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Statistician & Writer (1978)
Sun Sep 11 2022
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Nate Silver is an American statistician and writer. Moreover, Nate analyzes baseball (see sabermetrics) and elections (see psephology). Besides, Silver is also the founder and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight. However, he came into limelight after the correct prediction of the winners of all 50 states during the 2012 presidential election. On the other hand, he also severs as a Special Correspondent for ABC News.

The FiveThirtyEight/538 founder, Nate Silver was born as Nathaniel Read Silver on January 13, 1978, in East Lansing, Michigan, United State of America. Moreover, his father's name is Brian David Silver and his mother's name is Sally Silver. His father is a former chairperson of Michigan State University and his mother is a community activist. Nate attended East Lansing High School. Apart, he won the Scholarship Contest for senior high school debaters. Later, he went to the University of Chicago and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics with honors in 2000.

Relationship Status: Girlfriend & Past Affairs

Well, Nate, 42, is currently leading his single life with his family. As he is a very secretive nature person and loves to keep his personal life as low as possible. However, he openly accepts that he is gay and doesn't hide the fact. Besides, in the interview with Out Magazine, Nate stated that: "He is sexually gay but ethnically straight." 

Nate Silver is living single life.
Nate Silver is living a single life. Image Source:

On the other hand, he also supports same-sex marriage but he never thought of doing the same things yet. As he is busy building his career. Further, we don't have any information on his past affairs and relationship history right. Apart, he spends much of his time writing a book. As of now, he is just living his happy life with his family.


Net Worth & Salary in 2020

The talented and outstanding statistician and analyzed, Nate has collected a hefty amount of money from his career as a statistician and writer. Furthermore, the estimated net worth of Nate is around $2 million as of 2020. Similarly, Dawn O' Porter and Lindsay Harrison are some of the renowned writers.

Nate is enjoying his lavish lifestyle.
Nate is enjoying his lavish lifestyle. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Apart, he also writes articles and books from which he earns extra money for his livelihood. Moreover, his books The Signal and the Noise published on September 27, 2012, became the New York Times Best Seller as well as the second best seller on With such a hefty amount of earning, he is living a lavish and luxurious life. 

Career Details

Talking about his professional career, Nate began his career as a writer in 1993 for The Portrait, East Lansing High's School student newspaper. After completing his graduation, he started his professional career as a transfer pricing consultant in KPMG in Chicago and worked there for four years. Later, he began to write for Baseball Prospectus (BP) in 2003 and also a co-author for the Baseball Prospectus annual book of Major League Baseball. 

He is also a statistical analyst of PECOTA. Besides, his political analyst career began in 2008 and still works as an American election analyst. As of now, he is working as a Special Correspondent for ABC News. Back in 2012, he became successful with the correct prediction of all 50 states during the 2012 presidential election.




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