Mirtha Jung

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Relationship Timeline Of Mirtha Jung

Ex-husband : George Jung
Mirtha Jung Married To George Jung In 1977 and divorced In 1984

Well, professionally, Mirtha Jung is a writer, entrepreneur and a poet. Besides being diversely talented, Jung is widely known for being a former drug-addict and the ex-wife of drug kingpin George Jung. 

Now, Mirtha Jung lives a clean life. Let's go through her personal and professional life. 

Mirtha Jung: Ex-wife of Drug Smuggler

As aforementioned, Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of George Jung. The couple met each other through drugs. 

Mirtha met George in Colombia through her cocaine contacts. At the time, she was just 24 years old addict. After few years of dating, the drug addict married the drug dealer George Jung. 

Mirtha Jung and George Jung

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They exchanged their marital vows in 1997. A year later, the pair was blessed with a daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung born on 1 August 1978.  

Later, their relationship started turning sour. Their married life started ruining due to drug-related issues. Soon after, they separated. 

Following their divorce, her ex-husband George married Ronda Clay Spinello. 

Mirtha raised her child Kristina on her own. Her daughter is now married. Her husband name is Romain Karan and they have two children. 

Changed For Her Sake???

Mirtha Jung was a drug addict. She consumed drugs during her pregnancy and continued after birth of her daughter despite the doctors' advise to quit drugs. 

Daughter of Martha Jung, Kristina Sunshine Jung
Daughter of Martha Jung, Kristina Sunshine Jung

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Around 1978, Jung was accused of drugs possession. And under the drugs act, she was sentenced 3 years of imprisonment. After her release in 1981, former drug addict stayed away from drugs for Kristina, her only daughter. 

Professional Career of Mirtha Jung

Talking about her professional career, Mirtha Jung is a writer, entrepreneur as well as poet. She gained limelight after, the 2001 movie Blow was released. 

Blow was based on the life of infamous drug addict and smuggler George Jung i.e. her husband. Mirtha's character was portrayed by a Spanish model cum actress Penelope Cruz. The star included Hollywood A-listers such as Johnny Depp, Franka Potente, Ray Liotta and others. 

After the movie release, Mirtha was even interviewed by several hometown newspapers and magazines including Taxes newspaper. 

Before, Mirtha Jung was a drug addict and smuggler. She and her husband worked with Medellin Cartel. 

Fact: Medellin Cartel aka Cartel de Medellín was a Colombian drug cartel found and led by Pablo Escobar. 

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Mirtha Jung? 

As of 2020, Mirtha Jung is currently estimated to have the net worth of $1 million. Her primary sources of income are business endeavors and acting. 

Short Bio Of Mirtha Jung

Mirtha Jung aka Mirtha Calderon was born on 3 December 1952. While some other sources claims her date of birth to be around August. 

68 years old Mirtha Jung
68 years old Mirtha Jung 

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As of 2020, Mirtha Jung is 68 years old. She holds a Cuban nationality and belongs to the mixed ethnic group. 

Born of Cuban descent, she currently resides in the United States. 

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