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Author, Actress & Creative Director (1963)
Sun May 08 2022
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Best known as a former executive assistant of late Whitney Houston, Robyn Crawford is a famous American Author. She is not the only an author but also an actress, creative director, and television personality. Today we are going to unfold all the details about Crawford's personal life, so stay tuned to us until the end.

Bio & Childhood of Robyn Crawford

Born in the year 1963, Crawford grew up in East  Orange, New Jersey. Crawford belongs to the Afro-American family background and has the citizenship of America. 

As for her education, Crawford attended a Catholic girls' high school in Caldwell; New Jersey named Mount Saint Dominic Academy. 

Interestingly, while attending school, she met her fellow mate Whitney Houston. Later, Robyn Crawford enrolled at the University of Monmouth and worked as a Special Projects Director for ESPN before.

Executive Assistant of Whitney Houston 

Even way before the completion of her education, Robyn started to work as a model. Later, after the completion of her studies, American author and actress, started working with Whitney as her assistant. 

Gradually, Robyn got promoted to the executive assistant before finally working as Houston's creative director.

Acting Career  

Not to forget the fact, Crawford also laid her hands in the acting field. However, her acting career was very short-lived. 

Some of her creditable works include The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale and The wonderful World. The saddest fact is, ever since the untimely death of Whitney, Robyn started to avoid the media and is living under the shade. 

Current Relationship Status

Crawford is now in an openly lesbian relationship. Robyn tied a nuptial knot with Lisa Hintelmann

First Encounter with Lisa

Well, Robyn first met Lisa while she was working with Whitney. Ever since they laid eye on each other. They have been pretty inseparable but never really confirmed their relationship for a very long time. 

Snap: Robyn Crawford with her partner Lisa Hintelmann Source: /i1.wp

Her spouse Hintelmann is currently working at Audible, INC as the Head of Talent and Entertainment Partnerships. Similarly, she attended Boston College and worked at GQ and Esquire beforehand.

Robyn Crawford and Lisa Hintelmann with their kid
Picture: Robyn Crawford and Lisa Hintelmann with their kid. Source: marriedceleb

Sadly, the wedding details about the couple is missing from the internet as for now. But, the love birds currently reside in New Jersey without any rumors and controversies. 


The pair since cannot conceive children on their own, they decided to adopt kids. As for now, they are the parents of twins. 

Past Relationship 

Once upon a time, the affair between, Whitney Houston and Robyn flooded like a wildfire. The pair first found each other from the school level itself. Ever since then, they were inseparable. Over time, Crawford also worked for Houston and always remained like a mentor to her. 

Nevertheless, their friendship turned sour when Whitney decided to tie a knot with Bobby Brown. There is also a rumor that Robyn tried to stop the wedding, but in the meantime, Whitney surprised Robyn, bringing her a fresh Porsche to act cool at the wedding in which she was the maid of honor. 

Robyn Crawford as a brides maid during the marriage of Whitney Houston
Image: Robyn Crawford as a brides maid during the marriage of Whitney Houston Source: iloveoldschoolmusic

It's pretty unusual for "just a friend" to act all worked up during their wedding. Due to her disappointment, many media and paparazzi questioned about their relationship. However, ever since, Whitney married Brown, Robyn has remained mum about their possible relationship. 

Was Whitney Houston Bisexual? 

After the marriage with Brown, Houston gave birth to a baby girl named Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobby Brown, who had been facing accusations of violence against his ex-wife, had earlier discussed rumors of a Houston-Crawford possible affair. 

In 2016, Whitney's widower Brown said to US Weekly 

"I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life [by others], Whitney would still be alive today. We were married for 14 years. There are some things we talked about that were personal to us.

He further added 

"I hope the film (Houston's film Whitney) expresses what I think is the truth… that they were romantically involved. As a teen, Whitney ran from her mother’s house into the arms of Robyn.”

Brown's interview with US Weekly has magnified the speculation about Houston bisexuality and relationship with Robyn by ten folds. 

Net Worth & Salary 

Ever since the death of her rumored partner or friend Whitney Houston's death, Robyn has remained very low-key about her personal life, so the details about her earning are out of media's reach. Her notable properties as of 2019 is worth about $500,000

The movie she has worked are also doing pretty good in the field of showbiz industry which has surely aided in her earning. Working as an author, actress, and creative director, her income is bound to increase in coming days.

On the other hand, her partner Lisa has an estimated net worth of around $20 million. Both Lisa and Robyn are living a very affluent life with their twin adopted child. 

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