Nichole Hiltz and Mike Smith Relation

Sun Nov 24 2019
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Is Nichole Hiltz Pregnant? According to many online tabloids, the actress is going to be a mom. The speculation started after she was spotted holding her tummy at a baby event in Los Angeles.

If she is pregnant, then who is the father of the child? Is Nichole dating someone? Previously, she was in a relationship with Mike Smith, so is he still the current flame of the actress? Let's find out more about the pair's relationship status.

Nichole's Secret Boyfriend. Who is she dating now?

In Plain Sight actress, Hiltz rarely makes any headlines regarding her dating life. Unlike many other celebrities, the actress manages to keep her personal life away from the media. Hiltz is also not active on social media, which makes it easier for her to stay away from the limelight.

Nichole Hiltz at the NBC Universal studios
Picture: Nichole Hiltz at NBC Universal Studios. 
Source: Instagram @nichole.hiltz

According to reports, Nichole is currently single. After getting separated from the Canadian musician Mike, the actress is not romantically linked with any guys as of now. 

Nichole and Mike first met on Movie Sets

It's not unusual for celebrities to start their love life after finding someone from work. They spend a lot of time on movie sets, and during that period some make an excellent bond. Some become terrific friends while some go onto spend the rest of their lives together.

Nichole and Mike both first met each other on the set of Trailer Park Boys: The Big Dirty. After meeting each other, the connection they felt with each other was unreal. The couple started their love affair, and soon, they accepted their romantic relationship publicly. 

Mike Smith from Trailer Park Boys
Image: Mike Smith from Trailer Park Boys. 
Source: TMZ

According to reports, the duo also got engaged in the same year. It was in 2006; the pair made some headlines as one of the best celebrity couples. But unfortunately, the relationship did not last long as they ended up parting ways with each other. 

Hiltz's Other Affairs and Link-ups

After parting way with Mike, the actress went under the radar. The paparazzi rarely spotted her. Maybe because of that, her affairs after the break-up is not that noticeable. 

As per sources, the actress never started another romantic relationship, and as of now, she is single. Despite hiding herself from the media, the rumors about her love life were bound to float in the media. Just a year after her relationship with Mike, the actress was spotted sharing a kiss with an American writer, Ahmet Zappa.

Nichole Hiltz kissing American writer Ahmet Zappa
Picture: Nichole Hiltz (right) kissing Ahmet Zappa (left). 
Source: Getty Images

The actress kissed him right at the side of his lips. We don't know what this means, guys, but the rumors started floating about their alleged affair. Neither Nichole nor Ahmet responded to the controversy, and eventually, the news about their affair fades away.

Is She Pregnant? Nichole's a Mother!

In 2019, she's not pregnant and not becoming a mother again. There are no records of her getting pregnant as of now, but as she's keeping her life a secret, you never know the real story. The actress might be dating or secretly married and having a baby.

Nichole Hiltz holding a tummy at a baby event in Los Angeles in 2010
Frame: Nichole Hiltz holding her tummy. 
Source: Zimbio

Unless Nichole confirms any details about her personal life, we cannot confirm the news. Hiltz, however, in 2010, she was spotted at a baby event in Los Angeles, holding her tummy. Based on that, the internet started guessing whether or not if Hiltz's pregnant or not.

Hiltz Arrested for Child Negligence 

As we're discussing Nichole's baby, in 2011, she was arrested by LAPD for neglecting her child. According to reports published on TMZ, the actress found herself getting arrested by the cops because of neglecting her child. 

Nichole Hiltz arrested by the LAPD in 2011 for child negligence
Image: Nichole Hiltz arrested for child negligence in 2011. 
Source: Eonline

As per her representatives, it was nothing but a misunderstanding, and Nichole got back to her apartment after spending a brief time in custody. The news suggests that she has a child, but as everything was a fiasco, nothing can be confirmed. 

In the same year, another reality TV personality, Chip Hailstone, spend time in prison. Not just that, Brittanya O'Campo and Sarah Snyder also spend their time in jail for a brief period.


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