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Wed Oct 09 2019
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Being the 90s kid, you might've been subjected to many good films like NYPD Blue, Boxing Helena, and Christmas Vacation to name a few. With all of these movies, former model Nicolette Scorsese grabbed a lot of attention from the fans.

In the early 2000s, she retired from acting but the romantic linkups she's had in the 90s with actors and musicians is something to talk about. And with all that, if you're curious to know more about her current relationship status, then read along.

At 65, Is Nicolette Single or Married?

The 65-year-old who became the sex symbol in the 90s captured people's hearts with her perfect looks. Many took interest in her personal life and rumored about her marital status.

So' what's the truth? As per the reports, Nicolette tied the knot with a singer named Billy Duffy in the late 90s. But there is no confirmation from the actress herself so' it cannot be said with evidence that she exchanged wedding vows with Billy.

Nicolette Scorsese former boyfriend Billy Duffy
Image: Nicolette Scorsese rumored to have been married to Billy Duffy. 
Source: Whosdatedwho

Scorsese married Billy or not is a question to be asked but the couple was in a relationship during the later part of Nicolette's career. As per online tabloids, she even gave birth to a daughter named Shilo Duffy with her romance with Billy. 

Scorsese still has not confirmed about the true story of her daughter, so it is still vague that Shilo is actually her child. But after Nicolette ended her career in 2000, she and Billy broke-up, hence ending their romantic affair. After that, Nicolette stayed single and as of 2019, there are still no reports on her wedding.  

Vixen from Christmas Vacation spotted with Sean Penn

In the early 90s when Nicolette was trying to make it big in Hollywood as an actress, she fell in love with actor Sean Penn. The couple was often spotted together by the paparazzi. 

Nicolette Scorsese and Sean Penn
Picture: Sean Penn (left) and his Former Girlfriend Nicolette Scorsese (right). 

Though the pair went out on so many occasions, it was in 1989 when the media first published that they are in a relationship. The duo enjoyed the First Annual International Rock Awards in New York and the pair looked very happy with each other.

But it looks like destiny had something else planned for Nicolette. The pair could not survive their relationship for a long time as they ended their romantic fling after a year.  

She Moved On With Antonio Sabato Jr...

During the same year of her break-up with Sean, she moved on with an American model Antonio Sabato Jr. Scorsese is a model and worked as a successful model for various magazines and brands during her career.

There are no exact details as to how the actress met Antonio but many of her close sources say that she met him during her modeling career. Despite having some things in common between them, the duos' love could not last. They called it quits in a very short period of time.

Nicolette Scrosese during her modeling photoshoot
Frame: Nicolette Scorsese in her red swimsuit posing for her photoshoot. 
Source: IMDB

During this period, the actress appeared in NYPD Blue alongside Jimmy Smits to which the fans loved it. The movie did give her some positives to look at after the break-up. 

Before Disappearing From the Public Eyes...

In the same 90s decade, Nicolette started her fling with a musician Jelly Bean Martinez. As per the gossip, it was just a fling and did not last even a year. But in the late 90s, her affair with Billy Duffy grabbed some attention from the fans and the media.

The whole drama of her nuptials and raising a daughter came out but Nicolette never disclosed the exact information on the topic. After that, she disappeared from the public eyes and started living her life under wraps. Just like actress Kelly LeBrock, Nicolette also had three relationships in her life so far. 

As of now, there is not much evidence to her personal life but some rumors suggest that she tied the knot with Hollywood director Martin Scorsese. Guys, this is completely false and many people guessed it just because both of them have the same surname. 

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