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Celebrity Son (2008)
Fri Dec 16 2022
By   Selena

Nathaneal Spader is an American celebrity kid best known for being the son of American stars James Spader and Leslie Stefanson

Nathaneal was born on August 31, 2008. His parents are well-known entertainment personalities. Get to know about celebrity son Nathaneal in the following sections.

Parent's Love Life

Stefanson and Spader are in a blissful romantic relationship. They first met each other in 2002 on the set of Alien Hunter

In the science-fiction thriller film, Leslie played the role of Nyla Olson, and James portrayed the character of Julian Rome.

Nathaneal Spader's parents James Spader and Leslie Stefanson has been dating since 2002.
Snap: Nathaneal Spader's parents James Spader and Leslie Stefanson, have been dating since 2002.
Source: Getty Images 

After the first encounter, the co-stars shared a good bond and soon began their romantic affairs. Later, after several years of dating, in 2008, they became engaged. Also, in 2008, they welcomed their son Nathaneal.

As of now, Leslie and James share a healthy bond as perfect partners. They attend many public events together. Today, they are enjoying their relationship without any conflicts despite their 11-year age difference between each other.

Enjoys Parent's Net Worth

The celebrity son Natheneal is young to be involved in any profession. So, at the moment, he enjoys his parent's net worth. Being the son of wealthy entertainment personalities, Nathaneal is living a lavish life.

James Spader has a net worth of $20 million. He collected this hefty sum of wealth from his professional acting career. 

The sculpture made by Leslie Stefanson.
Photo: The sculpture made by Leslie Stefanson.
Source: Instagram @mrmeagles1

Spader has worked in various box-office hit movies such as Stargate (box-office collection=$196.6 million), Lincoln (box-office collection=$275.3 million), etc. 

On the other side, Nathaneal's mother, Leslie, currently trades her art and sculptures through her official website, @lesliestefanson.  

Celebrity Parents

Nathaneal was born silver spoon in his mouth. His famous parents are the primary reason behind his prominence at this early age. 

Spader's father, James Todd Spader, is a Hollywood actor and producer. The 62 aged actors James is known for his roles in the movies and TV shows such as The Blacklist, Pretty in Pink, Crash, Stargate, and others.

James, who has been in the film industry since 1978, has won prestigious awards such as Primetime Emmy Award, Satellite Award, etc. 

 The childhood image of Nathaneal Spader with his father James Spader and mother Leslie Stefanson.
Image: The childhood image of Nathaneal Spader with his father, James Spader, and mother, Leslie Stefanson.
Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, Nathaneal's mother, Leslie, is an actress and model. The 6-foot-0-inch (183 cm) tall Leslie has made her appearance in Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot, The General's Daughter, and others. Similarly, she also makes sculptures.

Two Half-Brothers

While Nathaneal is the only child of his parents, he is the little brother of two half-siblings on his father's side. The Blacklist star, James, was previously married to his now-estranged wife, Victoria Spader, aka Victoria Keheel.

James Spader was married to Victoria Spader, aka Victoria Kheel, from 1987 to 2004.
Picture: James Spader was married to Victoria Spader, aka Victoria Kheel, from 1987 to 2004.
Source: The Sun

The set decorator Victoria and actor James first met while working a yoga studio in New York City in the 1980s. Then they got hitched in 1987 after dating for over a decade. 

Two years later, they had their first son Sebastian Spader, born in 1989. The 32 aged Sebastian works as a film producer and director. He has worked in Machete (2010), Slice (2007), and Ridden (2008).

In 1992, their youngest son Elijah Spader was born 1992. Everything was going fine; Victoria and James were parenting their kids. However, they announced their separation in 2004 after marrying for 17 years. But the reason for their divorce is still unexplained.

Natheneal Father Is Very Secretive

Most celebrity goes to the extreme to show their popularity in public. Moreover, they try various ways to gain media and public attention.

Well, Natheneal's Father, James, is somewhat different from other celebrities and internet sensations. He does not seek unnecessary fame. During an interview held in 2014 with Playboy, he stated,

“I’ve had a lot of success keeping a private face on things, even when I’m out in public.” If you’re well-known and want to attract attention in public, you can do so.

He continued,

 I don’t think so. People feel as if they’ve gotten to know them through the media if they put their lives in the public eye a lot. I try not to reveal too much about my personal life in public.” 


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