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Relationship Timeline Of Monami Frost

Husband : Anrijs Straume
Monami Frost married to Anrijs Straume on 2012.

Monami Frost is a tattoo model, entrepreneur, and social media star best known for her eccentric appearance and lifestyle. She is mainly known for her YouTube and Instagram presence, where she is often seen posting about topics relevant to her own life.

Monami was born on January 5, 1994, in Latvia. Much about her early life and parents' information has not been mentioned to the media. Frost was aspired to become a model from an early age. Monami is happily living with her husband and children in London.

Monami is Married to Anrijs

Monami Frost is currently married to Tattoo artist, Anrijs Straume. They exchanged their vows on August 25, 2012, in a small Church in London. Only a few members of the family attended the wedding ceremony. Mother from both sides and daughter Gabby were in the Church with the newlywed couple.

Wedding photo of Monami Frost
Image: The Wedding photo of Monami 
Source: Instagram@ monamifrost

The couple met each other through a common friend in London during 2011. Anrijs is one of the famous tattoo artists in the locality. Back in 2018, Monami announced that she was expecting a baby from Anrijs. The couple welcomed their daughter, Neo, on April 13, 2019.

The family of four is living a happy and beautiful life. The duo spends most of their leisure time with their children taking good care of them from an early age just like Ashley Burgos and her husband Sambou Bubba Camara.

Monami has a daughter named Gabby from past Affair

Before meeting Anrijs, Monami was in a relationship with a person. She has not disclosed any information about him to the media. From her first relationship. She has a daughter named Gabby.

The children of Monami Frost
Image: Gabby along with her half-sister, Neo
Source: Instagram@ monamifrost

Gabby was born when Frost was only Fifteen years Old. Her mother was in a relationship with him until 2018, before meeting Anrijs. As of now, Gabby is living with her step-father and her half-sister, Neo, in London.

What is the net worth of Monami Frost?

Monami Frost has a net worth of $200,000, which is similar to Chip Hailstone. She has been accumulating decent earnings through her social media. Also, she has merchandise that includes a clothing line called Frost Streetwear. She is living an opulent lifestyle along with her children and husband.

Monami celebrating christmas
Image: Monami along with her children and her husband in Christmas
Source: Instagram@ monamifrost

She owns a clothing line and a vegan burger restaurant in Liverpool. She has also authored a cookbook that provides vegan and gluten-free recipes. Monami has emerged as one of the most successful tattooed models and YouTuber on the internet, which is similar to Hooman Nouri.

MSN posted a piece of news about Monami opening a Vegan Burger restaurant back in 2018. The couple moved to their new house last October in the middle of Liverpool.

Monami's Presence in Social Media

Monami is very much active in social media sites. She keeps posting photos of her along with her children at a regular interval. In a short period, Monami has gained massive followers of over 1.6 million in her Instagram account and 710K Subscribers in her YouTube Page and over 889k followers on Facebook account.


Monami earns between $3,330 to $5,551 per post, and she makes it on her Instagram. More to that, She earns about $5,000 to $10,000 from her YouTube Channel. In her Channel, she uploads videos of tattoo tips, Q&A videos, makeup tutorials, vegan home cooking. 

Monami started her YouTube career a long time ago in 2013. The couple was featured in he cover of Raise Vegan back in 2018 along with their daughter.

Monami Frost Tattoos

The 26-year-old tattoo model is literally covered from head to toe. Most of her dark tattoos are done by her husband. One of Frost's favorite tattoo is her trademark snowflake on her forehead.

Monami Frost's body is covered with beautiful dark tattoos.
Image: UK based tattoo model, Monami Frost is literally covered from head to toe with dark tattoos.

On May 26, 2015, she posted a YouTube video where she revealed the story about her black arm tattoo. On her left arm, two major physics personalities Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, are inked.

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