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Singer and Reality Television Star (2002)
Wed Feb 22 2023
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Have you watched TLC's Welcome To Plathville? If you haven't, it's a reality show that follows the lives of the couple Kim Plath and Barry Plath Moriah and their nine kids. And one of their kids, who was featured on the show, is Moriah Plath.

Moriah is an American TV reality star who came to recognition with Welcome To Plathville. Her full name is Moriah Jasper Plath. Though she started off her career in television, she is popping off as a singer and songwriter. Nonetheless, she is going headstrong in the entertainment industry.

Why Did Moriah Plath Breakup With Max?

If you've watched Welcome To Plathville, you already know that the Plath kids are not allowed to date. However, against the odds, Moriah Plath decided to date Max Kallschmidt. They made their relationship official through Instagram on June 2020.

The pair reportedly met through Marsha Doll, whom Micah Plath, her brother, had worked with. Though her brother, Ethan Plath's wife, Olivia Plath, had difficulty getting accepted, the Plath couple seemed to like Max. And Max even gave her a promise ring. So, Moriah's fans were happy for her to start a relationship.

However, the couple soon broke out the news of their breakup. And the reason for the breakup was that Max cheated on Moriah. Moreover, back on February 12, 2022, Max even posted a video of "Tell All" about their relationship. He said that he was being pressured into the relationship. But Moriah later revealed the truth that nothing of the sort happened. So, the video was taken down.

Plath Kids Are Homeschooled

In case you didn't know, all the Plath kids had to get homeschooled whether they wanted to or not. So Moriah also never got the chance to go to school. 

However,  she always wanted to attend school and study like a regular kid. 

Moriah Made Her Comeback

After Moriah's breakup with Max, she took a short break from social media. According to her, she is back happier than she has ever been. She posted a picture on her Instagram with her Doberman, Blackjack, by her side and captioned it;

I am the happiest I have ever been....and I'm not telling you why.

Moriah Plath's post on Instagram with her doberman.
Moriah Plath's post on Instagram with her Doberman. (Source: Instagram @moriah.jasper)

Fans are happy to see Moriah again but also think she should take a longer break. Since she never got the right amount of emotional support from her parents, her fans were glad that she finally had strength and support from Max. So, her fans are worried about her mental health after her recent breakup and want her to take a longer break from social media.

Got Kicked Out Of The Family 

Back in season 2 of Welcome To Plathville, Moriah was kicked out of her home by her parents. She got kicked out because her parents saw her as a bad influence on her younger siblings. Then she started sharing her living space with her brother Evans and his wife, Olivia.

After getting kicked out of the home, Moriah could finally do everything she wanted. She celebrated her freedom and started dyeing her hair in brighter colors like purple and pink. She also changed her style and started wearing outfits that her parents strictly denied, which she could have never done in her home. And that was also the time that she got a tattoo. 

Tattoos Inked By Moriah Plath

Overall, Moriah Plath has had two tattoos inked up until now. Moreover, she wishes to get more in the future. She started with "Black Heart" as her first tattoo, which she got on her wrist. Later on, she got inked a red rose on her hip. She has meaning for each tattoo. So, let's discuss her tattoos in detail.

Moriah Plath's hip tattoo.
Moriah Plath's hip tattoo. (Source: Instagram @moriah.jasper)

Moriah's first tattoo, "Black Heart," on her wrist had an extremely personal meaning for her. She got that inked as a representation of a "gypsy soul," which coincides with her Insta bio, which had a black heart and stated that she is a "gypsy soul." And as a representation of her wild side, she has also inked a few red scratches on the tattoo. 

Now, let's get to Moriah's second tattoo, which has got a red rose inked on her right hip. According to sources, the rose tattoo that covers her hips and back is about falling in love with herself. Moreover, a particular flower petal also has a raindrop inked on it. She also credited the artist and the place where she got her tattoo on her Instagram post.

Moriah Is Taken As The Blacksheep Of The Plathville Family: But Why?

Moriah is often taken as the Blacksheep of the Plathville family during the show. Since she was a rebellious child who tried to break her family's stereotypes sometimes, the media took of her as the Blacksheep of the family.

Moriah Plath of Welcome To Plathsville.
Moriah Plath of Welcome To Plathsville. (Source: Instagram @moriah.jasper)

This first started after the Plath couple paused for a second before answering when asked about Moriah in one of their episodes. They looked at each other for a moment and asked the other to respond. Moreover, they also said that she was wired differently and that she could be opinionated. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Moriah Plath?

Growing up as a rebellious kid, Moriah has come a long way in her life and in her career. She has made up one of the most successful casts of her family show. Moreover, she is one of the most loved casts of the show. So, let's know what's her net worth.

The net worth of Moriah Plath is estimated to be $1 million, the same as the actor Camrus Johnson. She earned most of this fortune as a cast member of "Welcome To Plathville." Moreover, she also has a career as a singer who has released songs like Just a closer walk with thee and At a calvary.

Social Media Handles

Moriah is indeed active on social media. As aforementioned, she had taken a break due to some unfortunate events. However, she is back again, and fans are happy that she is back.

Moriah Plath taking dance classes.
Moriah Plath taking dance classes. (Source: [email protected])

Moriah is available on Instagram under the username @moriah.jasper and has over 450k followers. She joined Twitter earlier this year, so she doesn't have much presence on Twitter compared to her Instagram. Nonetheless, she is active under @Moriah_jasper

Growing Up As A Plath

Moriah Plath was born on 28 August 2002, and as we already know from the show, she and her siblings were raised by their parents on a 55-acre farm in rural southern Georgia. They had to grow up in a strict environment with strict rules like no normal city kids.

Moreover, the Plathville kids had to grow up with sheltered from the outside world and in their own bubble. They had no access to phones and TV. So, they also had no access to the internet and movies, which kept them away from a pop culture too. 

On top of that, it was also revealed that the family does not consume sugar. The kids were also not allowed to date. Moriah's parents, Barry and Kim, discussed this on the show's premiere. They said:

"We've structured our lifestyle here so that we can retreat to our piece of heaven on earth. We have limited technology, we have limited computers. [The kids] don't play video games." 

Plathville Family Couple Got Separated

As we already know from the show, the parents of Moriah are Barry Plath and Kim Plath. The couple was married for twenty-four years. However, they got divorced back this June, and it was revealed that it was Kim who wanted this divorce though Barry wanted to save it.

Kim revealed that she was not feeling valued in her marriage. Thus, getting to the decision to separate from her husband, Barry, after all these years. Following the divorce, negative light has been put on her as she herself broke the rule of getting married once in life.


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