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Sun Apr 09 2023
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While Nikita Kahn is a popular actress with following all over the world, she is better known as the long-time girlfriend of a renowned billionaire Larry Ellison

Kahn is also popular as a philanthropist and has worked with numerous charitable organizations. Other than this, she is also a passionate wildlife preservationist. The actress is multitalented as she is also a model and businesswoman. 

Nikita’s fame as a celebrity is well-known but what about her personal life, learn all that and more below. 

Nikita Kahn: Is She Married? 

Kahn is the long-time girlfriend of American businessman and billionaire Larry Ellison. According to online sources, they have been together for over 11 years and have even made public appearances together. 

Nikita Kahn With Her 11 Years of Boyfriend, Larry Ellison
Image: Nikita Kahn With Her 11 Years of Boyfriend, Larry Ellison
Source: Gothamist

The 30-year-old Nikita (aka Iryna Osipova) has not shared any plans to get married in the near future. At the moment, the Russian model and her boyfriend Larry seem to be in a loving and happy relationship. They might take their relationship to the next level soon. 

Her boyfriend on the other hand has been married 4 times in the past. 

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Nikita Kahn’s Partner Larry Ellison’s Former Marriages

As mentioned above, Ellison has been married 4 times in the past. His first marriage was to Adda Quinn in 1967, their marriage ended around 7 years later in 1974. They did not have any kids together. 

 Larry Ellison and His Fourth Wife, Melanie Craft
Picture: Larry Ellison and His Fourth Wife, Melanie Craft
Source: SFGATE

Around 3 years after his first marriage ended, he got married to Nancy Wheeler Jenkins. They got married in 1977 and separated just a year later in 1978. During their divorce proceedings, Nancy gave up any claims to her husband’s company for $500.

In 1983, Ellison tied the knot with Barbara Boothe and the pair had two kids, a daughter Megan Ellison, born on January 31, 1986, and a son David Ellison, born on January 9, 1983.

Image: Larry Ellison With His Children, Megan Ellison and David Ellison
Source: Business Insider

After their marriage ended in 1986, he remained single for a while before tying the knot with novelist Melanie Craft. He was married to Craft from 2003 to 2007. 

Nikita Kahn’s Net Worth

During her numerous years in show business, the star model has accrued a wealth of more than $25 million as per sources. Her net worth comes mostly from the modelling business. 

Whereas her boyfriend, Larry Ellison is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Oracle corporation. He is a centi-billionaire with a net worth of $100 billion. He is one of the richest people in the world and is one of the masterminds behind Oracle and Java. 

Ellison has one of the biggest portfolios of assets in the world and even has an island to his name. He has more than 50 years of experience in the IT business. Nettie Laurita also has a good income from her career as Philanthropist.

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Nikita Kahn: Early Life, Age & net Worth

Nikita Kahn was born Iryna Osipova in the Soviet Union in 1991. She was born in what is modern-day Russia. She later came to the USA to pursue a career in show business. The model is also a passionate wildlife conservationist.

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