Micky Ward and Charlene Fleming Married Life. Children and Family

Thu Oct 07 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Many people get famous through their hard work, and some get popular because of their relationships. Similarly, Charlene Fleming, a former athlete, came to fame as the wife of an American former professional boxer, Micky Ward. Micky was active in his career as a boxer from 1985-2003.

The former boxer Ward and Fleming have been married for twenty-two years and share a daughter together. Many people are interested to know how the couple got together and how's their married life going. Let's dig into the article to know more about the couple’s relationship.

How's Micky Ward and Charlene's Married Life?

Charlene Fleming is happily married to her husband, George Micheal Ward Jr, Micky Ward. The couple has been together for over 23 years, and soon they will be celebrating their Silver Jubilee. Micky and Charlene were a couple for a long time before they tied the knot. The couple exchanged vows in 1999; however, the exact date of their marriage is still private. 

Charlene Fleming posing for a photo with her family including husband Micky Ward, nephew Jeff Mousseau, and daughter Kasie Ward.
Micky Ward with his wife Charlene, daughter Kasie and nephew.
Photo Source: Boston Herald

Now the married couple, Charlene and Micky, is living a happy and blissful life with their daughter, Kasie Ward. Kaise has appeared in a newspaper article/photograph with her grandmother, uncle, and cousin, saying she has watched her father’s boxing matches.

The duo currently lives in Lowell. Charlene is always supportive of her husband and is always cheering him on to be a better person. Though Charlene is the wife of a famous public figure, not many details about her are available on the Internet. It seems she is also not much fond of social media.

Did You Know? Micky Ruined His First Date With Charlene

Charlene must be very generous and Micky is very lucky as he got a second chance even after ruining their first date. Initially, she thought of Micky as a creep.

After a lot of pleading and following, Charlene agreed to go on a date with Micky. However, he took her to a club with a sketchy company which she did not like. Although Fleming went on the second date which was a romantic dinner with Micky, it took a lot to make her go with him.

Who is Charlene Fleming’s Husband, Micky Ward?

George Michael Ward Jr, Micky Ward, is an American retired boxer who goes by Irish in the ring. Micky was active between 1985 to 2003, in which he had a total of 51 fights, winning 38 of them and 12 losses.

Charlene Fleming’s husband Micky and daughter Kasie posing for a photo with their pet dogs.
Micky Ward and his daughter Kasie with their pet dogs.
Photo Source: Biographymask

In 1997, Micky was challenged for the IBF light-welterweight title and held the WBU light-welterweight title in 2000. Micky is known for his fights with Arturo Gatti; among them, two received “Fight of the Year awards” from The Ring magazine. Ward has a relentless pressure-fighting style.

After he retired from his career as a boxer, Micky became a motivational speaker. Besides, He is a part-owner of the boxing gym that he and his half-brother Dicky Eklund opened.

Micky provides classes for the trainers at his gym, Box2burngym. The former athlete also has his Apparel line. 

Fleming Was An Athlete

Fleming was a high jumper when she was in her college days. The 5 ft 9 inches Charlene had many accolades on her name when she first met Micky.

Many says Charlene's interest in sports has attracted Ward toward him. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island after studying through a track-and-field scholarship.

The Fighter Movie Based on Micky Ward's Early Life

In 2010, there was an American biographical sports drama film named The Fighter, which was based on the lives of Micky Ward and his older half-brother Dicky Eklund. The movie was directed by David O. Russell.

In 1997, Ward was challenged for the IBF light-welterweight title and held the WBU light welterweight title in 2000.
Micky Ward with Shea Neary after winning the WBU world title.
Photo Source: Instagram @irishmickyward

In the movie, Fleming's character is represented by actress Amy Adams and her husband (boyfriend) Micky was portrayed by the actor Mark Wahlberg. Besides Micky and Fleming, Micky’s brother and mother were real-life characters. 

Christian Bale played the character of Richard “Dickie” Eklund, and Melissa Leo portrayed their mother, Alice Eklund-Ward. Similarly, Jack McGee portrayed the character of Micky’s” father, George Ward.

Charlene's Height & Weight

Charlene is a beautiful lady who has maintained her body very well till this age. She still exercises to maintain her body fitness. Her dark brown eyes and blonde hair color make her look more attractive.

Moving on to her body measurement, she stands at a decent height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), similar to her husband's height. Likewise, she has an average body weight of 55 kg.

Charlene & Her Husband's Net Worth

Both Charlene and her husband are quite rich personalities. Charlene has a total net worth of $500k. She has made this fortune through her former career as an athlete.

Likewise, her husband, Micky Ward, has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He has been blessed with this huge sum of money through his successful career as a professional boxer.


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