Crossroads. She has performed with him at Carnegie Hall, Detroit, Newport, and Montreal Jazz Festival.

Braden Loves To Cook

Die For You singer Braden is fond of cooking, so she always uses her free time to cook different dishes. She usually invites her friends and relatives for dinner.

pie pans prepared by Miche Braden in her leisure time
Miche Braden prepared pie pans in her leisure time. Source: Instagram @Miche Braden

Braden loves non-veg food, so she mostly cooks foods that contain large numbers of red meat, poultry, seafood, and many more. 

We can see her cooking on her Instagram as well. Rather than cooking,

Has A Pet Dog

Braden has a pet dog Xena May whom she loves a lot.

She has posted a picture of her dog on her Instagram expressing her love towards them on the occasion of mothers day, captioning:

These are my kids. Does that make me A bitch? HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ❤️❤️ 

Miche Braden's  pet dog Xena May taking a nap while going to the market
Miche Braden's pet dog Xena May taking a nap while going to the market. Source: Instagram @Miche Braden

She spent most of the time with her dog, as we can see many photographs of her dog on her Instagram.

Is Braden A Social Media Freak?

At The Crossroads, actress Miche Braden is active on her Instagram account @Miche Braden, with more than 1.4k followers. She mostly posts about her daily travelogue, pet dog, and foods on her Instagram.

However, she is not active on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok for the time being. 

Has An Official Youtube Channel

Braden is also a YouTube sensation. She has her official youtube channel @Miche Braden, Since August 26, 2011, where she has more than 1.19k subscribers. 

We can also find her music and on-stage performances on different youtube channels. 

Her song Sweet Child o Mine has crossed over 10 million views posted by @PostModern Jukebox. Some of her popular music includes The Black Slim Shady, Mary On A Cross, Doja, and many more.


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