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Fri Aug 25 2023
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Nancy Frangione is a late American actress known for her outstanding performance in Soap Opera shows. She is recognized for portraying the infamous character Cecile DePoulignac.

Frangione won the 1984 Soap Opera Digest Award for her amazing acting skills. Although the actress has passed away, Nancy's legacy continues to thrive in the hearts of many.

Nancy Frangione Obituary: "Another World" Actress's Cause Of Death

The entertainment world lost yet another star as Another World passed away on August 18, 2023. Nancy Frangione died at the age of 70 in her hometown of Barnstable, Massachusetts. 

Nancy Frangione passed away at 70.
Nancy Frangione passed away at 70. Source: Williams Grand Canyon News

Frangione's death has brought grief and sorrow to her family as well as fans. Even though Nancy's family announced her death, they have yet to disclose the cause of death.

Another World star Nancy was born on July 10, 1953, in Barnstable. She graduated from Barnstable High School on July 10, 1971, at the age of 18.

What Is Nancy Frangione's Net Worth At The Time Of Passing?

Nancy Fragnione's net worth is estimated at $1 Million at the time of her death similar as Mai Do-Burrous. Now, her only daughter Mariel Frangione might inherit her will. 

While alive, Nacy amassed a sizable fortune from her long successful professional life. In addition to this, her ex-husband Christopher Rich's fortune's worth is similar too, i.e. $1.5 Million. Frangione, with her good financial status, lived a comfortable life.

Frangione was in the entertainment industry for almost three decades starting from the 1968 movie One Life To Live. Nancy has 9 credits as an actress throughout her lifetime. Some of Another World star's movies and TV shows are as follows:

TitleRelease Date
All My Children (TV series)1977-1979
One Life to Live (TV series)1985
Sharing Richard (movie)1988
In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing (TV movie)1990
The Nanny (TV series)1993-1994
Highway to Heaven (TV series)1987
Matlock (TV series)1987
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series)1981

Nancy Frangione Was Single In Final Moments

Speaking of Nancy Frangione's relationship status, the All my Children star was single at the time of her demise. Previously she was married to American actor Christopher Rich.

Christopher and Nancy, both actors first met on the set of Another World's set. They were co-stars in the soap opera. Rich played the role of Sandy Cory while Frangione portrayed the character Cecile DePoulignac.

Nancy Frangione 's wedding picture.
Nancy Frangione 's wedding picture. Source: Wall of celebrities

The love triangle between Cecile DePoulignac, Blaine, and Sandy Cory was a significant storyline on the show. Alongside portraying the love interest on the show, Nancy and Frangione started dating in real life too.

Eventually in 1982, Rich and Frangione exchanged wedding vows. Initially, their love was unwavering but it faded as time passed. So, Nancy divorced her former better half in 1996.

During their 14 years of blissful nuptials, Nancy became the mother of Christopher and her only daughter Mariel Rich. She was just 4 years old when Frangione and Rich parted ways.

How Is Nancy Frangione's Daughter Dealing With Her Mother's Death?

Nancy Frangione's daughter, Mariel Rich was born on April 15, 1992. Following her parent's separation, she started living with her mother. Despite being born to actor parents, Mariel never pursued acting.

Instead, Mariel is now a digital artist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014 with a major in animation and a concentration in illustration. Well, Nancy's daughter inherited her creative side.

Nancy Frangione's daughter, Mariel Rich.
Nancy Frangione's daughter, Mariel Rich. Source: Mariel Rich

Being a versatile artist, Nancy's daughter's artwork ranges from homemade lace to painting dolls, to taxidermy, to tattoo design. Moreover, Mariel keeps on learning new art techniques and designs.

At the moment, Mariel works as a freelance illustrator in Seattle, Washington. She has two sisters from her father's other relationship. 

Christopher married former Miss Poland Eva Halina Jesionowska on June 25, 2000, following the divorce from Nancy.  Eva and Christopher have two daughters named Lily Hanna Wilson and Darcy Grace Wilson.

Nancy Frangione Won Award For 'Another World'

Nancy Frangione portrayed the villainous role of Cecile DePoulignac in Another World. She is infamous as a conniving antagonist in the show. 

Cecile's on-screen journey includes marriages to Sandy Cory and Amir, the King of Tanquir. But both relationships end in divorce. Frangione's impeccable performance earned her the 1984 Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Villainess. 



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